Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's been so long I can't even guess as what's happened in the past couple of months. So just pretend they never happened and you'll be all caught up.

My mother and I took Tweak to her first frisbee competition today and wow did we have fun! Tweak had the most ridiculous blast ever. I did too - it was so relaxing and fun, I forgot it was a competition. I was so nervous going into it you wouldn't believe it. But, once Tweak & I got in for our run, we just did what we always do and have fun throwing and catching the frisbee.

The best part? Tweak took 1st place in the novice division! How freakin' cool is that?! I was completely and absolutely shocked. Paula said we did well and that we'd place but I didn't believe her. Then they called second place and we still hadn't been called. I couldn't believe it. I knew we did well, but I didn't know we did *that* well! Woohoo!

Tweak got a great plaque and half a steak burger for her win. :) It seems she's a natural frisbee dog. :)

Apparently, I created a monster. She had such fun jumping up to catch the frisbee during her runs, she's doing it at home now with everything. It doesn't matter if it's 2 inches away from her mouth or 12 feet, she's jumping for them all. I'm actually watching my mother toss a toy at her right now and all 4 feet are off the floor. I'm so taking her to the baseball field tomorrow - so she can jump to her heart's content and so I can practice throwing some more.

She's ready and willing for 40 yard throws now, I just need some time to get to that. :p

Woohoo to Tweak!