Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Friday :-D

TGIF man. I've been waiting for this day all week. :) But I know, like every other time, that it will come and go too quickly and I'll be staring Monday in the face. This week Wed. will be more like Monday I think, or maybe it won't matter at all since Wed. is hump day and Friday is 2 days away. Since I haven't started today, I shouldn't be looking forward to next Friday already. :)

My lawyer got pulled into court at the last minute so my appt. was moved to next week. I also did not head up to the nursery to pick out pavers for the patio project because we were in the middle of an ok thunderstorm. So, we'll do that on Monday. What did I do yesterday then? Not a whole hell of a lot. :)

I picked up a few more strands of those dragonfly lights for the deck. I haven't the foggiest idea when I'll actually be able to rig them up. :) My gladiolus are starting to bloom a brilliant, vivid red in the front. I can't wait until the purple & orange ones I put in the planter start to bud. :)

I have a follow-up appt. with my back doctor today to see how I'm doing after the last procedure. I have a few concerns but I don't think they're anything to really worry about - at least I hope not. :) After work I have to head to the supermarket to pick up a few groceries - hot dogs and cheese as treats for Freddie during the tourney, fruits & veggies for me, and a few things to contribute to the food table in our camp. Everybody on my team brings something to munch on at tournies so there's a smorgasbord of food available throughout the weekend. Thankfully we're all on an eating healthier kind of kick so it's not all chips and desserts. :) Maybe I'll make something too, we'll see.

But, since I have to be at my dr's appt. in 30 mins and I haven't showered yet, that's it for me!


Thursday, June 29, 2006


The book I requested from the library came in yesterday (you can check these things online now!) so I was up far too late reading it - hence the ugh.

Work was work, nothing exciting there. We can now test the pages and functionality of our HRMS system upgrade. Whoopie. I found out there are yet more changes to a quiz I'm working on and I also got wind of an external vendor product that one of my customers has decided to bring in for tracking purposes. All well and good except it changes the whole design of a collection I'm in the process of developing. Yay. Thankfully we need mgmnt approval & my boss is on vacation for another week+ so I have a reprieve. :) Enough boring work stuff.

I watched a little TV last night while loading more software on to the new computer. Then I couldn't take it anymore and had to head to bed so I could start reading my book. :) I was in bed fairly early and 10 chapters later, well, it was far past my bedtime so I'm dragging a bit here. I'm leaving work early today to meet with my lawyer about my wills & stuff. After that I think I'm heading up to the nursery/masonry place to pick out stones for the patio. Here's hoping that I (like always) don't choose the most expensive one. I'll be happy if I can afford anything but red brick. :) That's not the look I'm going for.

I didn't end up going to the show last night. I was tired by 8:30pm and new there was no way I would last until 1 or 2 am. It sucks when you realize you're getting old and you have more fun during the day then at night. The day is for sleeping and the night is when you get to have fun. But alas, that changes.

I made a pork stirfry last night and had enough leftover to make lunch for today and tomorrow. I think the only time I can fit in a run to the market is Friday since I have the tourney in Northborough this weekend. Thankfully I don't have a full day on Monday & have Tuesday off so I can recoop a bit. :)

That's about it in a nutshell! :)


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No title today...

I went to the WDTC Award's dinner last night and it wasn't half bad. After work I stopped at the supermarket so I could bring my side dish - a zucchini & squash thing. I made that quickly and wrestled with the dogs for a few minutes before heading back out. I really hate doing that to them. :(

I sat with the flyball folks and all the new babies - I even helped by holding Peyton half the time so Renee could eat. I don't know why everyone feels the need to tell me every 5 minutes how good a baby looks in my arms, or how natural it seems - it ain't happenin'. :) Just 'cuz you're on a baby kick doesn't mean you have to drag me along with you! That, and there was one person in history that gave birth due to immaculate conception. If I'm going to make it big, it won't be for that reason. :) Anyway, we had a good time, chatting it up & talking shit like we do all the time at tourneys. :)

The flyball dogs that earned titles got plaques this year and I have to say that I'm pretty darn impressed by them! It's one of those plaques that you can add to it as you get more titles and there's a place for a picture. Usually those things are quite boring and cheesy, but this is really, really nice. I'm even gonna hang it on my wall near all of Freddie's ribbons. :)

I got a call from the photographer at the doggie camp I taught at a month ago. Apparently there were a few good shots of the boys together and of Freddie on the flyball box. She's going to send them in to a few things - calendar, magazines, etc. - and she had forgotten to have me sign a release. If that works out, my dogs will certainly have been published more than I have. :) Not so bad a thing. :) We're hoping next year the weather will be much more conducive to picture taking and not swelteringly hot like it was this time.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend at work (one of the Unix Admins) and our 1/2 hour lunch turned into a 2 hour conversation about God, religion, etc. It was probably the first time I had such an in depth conversation and didn't walk away feeling like the person was trying to suck my brain out and save my soul. How refreshing!

Today will probably be another normal work day, nothing really exciting going on. Although I did speak with a design guru yesterday about a few ideas I had and I'm excited about the possibilities. :) When that starts to happen, work will get very exciting and I'll probably be working a ton to keep up with it. Hopefully it'll happen during the winter time as I don't like going out in the cold anyway. :) But, for now, one must shower and that one is me. :)


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After a day at work, that ended with my computer going kapluey for the last 2 hours and me trying to fix it, I came home to even more electronic fun. The new computer has been sitting in a box for a bit now, so I figured I'd start getting that up to speed so all I'd have to do is transfer my files. I got XP Pro installed, and started installing all of my other software when I noticed Tivo was doing a few odd things. I got a call from the cable company a month ago saying the plan I was signed up for was going away and I needed to choose a new one. Of course, as it always is in the world of monopolies, I'd have to spend an extra however many bucks to get the exact programming I was getting currently. Bastards. So, I chose my packages way back when and they went into effect sometime in the last week. I didn't think it was worth it to spend $16.00 to get the Speed Channel back just so I could watch Monster Jam so I didn't. But I forgot to tell Tivo not to record it anymore. It seems I also forgot to tell Tivo that I had moved. :) So I went through an hour of re-setting Tivo to know where I was and what programming to get - this was while I was setting up XP. Apparently I'm multi-talented. :)

Frank the landscape designer came by to talk to me about my patio project. The next step is to head over to a nursery/masonry place and pick out which stones I want it made of. I'm desperately trying to not do the fluorescent red brick thing, but it depends on what I can afford so I may have to go with that. We have an appt on Thursday to head up and scope it all out. While we were walking around looking at plants I noticed a weed in the garden and started pulling it out. He decided he wanted to help and almost took out my Clematis in the process. I shooed him away when he had his hand wrapped around my purple violets, intending to rip those out of the ground. I know violets are a huge pain in the ass because they can spread, but, I like them! And I put them there on purpose! I think we'll stick to the stone work with him. ;)

Tim called while we were outside and gave me an update on his painful tooth. Apparently he's on pain killers and antibiotics until it dies down a bit. I called him back and was going to bring over a how-to-survive-on-painkillers kit but he didn't return my call. Hopefully he's not having too bad a time of it. It's really not fun to be on painkillers in the first place, but it's way more not fun to be nauseous the whole time you are.

Tonight I have that awards dinner that I have to make a side dish for. I have to get directions and find out what time I'm supposed to be there. I've changed my mind about the side dish and will just bring a few veggies instead. But, if I'm to get out of work on time to get there, I need to go.... like now!


Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Monday....sigh.

So, I'm not that thrilled that it's Monday and I'm at work, but the weekend was great. :)

I did end up getting my car back on Friday - Yay! There are still a few small things that need to be done with it, but nothing that I can't swing back to get done after work some day. The insurance company did not pick up the extra days in the rental so there went another $360 that I wish I didn't have to spend. But, the dealer helped out with that by reducing my $500 deductible by that amount. You can bet I'll continue to take my car there for stuff. :)

Saturday was Glen & Elissa's annual/Zeke's birthday party BBQ. As always I had an amazing time with all of my favorites in one place: good food, good beer, good friends, & good conversation all at the same time. Mario & Cathy were there, along with Pat, JJ, Booch, Greg, Chuck, and Jeff, (to name a few) who shocked everyone by flying up from CA to join us for the annual bash. We had a tequila toast in Jeff's honor, which is what tipped the scales for me I think. :) Couldn't have been the six beautifully dark beers I drank, it definitely had to be the tequila shot. ;)

Anyway, it was raining for most of the time, but there were 4 ez-ups in the backyard which gave plenty of protection. Ok, not plenty as there little streams running off the sides, but I didn't mind getting wet (actually I was drenched most of the time from jumping in puddles with Zeke) so I took the outside and let everyone else cower in the middle. I talked to Pat about the tattoo he's drawing out for me - I'm not sure when we'll get to that though as he's got a ton on his plate right now. I've waited this long, more time isn't going to kill me. :) But, I'm very excited about it. :)

Zeke loved his gift - the power tools make sounds and light up!! I have to say, the best part was when I first came in and he came running to me calling out Aunty John, Aunty John! Damn I love that little boy. :) The next 1/2 hr was filled with "Aunty John watch this" as he threw a tiny beachball into the canopies of the ez-ups. :) Then he was zooming around with some of the other kids (I have never seen so many kids at Glen & Elissa's) until it started raining real hard. That was when it was time to grab the Spiderman umbrella and jump in all the puddles. I helped. :)

It was a great time catching up with friends I haven't seen in years (I had to miss last years BBQ because of a flyball tourney). On the way home, I stopped by Tim's to say hey and see what he was doing. His kids were over so we watched wrestling for a bit before they went up to bed and I went home. I was tired by that time and it was getting late, so I let the kids out and went straight to bed.

Sunday started with a large coffee from Dunkins. I had waited many hours before driving home, and drank plenty of water during that time, so I think that helped stave off the dreaded hangover I really should've had. It still took me far longer than normal to get my brain wrapped around reality - I was sluggish for what seemed like forever. I don't bounce back like I used to! But, I didn't have anything major planned so I puttered around and did stuff. Cleaned off the counters, then watched Mythbusters. Did half the dishes, then watched Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe. Put in a load of laundry (which is so effortless now), then watched another Mythbusters show. Did the other half of the dishes, read a book for an hour. It was a lazy, but still somewhat productive day. I can't believe I got all the dishes done. That was the best accomplishment of all. Amazing isn't it? :)

I did a tiny bit of shopping in the afternoon. I found these strings of lights that were dragonflies (my favorite) so I bought a few of them to decorate the deck with. I'll wait until the week of rain has passed and then put them up. My hair is wild enough as it is, I don't need any help from being electrocuted to make it more interesting. :) I stopped and got some chinese food for dinner from a place I haven't tried before. Since I was up at 10pm revisiting dinner in a not nice way, I don't think I'll be supporting that establishment again.

Tuesday I have an awards dinner in Waltham to go to. Freddie's getting a plaque for flyball so I have to go. I have to figure out what type of vegetarian side dish to bring - oh! I might as well bring mushrooms - those are wicked easy. :) Done. Glad I thought of it. :) Wednesday one of my ex's band is doing a reunion show in Boston, which I'm pretty sure I'll be attending. I'll have to give him a heads up so he isn't all surprised to see me there.

This weekend I have a flyball tourney in Northborough - Flyball & Fireworks 9. I have to remember to bring something for the potluck lunch Saturday, and more stuff for our camp area. I'll have to see if Cindy wants me to bring the tent or not. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to crate outside. Or, if it's a billion degrees, hopefully it'll be air conditioned and we'll be able to crate inside. ;)

Ok, I've done enough babblin' for one day. :) I'm sure I'll have something to say tomorrow so stay tuned. :)


Friday, June 23, 2006

Ooops :)

So I did all the errands I had to last night - finally! I got wrapping paper for Eek's gift and stopped at the Cigar store for Glen's gift. I also got one cigar for myself. There is only one kind cigar I like (that I know of) - Acid Blondie. It was nice out so I figured I'd sit on the deck with a cigar, a drink, and a book. So calm and relaxing. :)

I made myself a Cosmopolitan, grabbed a new book about Vampires, lit the cigar, and had myself a relaxing night. The oops part is because apparently I wasn't keeping track of how many Cosmo's I had and by the time it got dark, I was far past tipsy. :) Ooops. It didn't feel like I drank all that much, although I will admit they were going down rather smoothly. It was just one of those things. :)

I think I may actually get my car back today! I still don't know if the ins. co. is going to pick up the extra rental days, but I'm sure I'll find out. I have to remember to take the CD's out of the rental - I always forget to do that and end up losing 1/2 dozen of them.

I also have one of those guys coming to measure and price out the sand pit/soon-to-be-patio'ish area today after work. I don't know yet how I'm going to manage getting both things done at the same time, but I'll figure it out. :) After that I have to pick up a few books, wrap the gifts, load my car (hopefully it will be my car) with the tents for tomorrow, and potentially, do the dishes. Oh how I hate doing dishes!!!!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Solstice

Yesterday/Today was/is the Summer Solstice - it happens at 12:42 or something so I'm not sure which tense to use. :) Also known as the 1st day of Summer, MidSummer, and the longest day/shortest night of the year. There are a billion meanings behind it dating back to BC, all over the world. Google it and you'll see what I mean. :)

Some people celebrate, others pass it by without a second thought. I usually choose to celebrate in my own small way, which I did. It's a spiritual thing for me and not something I choose to share since A) it would be hard to explain and B) I choose not to. :)

But yesterday was a good day all in all. I went out to lunch with friends and had a great time - these people are nuts and I feel right at home. :) Next time, we're getting cocktails and then they'll *really* not want to put us in the middle of the room. ;)

After work, I had a few errands to do and struck out on all of them. I stopped at the Library to pick up a book and it was checked out. I stopped at Home Depot to get something and they didn't have it. Then I stopped at the Cigar Store to pick up Glen's gift and they were closed. I gave up after that and came home. :) I'll try again today, since I need to get Glen a gift before the party this weekend. The other things can wait. :)

I'm working on getting the firepit area priced out to be made into a patio. I have a few calls in to people that I know do that kind of work and am waiting to hear back from them. I plan on getting a few of those curved benches to add to it and maybe a few solar lights. That will look nice and turn the pit into my favorite area on the property I'm sure.

But, I have another day of work in front of me so I have to get through that before anything else!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Picked up...

I have a morning routine, like everyone else. First, I let the dogs out. Then, I make coffee. After that, I'm on the computer, reading mail, looking at the weather, etc., etc. Then I'm in the shower, dress, get my lunch together, feed the kids, and I'm out the door. I always stop for coffee at the same place, but often at different times because I'm one of those perpetually late type of people. I've stopped fighting it - it just happens.

Anyway, when you have a routine like that, you usually see the same people doing their morning routine. For the past couple of months or so, there's been this guy getting whatever around the same time I get my coffee - I usually see him a couple of times a week (read about that 'I'm always late' part.) About a month ago, I noticed I was getting glances for well past the time that is usually considered polite - and not the I-want-to-sleep-with-you glances I've been getting lately. Then they turned into multiple glances with smiles. After a few weeks, those turned into Good Morning's, Hi's, and How are you's with multiple glances as whichever one of us walked in or out.

Today was different. I stopped at my usual place (which I never do) after work and he was there. I got the glances, then the How are you, followed by a handshake and a My name is. We talked for a few minutes and then he asked me if I'd want to go out with him sometime. I said sure, gave him my number and headed home after a few mins. of idle chatting.

It's been a looooong time since that type of thing has happened. Sure, I've met a ton of people and have been out on a number of dates in the past couple of months, but that's mostly been from meeting them online and the occasional "I have the perfect friend for you" set up. I almost didn't know what to do! :P I mean, I didn't think the flirting would go anywhere, it was just small flirting (which I love to do btw - I'm a huge flirt.) I continued with it because he was cute and, quite frankly, it gave me a little boost of feeling good about myself in the morning. Seriously, who doesn't like to be admired occasionally?

Anyway, *B* is going to call whenever so we can make plans whenever to go out whenever. I have Eek's party this Saturday (have to pick up Glen's gift tomorrow!!!) so I know it won't be then. We'll see what happens. Either way, it put a smile on my face. :)



Wow. Yesterday was a really hot, humid day. I'm not complaining, just remarking. I like the heat and would rather have it be 95 than cold. I abhor being cold. Besides, I can't really complain since I work in an air conditioned building and don't have to be out in the humidity all day. :) If that was the case, I would certainly bitch away. :)

Freddie and Skootchie are lying on the dog beds playing the bitey game. That's where they sound all evil and teasingly bite each other. Pacie is never allowed to join in and play though. He just tried and Skootchie told him off. It's tough being the new kid on the block. :)

Yesterday was a hugely productive day at work. I put my headphones on the second I got in and went to town. I'm sure it seems I'm being anti-social (work is a very social place) but I really had to get some stuff off of my plate. Today will be another day of the same until my workload quiets down. I have a big project I need to focus on and a smaller one that I need to figure out how to, in a technical sense, move forward with. It's a minor pain in the ass. :)

After work I went to the mall to pick up a few things and ended picking up more than a few. :) I can safely say everything was needed though. Losing weight is great, but it's hard on your wardrobe when you can't wear anything because they fall off. I still need to pick up a few things for work, but that will be another time - I can only do so much mall shopping before I start to lose my mind.

We're supposed to get some kick ass T-Storms this afternoon and I can't wait! But for now, it's shower time, which I desperately need!


Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

Yesterday my family came over for a Father's Day cookout. I don't think it was so supposed to be 95 degrees out when I started planning this with my brother and sister. :) But that's what it turned out to be. We made the best of it considering I don't have central AC (yet). Surprisingly enough, we brought a fan out on to the deck next to the table and it made it way more comfortable. :)

The dogs spent the day either in the kiddie pool, or lying down in the shade somewhere. They were not into the heat, that's for sure. The cats were even less happy about the heat, which I could tell when they became orange and white rugs in the bathtub. :) I was going to shave them in the morning, but found out that the shaver didn't make it through the flood. :( I have to get another one soon as they loved being shaved in the summer. :)

My Dad was very surprised about the computer we gave him. Golf was on so he wasn't paying close attention when he was opening it. :) I think we got him good this time. :) He is, by far, the hardest man to buy anything for. Whenever he wants something, just goes out and gets it. But his computer is old and not everything works the way it should, so it was a good gift idea.

After everyone left, I hung out on the computer for a bit and then decided I couldn't take it and hid in the bedroom with the kids for the rest of the night. :) We were all exhausted and were sleeping by 9:30. :) Apparently we were all wiped!

I forgot to get cream while at the supermarket yesterday so I am without coffee right now. (I'm hoping all of this make sense!) But since I have to wake up, and coffee is a necessary part of that, I have to go out and get some. :)


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Relaxing day...most of it anyway

Last night I went out with an old, old friend from school. We had a good time catching up, remembering old times (some I didn't and don't remember), and figuring out how we've changed. I think it's been at least 10 years since I'd seen him.

Today I spent the day with Ellin, going to yard sales, having philosophical discussions, and just hanging out. It was a very peaceful time mixed with a lot of fun. :) It was so peaceful in fact, that I'm exhausted! I'm pretty sure that part of that tiredness is due to the 5 hours of sleep (I had a lot on my mind) I got coupled with the fact that I mowed the lawn and trimmed everything when I got back. Once I get the ditches left by the Army truck filled in, my lawn will be very nice to look at. Oh, and that seed slicer I rented a few months back kicks ass! All of the bare spots are covered with nice, soft grass. :)

As nice and relaxing as today was, I'm probably going to undo it all by thinking too much (surprise, surprise) again. I'm not going to go into too much detail - I'm just going to say that I'm tired of being viewed at as a sex toy. Lately there have been offers dropping out of the sky and I'm sick of it. I am not good for just one thing. There's far more to me than my legs being spread. It's been a long time for me and I'm not going to just give it away because of that. I'm disgusted with men in general right now and I really wish somebody would let me know why it's ok for every guy to make a move on me because I'm single. It's not even like I have a kick ass body! In the grand scheme of things, it's a petty problem. No means No and if that doesn't work, I have a little persuasion that would make it mean No. But I have to wonder where this is coming from....which is the part that will undo all of the relaxing I did. :(

Maybe I should jump the wall behind my house and join the convent.


Friday, June 16, 2006


I just received the news that I will *not* be getting my car back today as originally planned. I was looking forward to getting back into my car, although it's far from torture to drive around in an '06 Nissan Pathfinder. :)

I'm currently on the phone with the insurance company to see if they're going to extend the rental to cover the additional days needed (tomorrow is 30 days I've had the rental.) I'm not having a good feeling about this at all. :( The appraiser assured the dealership the rental wasn't going to be a problem. The appraiser returned my call and assured me the rental wasn't going to be a problem. The person in the claims office quite snippily informed me that the appraiser doesn't have the authorization to approve a rental past 30 days and immediately put me on hold to call the appraiser, who didn't answer the phone.

Luckily, while talking to the dealership, the Service Mgr. said that if the insurance company does back out of extending the rental, he could commit to picking it up for the extended time. Not for nothing, but I really don't feel like shelling out a couple of hundred dollars on a rental - none of this was my fault.

I've vented enough, I'm going back to work.....


off balance

Now that things have somewhat gone back to normal for me, I find myself completely off balance.

Balance is key for me, and I'm not even sure I'll be able to explain it well. I would guess different people would have different definitions, but for me, it's an internal synergy between my physical state, my emotional state, and my psychological state (there is a difference between emotional state and psychological state - think spiritual and mental.)

Usually if I'm off kilter, it's by a tiny bit - something that a couple of hours reading a book on the deck or taking Millie for a walk in a park (with plenty of bug spray on her and I) will fix. This time though, I think I depleted myself far past the point where I normally abuse myself. :)

Usually I can feel any small changes to my balance and can correct them before they become to huge. I think the stress of the flood, the anxiety of not knowing what was happening at my house for almost a week, and the strength needed to hold it all together and rebuild was really just too much.

Things are back to normal as far as going to work, coming home and cleaning (Ha! like I do that ;) ), doing errands, etc. But there are still calls that need to be made about the house, still bills to pay that have way too many digits before the decimal point, still stuff to replace, still bags to drag out of the basement, still landscaping to correct...too many stills. :)

I think I can eventually get balanced again, it'll just take time. But, things are starting to head that way - I'm (fingers crossed) getting my car back today (exactly one month after the flood), I got my lawn mower and tractor back yesterday (the trimmer wasn't salvageable), and the repair place is swinging by today with a new trimmer for me. I was so happy to get the tractor back, I mowed the back yard as soon as I got it. :)

I'm heading down to Ellin's this weekend to spend some time and drop off her birthday gifts. Being with her, in her house, is a very zen place for me - a ton of natural wood inside, lots of trees and bushes outside, good conversation, and, of course, her and her family - who are very balanced and don't mind when I suck the balance off of them. :)

So, in the meantime, if my posts are very selfish and are all about me relaxing instead of working hard, it's because I'm on the search for my balance and I won't stop until I have it back again. :)


Thursday, June 15, 2006

a quickie

I went to bed last night at 8pm. I couldn't keep my eyes open and I had a headache. So I read for a while and then passed out for a really solid night's sleep. :)

Yesterday a 23 yr old asked me if he could be my boy toy. I can honestly say that's a first for me! I also got this random IM message from some 28 year old. I guess I should be flattered but really I'm just annoyed since all they want to do is get into my pants. Not that that's a bad thing, it's good to be wanted, but I'm leaving the bad boys alone these days. They're just too much work!

I didn't get any of my errands done either...again. After the 1 1/2 hr commute home (lovin' the rain), I really wanted to just be with the kids. So I'll attempt it again tonight after work - hopefully. :)

The siblings and I have decided to give Dad a computer for Father's day. I have one here that I bought in January and just didn't have a chance to set up yet because I was always in the middle of a class. So we're going to give him that. I'll order another one for myself eventually. If he's not playing golf, the family will come up for a little BBQ on Sunday. If he is playing golf, I'm off the hook. :)

And now I'm off to work...sigh.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tails won

Yup, it was tails the last 2 days - I got to blow off the dishes and sit on the deck reading a book - twice! :)

I felt guilty so I did the dishes that were in 2 of the 3 sinks (I have a triple bowl.) One of them was the tiny middle one, but I feel like I got more accomplished saying 2 and there *were* a few bowls in there. ;)

Yesterday was a fairly good day at work. I had meetings in the afternoon back to back but otherwise it was good. I didn't even see my boss until 2pm so that was a nice little surprise as well. ;)

Today is Ellin's birthday - I have to make sure I remember when I call her for my morning commute chat. It makes the traffic easier to take and we get to catch up on all the little stuff we forget to mention when we don't speak as often.

I have a bunch of little errands to run after work - Glen's gift, Eek's wrapping paper, Ellin's gift, and cards for all. I also have to figure out what I'm doing for my Dad for Father's Day. What do you get for the man that just goes out and buys whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants it? I'll take suggestions if you have any to offer. :)

I'm hoping I'll get my car back this week sometime. I have to call the dealer today to see when it's ready. Then I have to work out how I'm getting back home from the rental place when I drop that off. Mary could probably help me if I do it during the day. I'll worry about that when it's ready.

Time to shower and head to work (running late as usual...sigh).


Monday, June 12, 2006

Team Building

I found out who cut my lawn, it was indeed my neighbor John. He said he was doing his own and figured he'd just keep on going since he knew I didn't have my lawn equipment back yet. I sent over a six pack as thanks. :)

Today we had our Team Building gathering. I'm not sure if any of you get to participate in such fun and exciting work gatherings or not. (Can you hear the sarcasm?) Anyway, it wasn't that bad, just hot and tiring since I was on the committee and had to help set everything up for it. And I got paid for drinking beer and eating ribs so now that I think of it that way, it wasn't bad at all!

Our division met at the VP's house. We hired a BBQ caterer, had tables and chairs delivered, and put up a few tents (let me tell you how good I am at that now!) We play silly games for silly prizes and everyone gets to walk around and mingle. I'm not sure I would say it was *fun* per se, but I could think of worse ways of spending my working time. :)

I still have so much cleaning to do and I have no desire at all to do it. I need a cleaning man I think. :)

My friend Ellin's birthday is Wednesday so I have to go shopping at some point for a gift for her. I've picked up a few things in my travels, but I want to get more. I also have to get some cool wrapping paper for Eek's huge gift. And pick up a gift for Glen, which will be easy - just hit the cigar store. :) I have birthday parties the next 2 weekends in a row - what fun! :)

For now, I'm going to go toss a coin and let that decide whether I do the dishes (heads) or relax on the deck with a beer and read a book (tails). I'm hoping for tails!!!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

And productive I was!

I should say *we* instead of *I* since my uncle helped me with all of it. But Wow! I wish it was light out so I could go stare at what it looks like! I can't believe how such a little change can make such a big difference. It wasn't little in terms of the energy and time, but still.

So, after driving around all over the place looking for the black mulch I wanted (*nobody* had the recycled rubber stuff left), we finally got started around 2pm or so. We decided where the line should be, marked it off, pounded in the edging, and started digging up the grass. He started at one end and I started at the other, but there were way too many worms for my comfort level so I just dug and he shook the dirt off of the grass clumps (hence why I need help when I do these things - I'm such a girl sometimes.) After that, we planted the hostas and I thought it looked a little bare, so I grabbed the phlox I bought a month ago and planted those inbetween. Then we spread out the mulch. It was still missing something so I decided to add a line of white rocks where the mulch met the driveway. My uncle was skeptical but I thought the contrast would be amazing and it worked out perfectly. :)

After that, we planted the rhodies - one on the side to replace the one that drowned during the flood and one in the corner near the driveway and all the work we did. Then we hit the flower beds - Boy were they a mess!! I completely weeded those out and mulched them both. I had originally planned on putting the white rocks I bought right where the rain drips off of the roof to help stop the corrosion of the dirt there. But, I could only put a thin layer since I had used so many on that new section. But let me tell you how good it looks! I think it's supposed to rain Thurs or Fri so I'm going to wait until the mulch gets settled and then add more rocks to that line.

Doesn't really sound like much but my back is sore so I know it was more than I should've done. I can't wait for that procedure I had done to fully kick in. :)

After we were done, we stopped by my cousin's house to say hello. We hung out there longer than we planned since I still had to drive my uncle back to Peabody (he's legally blind), but we had a great time. :)

I pulled into the driveway slowly so I could admire our handy work. While admiring (in the dark I might add), I noticed that someone had cut my front and side lawns! I have no idea who but I think it was my neighbor John. We were talking this morning while breaking down the tents and I mentioned how I hadn't received my tractor or push mower back from the repair shop yet (they were both totally flooded out.) I'll have to catch him in the morning and thank him. :) If it wasn't him, I'll have to ask around to see who I need to thank profusely! I certainly live in the best neighborhood in the world. :)

Well, it's way past bedtime but first I'm in serious need of a shower! I'm going to light my Lemon Verbana candle before jumping in so that when I tuck into bed it'll be gloriously refreshing in the bedroom. :)


Plans for the day

Would you believe the sun is already shining?!?! I haven't seen that in, well, it seems like forever!

My uncle is coming over today to help me try to fix some of the landscaping that got washed away in the flood. I'd like to extend my sump pump hose and bury it along the driveway so it doesn't undo all that I plan on doing. :)

The plans are to plant the new Rhododendrons I bought to replace the ones that got flooded and stepped on, on the side of the house. Then I want to separate the section of lawn along the driveway and plant the hostas along that strip. After that, I'm hoping I can get in to the front gardens and get that back to looking half way decent. Right now, it's a mess. The only thing that looks pretty are the hanging plants in front of the house. So, hopefully we can get all of that accomplished. :)

But first, I'm going to go check on the basement and potentially put the fans back on to help dry it out. Maybe my uncle will be able to open the one basement window that has a screen on it. I've tried but it's really stuck.

I have a bunch of dishes to do as well from the BBQ. I'm trying not to think about them for the time being. ;) Ok, off to be productive!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Despite the rain...

... a good time was had by all!

Today was the day of our Thank you BBQ. 3 city employees showed up. Not the number we were hoping for, but it actually worked out for the best that way. We had set up 2 EZ up tents in my driveway next to my house because of the number of puddles in the street. That and if anyone wanted to have a beer, it needed to be on private property. So dry space was limited. :)

I spent most of my time grilling - I love hosting BBQs. :) We had 2 types of steak tips, kielbasa, burgers, dogs, and wings. I even called in a few reinforcements to come and eat up since there was so much food. :) Thankfully, all the neighbors took something home so my fridge isn't as packed as it was going to be. :) I do, however, have enough burgers, dogs, fruit, beer, and soda for the next 3 BBQs. :)

While throwing a few things in the dryer for my friend's kids, I couldn't help but notice that there was a couple of inches of water in the basement. Apparently the industrial fans had thrown a breaker, the same one the sump pumps were on. So, I spent some time in the basement during the fun. I shut off all of the fans so the sump pumps could concentrate on doing their thing. :)

Once the party was over and all the food was away, I crashed. I watched a few movies with the kids under a blanket. Now, it's definitely time for bed as I can barely keep my eyes open. :)


Thursday, June 8, 2006

Oh well..

So early afternoon didn't happen. Afternoon, evening - same difference. :) Hey, at least this post is technically in the same day. :)

So let's see, what's happened since May 30th? Well, I did go into work for 1/2 a day last Wednesday. I met with the guy from FEMA, who's personality was the best comparison to a wet mop I've ever seen. I asked questions and got very little for answers. He asked questions and cut me off after the first 3 words. He wasn't interested in seeing any of my receipts or pictures. He hobbled down the cellar stairs, looked at the electrical panel and left. He asked me more questions about the upstairs then he did about the basement. Odd, I thought I only had damage in the basement...? Whatever, as they did come through with a direct deposit for about 1/4 of the total damage costs (not including the cost of lost personal items.) That wasn't the way I was told it happened, but help is help so I won't complain.

Thursday & Friday were filled with doctor stuff and phone calls. I had my radiofrequency ablation procedure done and after that, my time was filled with a drug induced coma. I'm still sore, but am hopeful that it will go away soon. At least I'm now off the pain killers. :) I really dislike feeling all woozy and slow like that. I'm the type of person that needs to be hard pressed into taking an aspirin for a headache. The pain has to be there and very, very real in order for me to take anything for it. But, that's all done and I'm hopeful that this time it will last a year or more - pain free time is wonderful. :)

I didn't do much over the weekend because of the drug induced coma. I rented some DVDs and watched those. No cleaning got done. No work got done. Nothing. Nada. Null. Zip. I finally had some time to do nothing after the last 3 weeks of pure physical, emotional, and psychological hell so I took advantage of it. :)

Sunday, I took Freddie to flyball practice. Can you say "Dawn is stupid"? I can. Stupid. Note to self, don't perform any strenuous activity after a back procedure. Sooooo stupid. I paid for it the rest of the day, even with the help of those pain killers. So, I again became one with the couch. Stupid.

I was supposed to go back to work Monday. Didn't happen. I was then supposed to go back to work Tuesday. Again, didn't happen. On Monday, in addition to the pain, I had the ins. guy and the adjuster come to the house. On Tuesday, in addition to the pain, I had the ServPro guys come to the house to clean and disinfect the basement. Again, one with the couch.

I didn't have much of a choice on Wednesday. I was starting to think of the couch in ways you shouldn't think of a couch and the stir craziness started to kick in, so I took 1/2 a pain pill and went into work. I got beyond nothing done between getting email caught up on and checking in with my co-workers to see what had happened in my absence. Surprisingly enough, not a whole heck of a lot happened, thankfully. The Access application I built kept blowing up - I still can't tell you why - but that was really it!

Today was another day of not being productive. I went through every inch of code in my application and *nothing* is wrong. Sigh. Just another reason to hate Microsoft. :) I did, however, manage to get all of the necessary documentation in for the next 2 quarters of school. Yay. I have to start off the Fall quarter with Algebra - a subject I was beyond not good in in high school. Anyone want to tutor me for home cooked meals and beer? :)

While all of this was happening, a few neighbors and I have been planning the block party for the city workers. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not....? Anyway, we decided we were very thankful for all of the city personnel that went above and beyond the call of duty during our time of need. So, we got the appropriate licenses to close the street to the public and started planning on having a big BBQ to thank them all. I put flyers at the fire stations, the police station, the DPW offices, City Hall, had the Chief of Staff send out an email to every city employee, and called a few of the people I had business cards from to let them all know. We asked for everyone to RSVP so we'd know how much food to get and so far we have 6 people. Yup. Six. I'm not sure what to think as we made it very clear in the flyers and the email that this was our way of saying thank you to everyone who helped us out - and that we would have beer, lots of beer. But, so far only 6 people have said they were coming. I guess small and intimate will be a lot cheaper for us anyway. :)

The only other thing of significance that has happened, happened today. I got a call from my lawyer from the cement truck accident 2 years ago saying the ins. company would like to know if I would be interested in settling before going to court. I'm completely out of my league on this one and really have no idea what to do. So, besides asking everyone I think has a clue for advice on questions I should ask my lawyer, I'm going to speak to another lawyer up here. Maybe they'll be able to let me know what I should be watching out for, what questions to ask, etc., etc. Yeah, I know that's what I'm paying the lawyer in CT to do, but that ain't happening. I'd like to make a decision based on what's in the best interest for me, but I don't even know what that best interest is. When it rains it pours.

Speaking of which, I have a few choice words to share with Mother Nature when I get my hands around her skinny little neck. I've had all I can take with the amount of rain that's fallen and it needs to be done. Now. I'll backhand the first person that mentions the word "drought" to me this summer. And not that I'll have to water the lawn for the next 20 years, but if I decide to at any point, people better just keep quiet about it. The commercial fans that ServPro have in my basement are making ripples in the streams of water running through my basement now. It's sickening. Needless to say, I will be looking into flood insurance very shortly.

On a lighter note, I went over to my grandparents house for dinner after work tonight. Today was their 65th wedding anniversay - an amazing feat in this day and age. My grandmother cooked even though I offered to take them out to celebrate. Neither of them like going out at night so I understand why she chose to cook instead. And since I'll never complain about eating my grandmother's cooking, it's all good. :) Afterwards, we had a great time talking over cake and coffee. I really enjoy hearing stories about my grandparents youth. :) Society was so different then. We had a great night. :)

And now that I've typed my fingers to the bone and have given you all plenty to read, I'm going to bed. :)


I haven't died...

I've just been uber busy. I'm still dealing with house stuff , back stuff, and I probably haven't despised rain more in my life than I do right now. In order for the walls and ground to dry out properly, I need about a month of nothing but hot, sunny weather.

I don't have time to post more now, but I'll log in early this afternoon and finish up. :)