Monday, July 31, 2006

nice weekend

All Joe had to do was install a special breaker in the panel - one that popped or something. The plug is powered up and is up to code so we're good to go on that part! Joe's coming by again this weekend to finish up the grounding for it and then relax by the pool. :)

I did go to Renee's after he left and went swimming with the kids. I brought Skootchie into the pool a few times and she wasn't thrilled to be there. :) Tegan was loving going into the pool to fetch the ball! I think Freddie will be the same way at home. I found a ramp online for dogs and other animals to safely get out of your pool so I have to do a little more research and order one.

I'm just so damn excited about it. :)

The rest of the weekend was quiet. Stuart was picked up last night, Sue & I went out to breakfast Sunday morning and then went over to Big Lots for a few things. She had a cookout at her in-laws to go to afterwards so I dropped her off early. But, since we're using Chris' Dad's truck to get the pool tonight, I'll be seeing them both - maybe we'll do dinner. While picking up the pool, I have to get a cover and a few toys - tubes, rafts, noodles, etc. I went to the Christmas Tree Shop yesterday to see what they had for pool stuff but it was all for infant/babies and I don't have any of those. :) I might go back though and pick up a few just to have on hand for my friends that have kids.

But right now I'm running late and I need to get my ass in gear so I can go to work. :)


Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's official!

I am the proud new owner of a 24' above ground pool. I don't physically have it yet, but at least it's paid for. :) I went to the store this morning to pick out the type, size, etc. and ended up just paying for it then. I'll go back Monday night to pick it up since the installation has been changed from Monday to Tuesday. They promised this would be the last time it moved so I'm firmly keeping Tuesday in my mind. I'll be able to have a pool party by next weekend. Woohoo!

Of course knowing my luck, the weather will drastically change starting Wed and it'll be 50 degrees for the rest of the year. :) School starts back up for me this coming week as well so I'm sure the course will be so intense that I'll have beyond no time to use it. If I plan on the weather being crappy and the school load being unbearable, I can be pleasantly surprised if neither happen. ;) Who said I was optimistic? :p

Joe is on his way to check over the electrical for the pool pump. There's already service there, so he just needs to make sure it works. :) I'm hoping he doesn't have to do any digging or anything since it's already underground.

After he's done, I'm heading over to Renee's house to relax by her pool on this great summer day. I should be doing the lawn or something responsible like that (BUT! I did do 2 of the sink bowls that were filled with dishes!), but I'd rather play. :)

Gotta go - Joe's here!


Friday, July 28, 2006

up to 6

I now have 6 dogs in the house. Stuart, a dog I adopted out like 5 years ago, is with me for the weekend. He and Pacie get along really well, so they'll keep each other occupied and out of trouble for a few days. :)

I was home early, which the kids loved. They said hello to me and booked it outside to play in the pool. I added more water to it and in the process, played with Neutron with the hose. He likes to get the full-blast spray of it - something I can't do as well with my dogs since the full-blast of the hose will knock them off their feet. :) I could do it with Millie, but she's far too sophisticated for such juvenile behavior. So Neutron and I had fun and now he smells better - Bonus!

I did manage to get all of my laundry done tho'!! I now have clean clothing to wear to work and no longer have to go in naked - another bonus. :) Yesterday was a good day - nothing like the day before so I didn't come home in a foul mood. After playing with the pups, I caught up with my neighbor who had been on vacation. The people are so nice on this street. :) Then I did some web stuff and considered revamping my site. By the time I was done thinking of it, Stuart was here and it was time for bed shortly thereafter.

I was really eyeing those dishes this morning - in a 'I'm getting reallll sick of you' way so there's a strong possibility I may even try to conquer them this evening. Of course if Sue calls and says she wants to go do something, they'll have to wait yet again. ;)

I've been thinking about how much stuff I reveal in this thing. I love being honest and just writing down what I think, but I've noticed a few times people from work have been on here poking around. I have to wonder how much is too much and whether or not anything I write about will be held against me in the future. At this point it's just a thought and I won't edit anymore than I already do (somethings you just don't need to know about). :) Knowing me, that won't stop me, it'll actually provoke me to write even more. But, since nothing non-PG is happening right now, it doesn't really matter!


Thursday, July 27, 2006


Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant. Yesterday was a hydrant day for me. Not the whole day, just the work part of the day. Ah well. After a good night's sleep, I'm over it.

I left the house yesterday around 7:45am and got home last night around 10:15pm. It was a loooooong day. The dogs were all set though as my cousin's husband, Chris, came to let them out for me after work. I hate being gone all day from them - I really hate it. But, we had a flyball decisions to make regarding the tourney we're hosting in December. I walked into the meeting knowing full well it was going to go a certain way regardless of how we voted so I didn't really argue. I wasn't thrilled with the choice of venues (one way too expensive but nice, the other too small but affordable) so we chose the lesser of two evils - which was what would've been chosen anyway.

The pool installation has been rescheduled. Due to equipment problems, it'll be installed on Monday instead of Friday. After speaking with the group last night, I'll postpone the BBQ until after it's complete so the kids will have plenty to do while it's going on. :) Maybe that will give whomever I hire time to extend the deck to it.

I have a Dr's appt this afternoon so I'll be out of work early and home earlier than normal. Which makes me feel better about being away so much yesterday. I have laundry to do and I've been eyeing those dishes so it might just be time to tackle at least one of the bowls in the sink. :) I say that now but....who knows. I have to remember to stop and get gas for the mower today or tomorrow so I can mow the lawn at some point. Yeah, I know - I'll forget. :)


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yesterday I was having a hard time with the normal politics that happen in a corporate environment. For the first 3 years I fought against playing the game and it got me nowhere. So I've accepted the fact that I have to be fake (a thing I despise) and play the game if I want to get ahead. Some days I'm better at it than others and yesterday wasn't one of those days.

So I called a co-worker that understands and asked if he was available for lunch. He was. There are certain people you click with, people that come into your life at various times that give you exactly what you need while you give them exactly what they need. He is that type of person. I think we remind each other that there are far more important things in life than kissing ass in work. So we always have great conversations. When he's having a bad work day, he calls me.

We walked over to the new pizza place across the street from work - Flatbread. We had a great time talking about not so great stuff. Sometimes you just need to feel like you're understood. :) I find it amazing that there are so many more mediums for communication these days, but we actually communicate less.

After work I managed to weed wack the rest of the uber tall lawn. Of course it's time for it to be cut again, but what else is new. I saw my neighbor outside while sweating and figured I'd chat with her afterwards but by the time I was done, she had gone back inside. So I called her to catch up, see what was new, and just say hello.

The thing that has me bewildered is men...or marriage...or society, I can't tell. My friend from work isn't in a good marriage but doesn't know what to do because he has children. My neighbor's nephew is in an even more screwed up marriage but doesn't know what to do because he has children. In one day I got two stories about men trapped in loveless marriages, desperately trying to find a way out without ruining their kids lives.

I've always believed that marriage is what you make it. It might be a naive view, but I thought that if two people wanted it bad enough, anything was possible. So now I'm left to wonder, what happens when only one person wants it bad enough? I thought when I got married, my partner would have the same idea about marriage and it would work. But, in this day and age, that really isn't a realistic viewpoint - something I grudgingly admit to being logical conclusion with plenty of failed marriages as my statistical analysis.

So now I'm forced to think of reality and leave my little idea of marriage out in the open to wither and potentially die. I wonder if marriage ruins the relationship. I wonder if having kids ruins the relationship. I wonder if people are building relationships on things that a marriage would never survive on and they're causing they're own problems. Having never been married, I wonder about these things.

The thing I wonder the most about is the kids. When all is said and done, the marriage gone, the love beaten into a pulp never to rise again, what happens with the kids. Does one's brain shut off to logic because of the emotions? Is it because I'm outside looking in that I know calling the other parent names is a bad thing? I can't seem to figure out how people can use their children as tools to hurt their former partner. Can't they see what it does to the kids? In a time when they need more stability than ever before? I don't know.

I do know I'm saddened by the loss of marriages lasting through good times and bad. I'm bewildered how people can deliberately try to hurt a person they used to care for by using their kids. I'm unsure of where this new revelation leaves me and my thoughts. Too much to think about, too much to digest. I just don't know.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I really don't have anything to say today so.....

Monday, July 24, 2006

what to write, what to write...

First, the flyball tournament was great. For the 1st tournament this team put on, it was run exceptionally well! We had a great time, got some good racing in, met lots of new people, and came home pretty damn tired. :) We had a shorter ride home than going down, thankfully. We didn't end up leaving until 4pm or so and had a 7 hour drive home.

But the dogs all did really, really well - especially Saturday when the pups had 30 heats that day and only 9 on Sunday. We weren't perfect, and actually came in last in our division, but we were clean for the most part and had a great time doing it. :)

After I picked up my car at Cindy's house, I had to drive down to pick up Neutron, Glen & Elissa's dog. They're on vacation for a couple of weeks and I'm dog sitting. :) I was really tired and did *not* want to drive down to Brockton to pick him up Sunday night, but, that's what I said I would do, so that's what I did.

I actually arrived home around 1:15am or so. Millie was beyond thrilled to see me, which I'm guessing my neighbors weren't as thrilled to hear. After a minute she calmed down and ran around the yard with Neutron for a bit while I unpacked the car. Freddie was tired and really didn't want to deal with anything or anyone. He only wanted to be with me, cuddle with me, protect me, stay with me, and always be touching me. There is a reason why I call him my titty baby. :)

I let the rest of the kids out and we all had a joyous reunion. I'm sure they had fun with Aunty Kim while I was gone, but there's nothing like mum coming home. ;) After we were done saying hello and spending a little QT together, it was time for bed. I knew I had dr's appts today, but I had no idea what time they were so I logged on to work quickly from the comfort of my bed to find out. I think I ended up finally going to sleep around 2am. Yuck.

Today I had my two dr's appts and both went as expected. For the last month my right thumb/wrist has been hurting and I thought I had just twisted it or something. No such luck. I've had the beginnings of DeQuervain's for the last 10+ years or so and now instead of just having the beginnings, I have it full blown. Just another reason not to procreate! This genetic markup should perish with me so nobody else has to deal with all the joint, tendon, & ligament problems I've had to. Anyway, so now I'm in a splint until I can get in to see a hand surgeon and get it looked at. I'm sure they'll want to treat it with cortisone first, but eventually I know they'll resort to the knife. That's my assumption anyway since that's how it worked with the last 15 surgeries I've had on my hands.

The rest of the day was spent cuddling with the kids and relaxing. I probably wouldn't have been as tired as I was had I not spent 9 hours in the car after racing the whole weekend. Hopefully the rest of my team is recouping as well. :)

And on that note, I'm off to get some work done. I have a meeting tomorrow that I need to do some stuff for and now's as good a time as any - it's that or get up super early tomorrow morning and we all know that ain't happening. ;)

Oh, and I'm hoping I'll get my voice back by then too!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

omg am I beat...

oh yeah, I'm tired. Everyone's tired. The dogs are tired. We're t.i.r.e.d.

The ride down took 8 hours. We hit 3 really bad thunderstorms on the way down which brought the traffic to a stop. We were doing the speed limit and then we were down to 5 miles an hour. What fun. I'm hoping the ride back isn't as crappy. :)

The flyball tourney is awesome. They have 4 lanes going over a two day span to cover more than 200 races in a weekend. We have 9 races, 39 heats total and we ran 6 races, 30 heats today. They purposely gave us more racing today so that we can end fairly early tomorrow and get a jump on the drive home.

The facility is awesome - I wish there was a place like that up by us. We're using two indoor skating rinks - one for the 4 lanes of racing and the other for the team crating and vendors. Our space is actually in a locker room away from the rest of the teams because Cindy is judging. It's working out really well a we need the privacy for Angelica to feed Linnea.

But, since my eyes are slowing closing as I type, I think it's time for me to hit the hay. :)


Friday, July 21, 2006

Real quick...

because I have a billion things to do in the next 2 hours. :)

I'm heading to a flyball tournament in PA - we're leaving around 10am today. I'm pretty sure traffic is going to suck big time, but I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. ;)

Kim is staying with the dogs while I'm gone. I still need to make a list of who gets what when and where for her, as well as pack, clean, shower, etc., etc. I miss being away from my girls and wish Millie was better at being alone in a strange place and better with other dogs. Then I could take them with me. :) At the same time, it's pretty light traveling with just one Pin. :)

Nancy and Vince are meeting us for dinner tonight - I think we're heading in to Philly. I was able to get some of my errands & cleaning done, but not nearly as much as I was hoping for. Ah well.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, it seems like the worst of the heat is gone. I'll take 80 degrees over 96 anyday. :) Y'know what that means! I *might* even get to mow my lawn today after work!!! Who'da thunk! Of course it'll take a few hours because of how high it is... yay. Hiring one of those companies to come in and do it every week doesn't seem like such a bad idea with all the equipment problems I've been having. But, first things first - mow the lawn today. :) I'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

I got my new phone in the mail yesterday. I've been having trouble with the antenna on my old one, so I upgraded. Unfortunately, Nextel phones are soooo freakin' expensive - they don't give you a free upgrade every year or so like Cingular did. But, I'm much happier with Nextel and I'm not cursing nearly as much. :) I found this phone on Ebay and got a *sweet* deal on it. It came with a bunch of accessories as well so I probably saved about $300. Saving money is good. :)

I have to personalize it quickly as I think my brother is going to have my head if I don't return the transfer wire to him. heehee I'll do that today at lunch time.

Yesterday Paula and I got most of our travel plans for the weekend set. I just have to pull directions down from the internet. I also have to email Nancy & Vince to let them know I'll be in the area'ish. Maybe they'll even come and visit if they're not busy. :)

I started talking to the pool people yesterday as well. I have to call them back this morning to see when I can get on their schedule. And I have to see if it'll be cheaper to fill the pool from the hose, or if it makes sense to get water delivered. So many things, too little time. :)

That's it for me. Too bad I can't hear what you're up to!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

public service announcement

I'm sure you're wondering what the hell I mean by that. Well, read on. :)

I bought a new Air Conditioner the other day. My electric bill shocked me into upgrading from the hand-me-down 10 year old one (that actually works perfectly fine) to a newer, more energy efficient one. It's amazing how technology just keeps getting better and better. :)

Anyway, so I had the old one that I wasn't sure what to do with. I'm not going to put it in any other room as that would defeat the purpose of my replacing it and I don't really care if the other rooms are hot. I didn't want to throw it away, I mean, it works fine! It kept the bedroom so nice and cool (although I can see a difference between the new and old with how little effort the new one uses to keep it as cool).

#Begin Public Service Announcement--

Here's where the PSA comes in. I don't like filling up land fills. I recycle pretty much everything I can. I have very little trash (1-2 small kitchen bags every 2 weeks), but my recycling usually takes 2 bins (for plastic and glass) and a box the size of a computer box (for paper and cardboard). I recycle everything I can as my way of helping to save the earth ('cuz you have to admit we're completely destroying it - we have no respect at all) and every little bit helps!

I found a group online called Freecycle. This snippet from the site explains it best:

"The Freecycle Network was started in May 2003 to promote waste reduction in Tucson's downtown and help save desert landscape from being taken over by landfills. The Network provides individuals and non-profits an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items. One person's trash can truly be another's treasure!"

If you're not a yard sale kind of person, I can see where other people's stuff might creep you out. For me, it's the perfect way to get rid of in-good-workable-condition stuff that I don't want to just sit in a landfill. Stuff that other people may need, but can't afford to get right then. The AC is a perfect example of that. I've also received a few things as well - a piece of plastic lattice that someone had over-bought for a project and never got around to returning. That was used to close up some of the wider escape routes from my deck. The person got that space back. I didn't have to spend $20 to buy it. It didn't sit in a landfill for the rest of the time the earth is around. Everybody wins. :)

It's what works for me. :) For the rest of you I ask that you be a little more ecologically conscious. That's all. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing - you don't have to join Freecycle - you don't have to start recycling if you currently don't - you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Just be aware. :)

#End Public Service Announcement--

As far as yesterday went, I did not mow the lawn like I said I was going to. No surprise there. But I did get everything out to the curb, and emptied the kitty litter box, and swept all of the floors. I was dripping sweat everywhere and you could tell where I had been by the trail of drips on the floor. It was awful and disgusting. So, by 8:30pm, I decided I didn't want to fight it anymore and I retired to the very cool and comfy bedroom. It did help that the dogs were all sitting by the bedroom door every time I walked by. I took that to mean that they had had it with the heat too. :) So I gave everybody a bone to munch on to keep them busy while I finished my book. I realized that I was far more tired than I thought when I couldn't even finish the last 2 chapters. Crazy. So I passed out around 9:30am and woke up feeling pretty damn refreshed! Amazing what the right amount of sleep with do to you. ;)

Tonight I have PT, but that's really the only thing I have to do. I'd be really impressed with myself if I could get the dishes done so Kim could see the sink while she's staying here. ;) I have to go food shopping at some point this week too, as well as head to the New Balance outlet to get new sneaks. Other than that, the week seems pretty peaceful!


Monday, July 17, 2006

so relaxed...

I pretty much did exactly what I said I was going to do. And boy was it a nice day! I did the laundry, changed the sheets, gave Millie a bath, put the recycling together, read 3/4 of my new book, and managed to watch a tv show or two. I'm feeling more and more guilty about the lawn, so I think I'll do that today after work. At least if I get a headache from that, my whole day won't be ruined, just a few hours before bed. My body can handle the heat very well, it's the humidity that puts me down for the count.

I still have to get some cleaning done this week. I kinda forgot I'm traveling to PA this weekend and Kim is staying with the dogs. I'll have to stock the fridge up for her and make sure the place is decent. :) I'm leaving Friday and will be back on Sunday. I haven't quite decided if I'm up to taking Pacie along with me or not. I'll figure it out.

School starts back up for me in 3 weeks. It's been nice not having it during the summer - makes me wonder if I really want to put in the time to finish it. But, once I get back in the swing of things, I know I'll enjoy it. Now I just have to find the book for that class. ;)

I can't believe it's Monday again....sigh.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

decisions, decisions

Since I had nothing big planned for today, I was going to hang out at home and do a little cleaning. My dogs haven't seen a lot of me the past week so I wanted to make it up to them this weekend. After the yard sale yesterday, I came home and cuddled with them - well, cuddled as much as you can on a 90 degree day. :) Then Donna came over and we were out on the deck until the mosquitos started biting. :) We cooked some portabellas on the grill and had a tasty salad for dinner.

Training for flyball in this heat is just brutal! Pacie did ok - nothing great and Freddie was his normal, consistent self. :)

Right now the air is thick and hard to move in. The sun beating down doesn't help motivate me to do a damn thing. I have a ton of cleaning to do, including laundry, but I really don't feel like doing any of it. I want to fill up the tub with cold water and go float for a bit. :) I wouldn't mind being in the sun or the humidity if I was doing it from a pool. :) Speaking of which, my sister talked to her friend that installs them and he said it's a good time for him to install one. The rush from the spring is dying down since it's late in the season to get one. I would absolutely love to have it installed in time for the BBQ I'm having on the 29th, but I'm not expecting that, just wishing.

So what to do today? I know I won't feel great if I'm a lazy slug and do nothing. But I also know it'll kill me if I do something like mowing the lawn (which desperately needs to be done). I really don't want to spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch with a heat headache 'cuz those suck. Decisions, decisions. I do have a new book to read, but that brings me back to feeling like a slug. So I think I'll take it easy, do some dishes, read a few chapters. Change the sheets, read a few chapters. Do the laundry, watch a show. Get the recycling together, read a few chapters. :)

Sounds like the best plan so far. :)


Saturday, July 15, 2006

it's Saturday :)

And even though it's supposed to be oppressively hot, I'm thrilled that the weekend is here. :) I have to head over to Cindy's house for our team yard sale so this might be short. After the yard sale I'm supposed to pick up a dog from a woman that rescued him. She's quite the fruit cake so I'm sure you can guess how much I'm looking forward to that. ;)

Yesterday the fixit place picked up my tractor to see, yet again, what's wrong with it. In the meantime, I have a loaner rider mower to use. It's a rear engine rider, which is totally different than what I'm used to. But, I'm going to see if I like it. If I decide to upgrade at some point in the future, this could be something to upgrade to. I guess alot of people don't like riding them. I'm guessing it's because it feels like you're sitting on a tricycle. Since won't be able to try it out until later today, I don't know if I like it either. But at least I have something I can mow with until my tractor is fixed!

Ok, time to go!


Friday, July 14, 2006


I finally had a night to do what I wanted to do - nothing more, nothing less. And it felt goooood. :) I had to stop and get dog food on the way home but that was it. I was able to change out of work clothes and just relax. I should have done some cleaning but I wasn't willing to trade my first bit of *me* time with my responsibilities. I have all weekend to clean. :) I can justify anything if I have to... ;)

I woke up more groggy than normal this morning (hence the lack of posting) and was late getting to work since I kept walking into walls and forgetting why I had walked into a particular room. Fun, fun.

I met Kate & Karen for lunch today. Boy are we an interesting trio to be around! I'm pretty sure we completely horrified the people at the next table with all of our not-so-boring conversation. There were a number of times that they looked over at us, either blatantly or under their lashes and the conversation was non-existent at their table from what I could tell. There is also a strong possibility that we made the husband blush. That's exactly why they should never put us in the center of a restaurant. :)

There is a vast difference between girl talk and guy talk. First, most guys don't actually talk as much as girls do (although I do have a male friend that can keep up with the best of us). Second, guys might hint at something, or even come right out and say it, but that's it. With girls, we talk about the same stuff but go into levels of detail guys just don't think about. We also talk about the feelings involved in whatever topic of discussion we're on. We then give specifics, name names, and add our opinion to the end of it. So, for you guys out there reading this, your girlfriend's friends have a much better idea of how you are in bed than you do. 'Nuff said. ;)

Tonight, I don't believe I have any plans, but I could be forgetting something. I have that nagging feeling and I'm not quite sure what it is. Ah well. I will find out/remember one way or another. :) I think I'll take Kate's advice and batten down the hatches with my book and a few essential necessities. ;)

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Cindy's house for our annual flyball team yard sale. Time to get rid of junk we don't need and make some money for the team. I did have a lot to contribute this year, but it got washed away in the flood. :( Maybe I'll take some crates over and try and sell those. I think I have a coffee maker that I no longer need as well. I'll try to find something. :)

I may or may not write later; it depends on my mood. I do have a ton of things running around up there in that tiny brain, but I'm not convinced it's good blog fodder. Actually, it's probably excellent fodder, I'm just not convinced I want to reveal that much. :) We'll see. ;)


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baby shower

I did indeed spend yesterday's lunch hour running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. But, I was able to do both errands so it was worth it. I claimed cheese & crackers for the shower and stopped by Whole Foods to pick them up. Whole Foods is a great store, but they never have any name brands I recognize. :) I kinda overdid it on the cheese but whatever; variety is the spice of life. :)

I left work at 4:30pm so I could get home by 5:00pm and spend some time with the kids before leaving at 5:30pm to pick up Holly and head down to Cindy's. The best laid plans....sigh. What actually happened was: I left work at 4:30pm, sat in traffic for an hour and got home at 5:35pm. I let the kids out to do their business and shoved them back in the crates around 5:55pm - Did I mention we were supposed to be at Cindy's at 6:00pm? Yeah, that didn't happen. I got to Holly's at 6:10pm, drove through torrential downpours doing 30mph, and got to Cindy's at I don't even know what time. Thankfully Susan & Phil weren't there yet so it was all good. We decorated in a hurry while Cindy wrapped my present for me and Kate cut up the cheese. Boy did she put out a good display!

So we had fun sitting around eating, talking, and laughing - like normal. :) I'm not sure where this came from, but we sat around writing funny sayings on diapers to put into the wishing well. Apparently it's supposed to give the parents a sense of humor while changing them at 2:00am. I'm getting more and more convinced that I'm being kept around for comic relief but that's ok. :) There were 4 babies and 2 three-year-olds running around having fun. The babies weren't running, they were laying around. I think I'm really used to holding kids without feeling like I'm going to break them now too. My cousin was right, I'm going to be all experienced by the time her kid comes around later this year. :)

Next thing I knew, it was 10:30pm and soooo past my bedtime. So I left so I could free the kids from their jails. I got home around 11:15pm and spent some quality time cuddling before bed. I was completely guilt ridden for them being crated so long and let them sleep with me. It was a treat for them and torture for me, but it eased my guilt. :) They don't sleep in the bed with me anymore because I always end up crammed into a 6 inch space and have all of these feet pushing into places they shouldn't be. While that's completely normal, I found it made me really cranky from being woken up a million times, poked, and prodded. They decided they didn't like cranky Mom and jumped into the crate when I would start swearing. Now, it works out for all of us. :)

Since they did sleep with me last night, I didn't get any solid sleep and I'm exhausted. It was still worth it to ease my guilt, but now the guilt is gone and they're sleeping in their own beds tonight. :)


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How'd I get so busy?

I was pretty sure the only thing I had to do yesterday was pick up wrapping paper - which, of course, didn't happen. Think Susan would mind if her baby shower present was wrapped in dump truck wrapping paper? :)

Work was good, although I didn't get a ton accomplished due to my boss coming back from her 2 week vacation and spending a couple of hours catching up. I got a call from the landscaping guy asking if I was able to pick out stones after work. So I met with him and attempted to do that, but traffic was sooooo screwed up it took me an hour to go from one exit to the next on Route 1. Ugh. We bailed as soon as we could and will make plans another day.

I got a call shortly after the landscaper called from the physical therapy place - they had a cancellation and wanted to see if I wanted the 7pm appt. Sure. I figured I would be able to make it from Saugus to Salem, NH in 2 hours - no problem. Wrong. Well, actually, I did, but it took 2 hours and 10 minutes - and a hell of a lot of cursing.

Meanwhile, the fix it place was supposed to come by and pick up my tractor - again - to see why it wouldn't start. I thought I would be here to meet them, but I was stuck in traffic. My friend Mary was here to meet them though, as she came by after her massage (la-dee-da) to pick up her power washer and drop off a few things. Thankfully she also let the kids out for me so I didn't have a huge mess on my hands. :)

So when all was said and done, I didn't get home until 8pm, never made it to the store to pick up wrapping paper for Susan's gift, and wasn't able to hit the supermarket to pick up food for her shower. Since it's tonight, I can see myself spending my lunch hour running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Hopefully I don't have a ton of meetings and I'll be able to do it.

But, I have to shower and jet if I'm to leave work on time to get home on time so I can spend a little bit of time with the kids before heading out to the party. Sheesh. Damn. I forgot I have to stop and get dog food too. Damn.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, yesterday's prediction of me not being in work a whole lot was right on the money unfortunately. I was there for 3 1/2 hours before it was time to take off and start doing all of the appts/plans I had.

I left around 12:30 to take Millie to the vet. She does indeed have a UTI and is on medication for it. Normally we see Dr. Lisa when we go to the vet, who is very used to my dogs and their personalities. Yesterday we saw Dr. Tom. He's a nice guy and knows his stuff, but he's very abrupt. Millie doesn't like going to the vet anyway so she was less than thrilled with her appt. At least I was able to bring a urine sample so they didn't have to stick a needle in her bladder to get one. Let me tell you how much she likes *that*.

After the vet it was a race for time. I headed straight for my lawyers appt. with Millie in tow, calling on the way to see if 4 leggeds were welcome. Thankfully they were and there were a bunch of kids there. Millie spent the time either lying at my feet or entertaining the kids by doing tricks. I had a good conversation with the lawyer, got the details of my will/living will straightened out, and talked about the car accident case. I'm going to get a copy of my case file from the CT lawyers and let her look over it so she can advise me on what to do since the CT lawyers aren't doing that at all. She mentioned she has a cousin in CT who's a lawyer and will talk to him/her as well to see what the difference in the laws are. At this point, I just want this thing over with.

I was supposed to choose my stones yesterday after the lawyer appt. but, again, the landscaper never called me back. Let me tell how tired I am of him at this point. He's got one more shot at getting back to me and then it's on to someone else as I'm just about done with him.

Since I wasn't going to meet up with him, I headed over to my sister's with Millie in tow. Tigre was extremely excited to see her and they immediately went outside to play. They came back in a little while later and Millie was drenched from him, like usual. :) My mother made dinner, which was ok, and then we sat around talking about Pepa for a little bit. Thankfully the discussion was not a dramafest and was quickly over with. We hung out for a bit afterwards talking and doing crossword puzzles, which I so suck at.

I attempted to cut the lawn before heading over to my sister's but the tractor wouldn't start. :( I called the fix it place and they're going to pick it up today after work. They're also bringing by a rear engine rider for me to try. Whatever, at least I'll be able to get the field also known as my lawn cut. I think I saw that it was supposed to rain later, but I'm hoping it'll hold off until that's done. :)

Oh, and I did half the dishes yesterday too. That has to tell you just how bad I was stalling before going to the family meeting. ;)

Thankfully today shouldn't be nearly as busy. I do have to stop and get wrapping paper at some point for Susan's gifts. Her baby shower is tomorrow night and everything is purchased, just not wrapped. Maybe Sue will be available to do a little bit of shopping tonight. :)


Monday, July 10, 2006

Didn't happen...

That would be food shopping and cleaning - those didn't happen. Besides flyball practice yesterday, I had very little that I was *supposed* to do. Somehow my day turned into far more and I'm not quite sure how. I'll have to figure out how that happens and stop it. :)

Flyball practice was good. Most of the team was there and the only beginners were our own dogs so we flew through practice quickly. The 2 main things I wanted to focus on was Freddie being able to pass Scarlet and Pacie being able to single stride over the jumps. We're good with Freddie passing Scarlet first, but need a little work the other way around. I realized at the end that Scarlet had never been 3rd and had a dog pass her on the way back. Stupid. Ah well, it was good to work on it in practice anyway. :) So far Pacie doesn't seem to have the same level of drive Freddie does. He'll run to me, but it's always in a going-out-for-a morning-stroll way. I want it to be in a holy-crap-there's-mom-I-need-to-get-to-her-now! way. :) I'll keep working on it.

After practice I had to take a ride to BJ's and I called my Dad to see if there was anything he needed. I haven't talked to him in a while due to the holiday, etc. and all of us being pushed in a billion directions. We got to catch up on a bunch of stuff so it was good. Afterwards, I gave him and Betsy haircuts and took off. I had a few smaller errands to do, one for my Dad, which I did on the way home - stopped to get gas, got my car washed, dropped a book off at the library, etc., etc. Fun stuff.

I had really good intentions when I got home. I was going to mow the lawn and do the dishes. That was the plan. That was all I was going to force myself to do. Right. Didn't happen. :) Instead, after I put a few things away, I decided to water the plants, fill the dog bowls outside, empty, and fill the dog pool. Then I started playing keep away with the dogs - me squirting them with the hose when they least expect it and them trying to come to me without getting wet. It's one of our (really my) favorite pastimes. :)

It was a little hot when that was over and I hadn't eaten yet so I decided to grab something quickly and take a shower. The shower turned into a pampering session - I was squeaky clean, smooth from shaving, and was covered in cream by the time I was done. Boy did I feel great! But, who wants to mow the lawn or do the dishes feeling like that? Not I. :) So I finished one book and started another before jumping on the computer and getting some work done.

My mother is in town for a little under a week. She flew in on Thursday, I found out on Friday, and she's leaving on Wednesday. It's been years since she moved to Florida and our relationship has vastly improved. We get along pretty well with her there and me here. :) Much better than with both of us here. Why? My mother has a propensity for drama. I abhor drama. Yup, we're a good team. :) The one thing I don't get is that she doesn't realize this. After all these years, she doesn't quite get that I can't stand drama. I think she's aware that I always shoot from the hip, say what's on my mind, and call it like I see it. I think. Aware perhaps, but she doesn't *get* it. Just one of those things that I have to work on I suppose. Anyway, tonight we have a "family meeting" to talk about my grandfather's deteriorating brain. He's starting to lose his marbles. We've all known about it for quite some time. We don't have an infinite amount of time left with them. It's extremely sad, but true nonetheless. There's nothing we can do to change it. Instead of simply saying, hey let's get together so we can all talk about what's going on with Pepa, the drama kicked in and it became a "family meeting" with no explanation of why we were having it. Gotta love that drama. Anyway, so my siblings and I are heading over to my sister's house to have dinner and our "family meeting". Should be fun.

But before then, I need to head to the lawyers and attempt to meet with the landscaping guy to pick out stones yet again. I also have to make an appt. with the vet for Millie today as she's showing a few signs of having a UTI. I don't think I'll be in work for very long today unfortunately.


Sunday, July 9, 2006


...I never got a chance to log in and finish yesterday's post. Oh well. :) It was a busy day.

Sue & I went out to breakfast in the morning. We tried a different place up by the Loop - Priscilla's or something like that. It was pretty good. After that, we did a tiny bit of shopping and then headed over to Nevin's Farm to meet Kate, Dan, Renee, Chris, Keelie, & Peyton. Kate & Dan went there for a cat, Renee for a donkey, and Chris to make sure Renee didn't go home with a goat, chicken, cow, or any other type of farm animal. :) There was a tiny black & white kitten that was a complete *love* that I seriously contemplated taking home. She had a little pink cast on her broken front leg. But, thankfully I'm not nearly as stupid as I look and I did not bring the darling little thing home. :) She's got such a great personality and is so loving she won't have a problem finding a home. :)

After that, Sue & I took a ride down to Somerville to pick up my grandmother's favorite cookies in the world. Patsy's is a typical Italian bakery and makes some of the most delicious Italian desserts. At every family gathering we always had something from there while growing up. It's one of those places that, when I walk in, the smell alone floods me with childhood memories. :)

We headed up to my grandparent's house and visited for a while. They were just coming back from a little shopping so we had really good timing! We brought some pizza so they wouldn't force us to eat, but they did anyway. I can't understand why the woman will not take No for an answer when she offers food - seriously. Anyway, it was a really good visit - looking at old pictures, talking about Sue's baby, and just spending quality time with them.

We made a quick stop on the way home and I bought a new toy to play with, then Sue took off to take a nap and I played with the dogs until Kim got here. It was late by the time she got here and I really wasn't up for the hour ride down to Elissa's so we bagged on the BBQ and just hung out instead. I really wanted to make a fire in the pit, but Kim wanted to catch up on the Rescue Me shows she's missed this season so we did.

That was the extent of my day - a lot of driving, but a good day overall. :) Right now I have to head out the door for flyball practice. Later I have to go food shopping and I'd like to get some cleaning in, but we'll see what happens. :)


Saturday, July 8, 2006

no plans...until

Well, I went into this weekend without too many things to do. Sue & I were going to head up to visit my grandparents today and I have flyball practice in the morning on Sunday. That was it, nice & relaxing. :)

First, I'm going out for breakfast with Sue. Then I'm heading to the shelter with friends. Then Kim's coming over. Then we're heading to Glen & Elissa's for a BBQ. Sheesh!

I'll write more later, I have to go 'cuz Sue's here. :)


Friday, July 7, 2006


So, I was on my way to work yesterday when I got hit with a killer headache from hell. I was unbelievably nauseated and had to fight to keep my eyes open. Thankfully I wasn't too far from home so I turned around and headed home. If I was closer to work, I would've just gone there and stayed in the Nurses office until I felt better - whatever it took to get off the road. It was not pretty.

I slept most of the day away after taking about 4 advil. I woke up around 2:30pm and felt much, much better. I have no idea what caused it. The last time I got a headache bad enough to put me down for the count was when I found out I was allergic to food that's been smoked (ribs, etc.) Needless to say I don't eat food that's been smoked anymore (unless it's the fake flavoring stuff) and I know I didn't have any of that to eat the past couple of days. I'll probably never know what caused it.

My friend Brian came by to figure out the A/C stuff yesterday - I had totally forgotten about it in my headache induced coma. He ran around and did what he needed while I tried to get my wits back. I figured since I had more than half of the house set up for it, it wouldn't be as expensive to finish off - wrong. If I had unlimited money, that would be one thing, but I don't. So I'll have to decide if that's something I'm going to go forward with. It's not looking too likely right now. :)

I can't believe it's Friday - seriously! I won't complain, I'll just smile and attempt to make it into work. ;)


Thursday, July 6, 2006

appts and small rant

For some reason, all of the appts. I've had the last couple of weeks have been rescheduled. I can't seem to go to any of them! The appt. I had yesterday was moved to Monday, which was moved from last Wed. I still haven't been able to get together with the landscaper guy about the patio - he never called me back on Monday and I still haven't heard from him. It's starting to get frustrating!

Ask me how much cleaning I got done yesterday. None. Ask me why. Because I broke my own rule to not pick up a L.K.H. book. Yup, I can't even follow my own rules. ;) So, how many books have I read since I bought them? That would be 4. I'm on the 5th and have 5 more to go. Pathetic!

I read the following article this morning and I'm disgusted. Just leave them alone! They haven't hurt anyone; the "sanctity of marriage" was trashed well before gay and lesbians were "allowed" to marry - and it sickens me that I have to use the word "allowed". We did it by not honoring the vows taken, by feeding into the throw-away mentality our society has, by treating marriage as an expensive party. These are people we're talking about! It's been years now and we haven't imploded so back off for pete's sake. (btw, who's pete?)

I'm not saying that people that are no longer happy together shouldn't divorce. I'm not saying that at all. I think if the relationship no longer suits the people involved, it should be dissolved. Maybe it's easy for me to say, having never been married. If so, oh well! Get over it and leave the people who do want to get married alone. I don't care what color they are, what religious beliefs they have, where their sexual orientation lies, or any other aspect people choose to pick on. Society shouldn't care either. They're happy. They're in love. Leave them be.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

good day

Yesterday was the first day in a long time where I had the day off and time moved slowly. I remember looking at the clock and thinking it must be about 6pm - but the clock said it was 2:30pm. I very much enjoyed having a few 'extra' hours on a day off. :)

There were a number of things I could've done - BBQ's here and there, fireworks displays, etc. but I choose to stay home. First, I wasn't feeling all that great for those womanly reasons, and second I didn't want Millie to be home alone if there fireworks going on. I know they bother her big time and it was more important for me to know she was ok then it was to sit in a field being eaten by mosquitos. Besides, they always have them on tv. :)

Which, I watched. I was pretty impressed with the Boston fireworks this year. They were set to music and the timing was right on. I've also never seen fireworks that take the shape of the planet Saturn, a smiley face, a 3D square, and a 5 point star. I was impressed!

There were a couple of times that I stopped to think about why I had the day off - Independence Day, and the history behind it. I had a number of thoughts, which turned into concerns, but I really didn't want to think too much (I had to get back to reading afterall), so I'll save that stuff for another day.

That was really it for my day... oh, except I managed to read 2 of the new books I bought. Yeah, I know it's a lot for one day, but I couldn't tear myself away from them! Since I didn't do any cleaning yesterday, I am not allowing myself to continue on with the series so that I can actually get something done today. :)

I have to leave early today and tomorrow for appts. - another with the lawyer for my wills, and tomorrow my friend Brian is coming over to spec out what it would be to add ac to the partially set up heating and cooling system. We'll find out tomorrow if it's doable. I'll have to figure out how I'm going to handle the bedroom in that scenario as I like it really cold in there, but wouldn't want it like that in the rest of the house. Something to chew on.

Another day, another dollar. :)


Monday, July 3, 2006

weirdo dream...

I left work early, as planned, and did a few errands on the way home - stopped to pick up Susan & Phil's baby shower gift, picked up more hair elastics (I lose them all the time), dropped 100 bucks at Barnes & Noble on Laurell K. Hamilton books (Thanks Kate.... no really. Thanks.), and then stopped for lunch at the place down the street. All in all it was a good day. :)

When I came home, I puttered around for a bit, filled the dogs pool, and then crashed on the couch - it was h.o.t. I decided to cool off in the only room that currently has AC - the bedroom. I started reading a book and the next thing I knew, it was 2 hours later, I was waking up, and all of the dogs were all cuddled around me napping. :)

I had a weird dream while I (apparently) napped. I don't remember it very clearly, but I woke up with such a profound sense of loss and a deep sadness. Since I didn't lose anything in my dream (from what I remember, it was a good dream), I'm having a hard time figuring out what it was all about. Usually I can pinpoint where certain aspects of my dreams come from - thoughts I've had, conversations that have taken place, things I've done, etc., etc. I can figure out one thing - there was a Nissan in the dream that I thought was like my car and that was because my 5 week rental was a Nissan Pathfinder. Everything else though, I'm stumped.

Right now I feel a little melancholy and I have a nagging sense of loss - like I misplaced something or like that feeling you get when you leave the house and you think you've forgotten something. I'm not really sure what to do about it and (believe it or not) I'm not in the mood to over-analyze it so I think I'm going to go lose myself in one of the very many new books I just bought.

The fireworks have just started, which I'll be able to see mostly from my deck, so I'm gonna go watch them and try to keep the dogs from freaking out. :)


2nd place

The tourney went well - we ended up taking 2nd place in our division. :) It was good division to be in as the racing was close! You could see how the heat affected the dogs as the times got progressively slower as the weekend went on - at least Freddie's times did. :) New Jersey Devil Dogs took 1st place for that division, which I don't mind at all since they're such great people! We're going to team up with them in PA - hopefully we're not racing them again!

We ended the day with a cookout at Renee & Chris's house - nice and relaxing! Pacie wasn't listening to me at all, so I had him on leash the whole time. I cut Keely & Sebastian's hair and then moved on to Selma & Bailey's toes. We always seem to have a grooming party whenever we get together in a social setting.

I had a bad headache by the time I left which I knew was from not drinking enough water in the heat. It didn't help that the last 2 races for us were one right after another. But, the dogs were champs and ran their little hearts out right to the end. :)

I'm going into work today for a little while before meeting up with the landscaper guy to look at pavers. I don't expect there will be anyone in there, or any reason to stay for very long. I have a few errands I need to do afterwards besides looking at the pavers and then I'm free until Wed am. :)

But, if I'm going to head out early, I should probably get in to work first. ;)


Sunday, July 2, 2006

slept in

I got a reprieve for the first time since I started competing in this sport and was able to sleep in a little bit today. Usually we start racing anywhere between 7 and 8 am. Today racing starts at 8am, but our first race of the day isn't for 20 or so races (which equates to 2+ hours). So, I didn't need to get up at 5am, I was able to sleep in until 6:30am. It's the small things in life. :)

Cindy is the judge for this tourney, so we haven't seen a lot of her this weekend. There are a few more out of Region teams this time too - one team traveling up from Michigan, two from New Jersey, and two from Pennsylvania. One of the PA teams is having their annual tournament in 3 weeks, which we will be attending. This will be my first out of region tournament. :) We were talking about getting a team together to head to the 4-day tournament held in Nova Scotia next year. It's been a hope for us for years now but I think we may actually be able to pull it off - provided nobody gets pregnant between now and then!

Freddie did so well yesterday, which I wasn't expecting since we really haven't had much to do with flyball, including practices, in a month or so. He's been doing it for so long now though, he's a champion (literally too!) He has about 2000 points until his next title - Flyball Master Excellent. Right now he's in the top 10 Min Pins in flyball - ranked 9th. :) I never would have thought we could've come this far and I can't wait to see where we end up. :)

Angelica came by with her new baby girl yesterday and spent some time with us. I don't think I ever realized just how frequently they eat at this age - yikes! Renee's husband Chris is going to bring Peyton by today too. Yesterday Bea came by with her little girl to say hello, which caught us all completely off guard - we just weren't expecting to see her. She hasn't been involved in flyball for quite a long time now. It will be very interesting to see if she makes an attempt to come back. I personally hope not, as flyball was not nearly as much fun when she was around.

Freddie is passed out on a dog bed next to me. The poor little guy is tired. :) But, if I even whisper the word flyball, he'll be up and barking at the door before I could say Boo! Maybe I'll take Pacie today; he needs to get more used to the whole scene if he's going to compete eventually. And I feel like I'll have the patience needed for him. ;)

Shower time.


Saturday, July 1, 2006


I find it amazing that I can easily get up at 5am on the weekends for a flyball tourney or a trip, but try to wake me up at 5am during the week and I never hear the alarm. Go figure.

Today's tourney is being held at Teamworks in Northborough, MA. We here in Region 13 (the flyball region that MA is included in), are spoiled rotten with out big, air conditioned venues. I kinda like that. :) That's where I'll be allll day long if you care to visit. :)

My doctor appt. went well yesterday. I don't need to see him again unless I start hurting. Hopefully this procedure will last forever. Ok, probably not forever, but I'm hoping for a really long time. :) In the meantime, I have to go to physical therapy twice a week to work on some weakness I have in that area. I'm hoping it also takes care of the floaty lumps of scar tissue in that area that have been buggin' me. We'll see.

Other than than, there's not much going on. I did manage to go food shopping yesterday. I'm bringing deli stuff, fruit, & cheese to the tourney. I also managed to cut up the hot dogs and cheese I'll need for Freddie today. 2 out of the 6 previously pregnant people on my team will be there with the babies. It's good to get them used to the sounds of dogs early. :) I was thinking about bringing Pacie with me today, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I'll probably have my arms full of babies and I don't juggle well. :)

I had a dream last night about the patio project. In my dream I said screw it and just put in a pool instead. :) As nice as that would be, I'll save that idea for my next house. ;)

All I need to do now is pack up the car and go so...... :)