Thursday, August 31, 2006

two more days...

And it's the weekend. :) This will be my last weekend without something to do until October. I think I'd like to finish working on the closet and get that done. I'd also like to finish the computer swapping so I can get this one the hell out of here and get back some of my desk.

I did go food shopping last night. I also cooked dinner last night. Then it was time to work on homework for a bit. After that, I made myself one of those desserts where the women in the elevator are getting excited because of the dinging sound. Tasty is a good word for them. I actually think there's enough for two desserts, but I figured I'd be a trooper and finish it. ;) After that it was on the couch with the dogs to watch the season finale of Rescue Me. Hot damn it was good. I'm actually a little pissed that I have to wait until next season to see what happens. So I guess that means they did their job. :)

Yesterday I saw the sun for a while. I'll admit they didn't lie about the weather again. Weather forecasting is one of the only jobs that you can be wrong 90% of the time and still keep your job. Well, that and the president. I'm still not ready for the end of summer tho'.

I'm not sure what I've got going on for tonight. I'll probably do some homework, do a little bit of work on the closet, etc. Unless Sue calls and we decide to go out shopping or something. :)

I heard back from another sponsor yesterday. They're not giving us a ton of cash, but something is better than nothing. They're also giving us magazines (it's a dog sport mag) for the welcome baskets. I have a few more companies to list since some have said no.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

they lied

It didn't get nicer out yesterday. It stayed the same the whole day - cool, cloudy, and sprinkling off and on. This morning looks about the same so they probably lied about that too. We'll see.

I did not go shopping yesterday. I went to my drs appt in the afternoon, came home, and worked until 8pm when they brought the server down to apply patches to it. What a fun night, huh? I have only a couple of things to pass in for school tonight. That'll take me about 10 mins so I'm thinking shopping tonight is more feasible.

I did read a funny story on this morning about a woman who was teaching her dog to drive and got into an accident. What a surprise. I'm all about teaching dogs tons of different things - driving happens to be one of those on the "no way in hell" list. What was she thinking.

That's about it kids. Other than shopping and heading out to lunch with Kevin, that's my day in a nutshell. :)


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm soooo not ready for the end of summer. I'm hoping for a heat wave when Indian Summer (why do we call it that?) kicks in. I'd like to use my pool a few more times before closing it up for the year.

School started for the kids in my surrounding cities today so I left the house earlier than normal to deal with the increase in traffic. My commute is so nice during those summer months and it completely sucks the rest of the time.

I realized today that I have been a home owner for 2 years - I missed my purchasing anniversary on Aug. 14th. Yay for me. :)

Today isn't much of a work day as I have lunch with Sue planned, a meeting after that, and am then leaving early to go to the foot dr. Unfortunately I'll be online after that and probably well into the night to make up for it.

I completed my homework assignment last night and turned it in. I have to admit, I did a kick ass job on it too. :) What I'm puzzled by though, is how this instructor is grading our assignments. I did *such* a shit job on last week's assignment that I was expecting a 10. Instead, I got a 48 out of 50. Trust me, I'm not going to complain, but I strongly feel that I didn't deserve that grade at all. However, I'm not stupid enough to bring that to my instructor's attention. ;)

Supposedly it's going to get nicer as the day goes on. And it's supposed to be fairly nice tomorrow. It will be good to see the sun again!

I think I'll make a stir fry for dinner tonight. I haven't cooked in a while and I miss it eating home cooked meals. First I'll have to go shopping tho'. Of course I'll visit my neighborhood Market Basket where the prices can't be beat and the customer service is reminiscent of old times. :)

September is apparently a busy month. I think most, if not all, of my weekends are already booked up. Actually, I think I'm free this weekend, but the rest are full or nearly full. So nobody plan anything else. :)

Ok, back to work....sigh.


Monday, August 28, 2006

dreary...and cold!

If there's one thing I dislike immensely, it's being cold. I like my bedroom to be cold because then I can burrow down beneath my down comforter and be nice and warm. And the air doesn't get stuffy, which is the main reason. Other than that, I'm not a big fan of the cold.

It's a gray day - dreary and cold. I think it's supposed to get up to 70 or so, which isn't too bad, but far colder than I prefer. Someday I need to move to a state that is 80-90 most of the time. Someday.

I did exactly what I said I was going to do last night and it was wonderful. :) I got a lot of my Xmas shopping planned out. I'll need to go shopping eventually but first I have to think about to get the tough people, like my Dad - they guy who buys everything he wants when he wants it. I'll find something.

I also ordered some bulbs last night. I had a list of nice-to-haves and when I got a catalog with a $25 off your order coupon, I couldn't resist. I haven't done a whole hell of a lot with my front garden since the flood. So it's about time I got back into the swing of things with it. So I ordered Ice Stick tulips, a variety of Parrot tulips, hardy Gladiolus, Eye of the Tiger Irises, Colour Magic tulips, and some Daffodils. Now I just have to find a place to plant them. I plan on splitting my current Irises in the next couple of weeks. Once I get the other Iris bulbs in, I'll split the bearded ones and alternate the kinds along the back. I'm thinking I'll split the creeping phlox I have in the front as well so I can plant some tulips there. I have a lot of work to do in the garden within the next couple of weeks.

Tonight I'll be concentrating on homework. I have an assignment due tonight, and then I need to work on my XML document for our project. I probably won't get that done tonight - more likely it'll get done tomorrow - but surely by the end of the week.

But, it's time to go make a living. :)


Sunday, August 27, 2006


So I got everything done except for the book packing up part and getting the tree planted. I got the lawn mowed, even the 3ft weeds that were growing where the ditch used to be. I ended up buying a new machine since I *still* haven't received my machine back from the repair shop. I got my homework assignment turned in on time. I started cleaning out the closet and decided I was going to put up a few shelves to store my towels and sheets.

Today I had flyball practice and it went ok. I forgot (yet again) to take the harness off of Pacie when I put him in the crate after training. When I remembered, I checked his crate and I couldn't find it. So I took his bed and blanket out and found little scraps of harness that was still connected to the plastic clips. That was it. The little bastard ate it. I gave him some bread soaked in mineral oil, so hopefully everything will come out nice and easy. I really can't afford a $5k vet bill.

Dad came by after flyball and helped me swap out the patio umbrella. I cut his hair and Betsy's bangs. He made my screen door more secure so the cats can't open it anymore. The only problem is, I can barely open it now too! I'm sure it will loosen up over time, or at least I hope so.

I went to the Xmas tree shop this afternoon to pick up a few things for our flyball tournament's raffle. I also found a couple of small things for gifts so I have to update my gift spreadsheet again.

So it's 6pm and I'm done with everything I had to do for the most part. I'm going to look through a few catalogs and plan out some more Xmas shopping while watching The 4400 and Mythbusters. Add a Cosmo and it sounds like a damn fine night to me. ;)


Saturday, August 26, 2006

ahhhhhh...the weekend :)

Last night was really low key and I liked it! I did some reading for school, watched some Tivo (I so love Tivo), folded all of my laundry, put it away, and hung out with the kids for the night.

So my to do list for the weekend is really short. I was thinking about cleaning out the spare room's closet so I can store linens there. I'd like to get the front lawn mowed. I have to turn in an assignment. I need to get my trees in the ground some time this weekend. I'm thinking I'll wait until tomorrow when my Dad comes over. I plan on ordering some spring bulbs and getting all of the Xmas gifts I've already purchased added to my gift spreadsheet. Then going through my spreadsheet and deciding what everyone else is getting. That's about it! The girls were supposed to come over tonight but one of them one won tickets to a game and had to bail.

I know it's early to start thinking about Xmas shopping. I've found that I'm much less stressed if I pick stuff up throughout the year and put it away for the holidays. That way, I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting *anything* to give. I have time to get things that make me think of them; things that they'd like. Probably insane, but it works for me.

I plan on taking a ride to Barnes & Noble at some point today to pick up a few books. I'd like to go through my bookcase and pack up the books I haven't read or won't re-read. I'm running out of desperately needed space.

So that's my plan for today. Tomorrow Dad's coming for a visit after flyball practice. I have to give him his 4 cases of Fruit2O and cut his hair.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a list of things done when I log on tomorrow. :)


Friday, August 25, 2006

And in funnier news...

I just read this on and *had* to share...

And God sayeth unto man: I've had it!

MAKING HIS first public remarks in more than 1,000 years, God appeared in the heavens yesterday and ordered all world religions founded in His/Her name to ``immediately take a well-deserved and long overdue time-out." At the crowded press conference, hastily called by the angel Gabriel with a trumpet blast, God's tone switched between anger and sadness as He/She described being frustrated with the boundless cruelty and violence committed in His/Her name.

``It's not like I haven't been patient," said God, who is also known as Lord, Yahweh, Allah, Creator, and the Unnamed One. ``I make and give to humans this beautiful gift called Creation. I give them the ability to think and love and imagine. I send them messengers who teach. I provide food for all, sunsets, cute babies, music, even the Internet! But the minute I turn my back, they all start fighting. Holy War this, Crusade that, and Jihad, blah, blah, blah," He/She said.

Citing the recent war in Lebanon as the final straw, God declared that, until further notice, each of the world's major religions would be punished. God then sent the religious leaders, with their faiths, to their rooms so they could ``sit and think about all the ways they've been bad. They can take their sacred books with them to read," continued God, ``but that's it. No TV, no cellphone, and no iPod."

God was quick to assure the world that the good works of religion, including peacemaking, disaster relief, healthcare, education, and aiding the poor and downtrodden, would not be affected by the time-out order. ``It's not that everything they do on my behalf is bad," noted God. ``They do a lot of good. But just when you think humanity gets it and has learned how to live with one another, they start bombing each other. They stamp their feet and say, `My faith is better than your faith, my country matters more than your country.' They act like each owns me and knows my mind. But not anymore. I'm back in town and taking charge!"

Responding to questions, God offered various opinions about life on earth, including reality TV (``No comment: Ask the Devil"), global warming (``I didn't turn up the thermostat"), and the recent Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees series (``I had to turn it off. It was too painful to watch").

Asked when religious leaders and their faiths might be allowed down to the dinner table, God responded, ``When they learn how to share and get along." Leaving the press conference through a hole in the clouds, God failed to respond to questions about when He/She might return. The clerics, struck speechless, went to their rooms.

Around the world, wars ceased, poverty plummeted, and millions of people used the time they had scheduled for criticizing others -- in God's name -- instead to clean up the earth, get involved in their communities, and wipe out disease.

And, truly, it was good.

The Rev. John F. Hudson is the senior pastor at the West Concord Union Church (United Church of Christ) in Concord .


I'm not sure if I can even talk about this without feeling like Jay Leno when he gives his opening lines - all intended to be funny observations about things going on in the world. Pluto's been demoted. Yup. You can no longer call Pluto a planet.

I'm not even sure where to start with that one. Part of me thinks it's completely absurd. Another part really does feel like Jay Leno when trying to discuss it. Part of me think it's kinda sad that these people have been working their whole lives on this.

So what will happen now? Well, I think scientists have felt a taste of power. I don't think Pluto will be the only one and more likely, there will be tons of new discoveries now that there's a set of "guidelines" to define it.

I wonder if Disney will start a petition to reinstate Pluto. :)

Will anyone think to create a grandfather clause on planets? :)

I also wonder if anyone in that community has thought about the financial impact that one sentence is going to have on the school systems around the world. What about the publishers of school books? Every single science book in every single language now needs to be updated. Hmmm, I guess they should be psyched.

I think of jokes "When I was a little girl, I had to walk to school in 2 feet of snow AND Pluto was a planet!"

When it comes right down to it though, all it really means is that a group of men & women sat around trying to define things they don't understand.

For it to be a classified as a planet it needs to be "a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a ... nearly round shape, and has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit" according to an article on CNN.

The reason for the demotion? Pluto has an oblong orbit that overlaps with Neptune's orbit. That's it.

I'll tell you though, if I was a mass of rock and ice and I had 3 moons revolving around me, I'd be pissed. ;)


Thursday, August 24, 2006

guilty pleasure

A lot of people don't like to admit what their guilty pleasures are. I don't have that problem. :)

I've been having a hell of a time finding one of my favorite, feel-good movies. I'm talking a couple of years. While on eBay searching for dragonfly items, it popped in my head and I found it. Including shipping I spent less than $10. When I got home from work, there was a small package in my mailbox. It finally arrived!

I am now the proud owner of one of my favorite guilty pleasures - the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

Yes, it's a chick flick. Yes, I know it was never nominated for any awards. Yes, it's surprising that I thoroughly enjoy the movie. Whatever - I own it now! And I watched it tonight while working on a few pages for work and posting for school.

Gotta love those guilty pleasures. :)



Sue, Aunty Kathy, and I went to Coyles last night for dinner. My cousin is starting to show the signs of having "prego brain". Towards the end of the night, Sue went to run next door to hit the ATM. She got up, walked outside, saw my car, and got excited thinking "OMG Dawn's here!". This would be right after she left the table where I was sitting across from her. Yep, prego brain to the max.

After I got home, I played with the pups for a bit and then jumped on the computer. I didn't have any heavy duty homework due so I just fulfilled my participation requirements and did what I was supposed to do in my role as spokesperson for the group.

Then I watched Sunday's Dead Zone & I think one other show before hitting the hay. Having Tivo saves me tons of time when I actually do get some to watch TV. I wouldn't be able to live without forwarding through commercials.

I went to bed early last night (earlier than I had been) and I was up before the alarm this morning. I don't think I have any meetings today which is a huge bonus since last week I was consumed by them. But I do have plans for lunch with Kevin at Flatbreads or what's now known as our usual place, which will be good.

Other than starting to read the chapters required for this week, I really don't have much going on. :) I have nothing I *need* to do tonight. The house is clean from Silvane so I don't have to worry about that. I have some stuff in my car that I could bring inside. I have some laundry I could do - all no big deal stuff. :)

The girls are supposed to come over and get silly Saturday night at some point. We'll cook on the grill, go floating if it's nice out, and sit in front of the firepit laughing it up. Dad's coming up on Sunday after flyball practice to hang out. Nothing stressful so I think I'll enjoy this weekend much more than I did last weekend. :)

And I may even get into work on time today! lol


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

in homework world

Between work and school, I've been swamped. I've been up far later than I'm used to, which has me up far later in the morning which equals no time to blog.

Lots have happened in the past couple of days too. But I'll be damned if I can remember any of it.

I had a long talk with Cindy one of these past nights and pretty much settled everything. So that was good.

I got my homework turned in on time and got my grades back from my last two assignments. I was right on with most of it and only got 20 points off between the both of them so that was awesome.

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, or so I thought anyway. When I got there the office was closed so I guess I must've added the entry to the wrong day. I'll have to call them tomorrow and figure out when I was supposed to be there.

Since I was in Middleton I hopped on over to say hello to my grandparents and pick up a few catalogs from my aunt. My grandmother was sleeping so I didn't stay for very long.

It was warm out yesterday so after stopping by a few stores on the way home to pick up a gift for a work bridal shower party today, I jumped into the pool and vacuumed it. It's sparkling clean right now and the chemicals are perfect. I'm hoping for another heat wave before I have to close it.

Sue just called and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner, so I'm now on my way out. :)

Hopefully I'll get to bed early tonight and be up on time. :)


Monday, August 21, 2006

the weekend...

We had a flyball tournament this weekend in Goffstown, NH. It seemed to be a nice little town - I liked the little General Store I passed on the way to the tourney site.

The tourney site was.... interesting. We are soooooo spoiled in this region. Usually tournaments are held indoors in some sort of dog training facility or an indoor sports arena. This was held at a riding center in a horse barn. And I do mean horse barn. A good thing about it was that they used recycled tires as the flooring - recycling is always good. The bad part about it was that they used recycled tires as the flooring, right on top of the dirt. Tons of little pieces of rubber that really look like rabbit food, or turd, so the place was *filthy*. Freddie was not allowed to jump on me because as Holly pointed out to Rob, horses pee on it.

I wasn't looking forward to this tourney because of how I feel about what's going on with the planning of our tourney, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Still uncomfortable at times, but not the completely silent weekend it could've been. Thankfully we got out early both days so that was a nice bonus. :)

In other news, we've been assigned to groups in school. The purpose is to have a fully functional ecommerce site as our final project. Each student had to submit a proposal and a marketing plan earlier in the class an assignment. Then each group had to read all of proposals that were submitted by the students in that group and pick one to complete as the final project. My proposal was on my friend Nancy's website that she has for selling custom made dog beds, belly bands, crate covers, etc. The group chose that as the final project so it looks like Nancy will be getting a brand new, fully functional ecommerce site for nothing. :) I'm really looking forward to working with my group on this.

I have homework due tonight that I was hoping I'd get done over the weekend, but that didn't happen. (surprise) So tonight will be nothing but me typing away at a loooong report. Silvan is coming tomorrow to clean (yay!) but I don't think it will be as daunting for her this time. I really need to pick up an English-Spanish dictionary though so we can communicate better.


Friday, August 18, 2006

plans change

Check this out:

To Do list 8/17/2006

change litter box - done
scan case studies for Amy - done
send Dell battery recall info to Pam - done
laundry - done
dishes - done (yup! all of them)

No lie. I did everything I had on my to do list yesterday. Freakin' amazing. AND I watched the latest Rescue me. AND Sue and I spent a few hours at the mall!

Yeah, my plans for not doing anything at all changed. Sue called me in the afternoon all giddy and happy because she talked her husband into not being up her ass all the time and going out with his friends for 2 nights in a row! Since she got pregnant he's been overly clingy. So, we both did what we needed to after work and then headed over to the Rockingham mall. I picked up this cute purple leather purse from Macy's for $8.49 - the deal of the century. (Yes, I really did say purple leather.)

We made plans tonight to head over to my grandmother's, picking up dinner along the way, and stopping at Tuesday Morning on the way home. I haven't been there in ages so I'm thrilled. :)

This weekend I have a flyball tournament in Goffstown, NH. For the first time in a really long time I'm *not* looking forward to it. I think it'll be ok but I'm sure there will be some tension due to how unhappy everyone is about this tournament. I'm bringing homework to take my mind off of everything and help keep my mouth shut. :) We'll see if I succeed!

Goffstown is one of the only places up here that's had a case of EEE so I'll be covered in deet the whole weekend. Thanks, but I'd rather take my chances with a low percentage of deet then get hit with a deadly disease. I wonder if I can put it on Freddie...hmmm. This interspecies stuff is killing us and I'm wondering if something like this is what killed off the dinosaurs. Surely mosquitos were around back then. The little bastards. They're now up on my list with bees - kill them all.

I woke up a few times last night, which is pretty unusual for me. It's getting close to that time where the AC doesn't kick on because of the temperature outside. I'll have to start paying attention to the nighttime temps and put a fan in the open window instead to keep it cool. I can *not* sleep if the room is warm. It's a bitch to get out of bed in the wintertime with the window cracked, but worth the solid 8 hours of sleep I get. :)

Ok, off to shower. :)


Thursday, August 17, 2006

customer service and an owed apology

Customer service doesn't mean the same thing these days as it did years back. Years ago, when you got gas, there was an attendant, who was nice, said hello, washed your window, etc., etc. The definition of customer service has changed.

Once in a great while it comes back and it throws you (me) for a loop when that happens. I had one of those experiences yesterday. Since my Dad had heart trouble, he drinks a specific flavor of Fruit 2 O flavored water - watermelon kiwi to be exact. He's been having a hard time finding it lately and I've been able to find it off and on at my local Market Basket supermarket. My father asked his local supermarket if they could special order it for him and he was told no. I asked Market Basket and they said yes. So they ordered a couple of cases for me and called me to let me know they were in and I could come pick them up.

Yesterday after PT I stopped by to grab them. This is where the customer service aspect of the story comes in. I spoke to someone at the service desk, who paged the manager for me. The manager came over and talked to me about what kind of regular ordering schedule I'd like to have. He was extremely friendly and polite. He agreed to ordering one case a week for me and went back to get the 2 cases for me. He put them at an empty register and had one of the girls ring it up for me so I didn't have to wait in line. He then went and got a carriage, loaded them into the cart. After I had checked out, he grabbed one of the grocery boys and had him push the cart out to my car and load it up. All of which was unnecessary as I'm perfectly capable of picking up a case of water. But wow was it a pleasant surprise! I haven't seen customer service like that in a real long time and I have to admit I liked it. :)

I was shocked to see on this morning that someone had admitted to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. For years and years there was a ton of speculation focused on the parents. The loss of their daughter was really traumatic enough without being the main suspects in the murder of their own child. I think they deserve an extremely humble public apology from the media. The mother has died without knowing they caught the person responsible. The husband's life is and was ruined by all of this. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

They deserve an apology.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Market Plan worth 15% of grade: done

dishes: not done

No surprise there I'm sure. I got most of the market plan outlined yesterday. I did actually get to concentrate on homework for the night. Millie helped by leaning on me and giving me kisses occasionally. Kisses always help. :)

I got a phone call from my mother interrupting my special homework time. It was definitely one of those phone calls where you hear the first sentence and sigh. I could tell alcohol had been involved in the night at some point. Then she started ranting on how guys are idiots, which I thoroughly agreed to after having just told a guy to have a nice life. However, as open-minded as I am, I really don't want to hear about my mother's dating problems. Seriously.

Moving on, work was good yesterday. My car was doing this wicked funky thing on the highway on my way to work so I left a little early so I could bring it to the dealership. Thankfully it was just an EGR something-or-other and it was covered under my warranty. I brought my laptop with me and sat on the comfy couch in the waiting room making web changes while I waited. My battery only lasted 2 1/2 hrs. though and then I was done working. I have to bring it back once they get a couple of parts in - probably next week.

I got up to use the ladies room and when I came back there was a guy paying for his car repairs. I was really not into the staring he was doing and promptly ignored him. That whole wolf/sheep stare is unnerving. He left but came back in 5 minutes later to ask me if I had a boyfriend. I lied and said yes. I totally give him credit for approaching a stranger and I might've even been a little friendlier had I not felt his eyes burn through the back of my head (and a few other places) a few minutes before. Flattered, but no thanks.

Today was the day 'o meetings. I had one respite when Kevin and I went to lunch. Other than the 1 1/2 hrs I spent at my desk in the morning, I was in meetings. Ugh. My last meeting of the day went over by 10 mins., which in turn made me leave 10 mins. late, which in turn made me 10 mins. late for PT. Apparently this was the day of running late as my PT chick didn't even come to get me until 5:35. We were both in no mood at that point so I did a few things on the machines and said I'd do the rest at home, to which she heartily agreed.

Since I've been home (minus the time I said hello to the kids and played with them), I've been on the computer doing homework. I think I did a pretty good job on the market plan but we'll see when I get my grade.

Tomorrow I have *nothing* to do and it's going to stay that way. If I do anything at all, it will be a load of laundry and some of the dishes. Nope, not even doing all of them. I haven't looked at Tivo in what feels like forever and I'm sure I need to get caught up on those zany Mythbusters and my beloved Rescue Me. Otherwise I just might die.

Now I just have to get to sleep and then make it through tomorrow. :) I think I only have one meeting so there's a very good chance I might even get something accomplished!


Monday, August 14, 2006

blah, blah, blog

I just finished this week's case study and I have to say I did a piss poor job on it. After work I had PT an then had to get all the trash and recycling out. You wouldn't think that would take very long, but I had a bunch of the old deck pieces to toss so it took much longer than I thought it would. While I was gathering splinters from 10 year old pressure treated wood, my neighbor came outside to chat for a bit. That's really what made the trash thing so long. But, I did a ton of weeding while we were talking so it wasn't all for naught.

However, that didn't leave me very much time to get any reading done. So I skimmed through the chapter that the case study was in and started writing up my proposal. I did go above and beyond on the EDI flow graphic I had to put together. I'm hoping that will save me from the piss poor grade I deserve. Fingers crossed.

I figured I'd get all of this written down now, as I'm sure to wake up late and will need to run around like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning. As much as I like hearing from some of you, bugging me to post will not be one of those things I will need. ;) So, I'm beating you to the punch. :)

In other news, I'm about done with my team captain's power trip issues with regards to this tournament we're putting on. We're only a month into the making and she's already out of control with her need to be in control of every last freaking detail. I'm being a good girl and keeping my mouth shut for now. I'm sure there will come a time when she'll push too far and I'll need to speak up but I'd like to be calmed down a bit before that happens. Right now, *nothing* I say will be nice and it'll just make her cry. So, zipped lips for me.

And in more news, my cats (Captain to be specific) have figured out how to open the sliding screen door that leads out onto the deck. They've been out about a dozen times now and I'm ready to throttle them (him more than her). Last night I had to look for him with a flashlight and the little bugger made me chase him not once, not twice, but 3 times underneath the deck - a place where we all know I never wander. The little bastard.

And still in other news, my kids are the cutest damn dogs around cuddling like they are on the loveseat across from me. Even the boys are touching (well, Freddie is allowing Pacie to touch him) in the pack cuddle they've got going on. I'd take a picture but that would involve me getting up to get the camera, which would then involve them getting up to follow me to get the camera and then there really wouldn't be a point after that.

And in probably the greatest news of all, I heard from my friend in Australia via IM. I was in a meeting and she quickly wrote that we need to talk about some dates in Feb of 2007. That means she's coming to the states baby! I'm hoping her husband will have lots of ideas for improving the house. He's far too clever that one. Actually, she is too damnit. The last time she told me about an idea she had it was for an irrigation system for their farm. By the following week she had designed it, built parts for it(and I do mean built - all of it, electronics, timers, everything) , and built it. I was still looking up "irrigation". ;) Boy will it be nice to see them again!!! Hopefully they'll plan on coming North this time. If not, I'll have to make plans to head to somewhere to see them and I'll need to hire someone to stay with the pups. Any takers? :)

Tomorrow I have nothing to do but homework so I'm really hoping nothing will happen to take me away from that. I can't skimp out on Wed's assignment like I did tonight's. But as it's far past my bedtime now, I'll worry about that tomorrow. :)


Back to stress

Well that was a good weekend. :) I didn't do as much as I thought I would yesterday but that's because I really wasn't here to do a damn thing.

I dropped off some movies and was on my way to do a couple of errands when I figured I'd stop by and say hello to Tim. I wasn't expecting to stay long, just to say hey and see what he and the boys were up to... it didn't quite work out that way. I'm really not sure how the day happened at all to be honest! It started out with me watching them on the trampoline for a bit, then watching one of them swim for a bit, then going out to lunch, then swimming at my house, then blowing bubbles, and having a snack.

I had promised I would watch a wrestling match with one and watch the other play Playstation after lunch. I know I don't know a whole heck of a lot about kids, but I'm pretty sure promising them things and then renegging is bad. I could be wrong though. So, I went out to do an errand while they got changed and dry from the pool. An hour later I stopped by again to watch the wrestling show and playstation game. I really have no idea what happened to the time - seriously - but by the time we were done watching wrestling and played a checkers game, it was 7pm.

A day without a ton of adult communication is tiring! I don't think I did all that much, but I was wiped out when I got home. I played with my kids for a while with the new toys I bought them and then settled on the couch to bang through the work I brought home.

I didn't do a lick of homework, but did notice that the professor posted a few grades. Apparently I'm right on track with what his expectations are because I got a great review of my first assignment and an A. I have to read 2 chapters (5 if you count the ones I didn't read last week) and turn in a case study tonight. Then I have to work on my marketing plan and get that turned in by Wed. night. Hopefully I won't have to bring home any more work this week as that assignment is a sizable chunk of my grade and has to be as close to perfect as I can make it.

I completely forgot that I have to finish transferring everything to the new computer. I think I was going to do that yesterday. Oh well. I downloaded the exec file I need for the wireless modem so maybe I can try and do that tomorrow night.

But right now I see a shower in my immediate future. :)


Sunday, August 13, 2006

no plans today

I slept in until 7am, went down for breakfast around 7:30am, bought the paper, and then took a nap. Nice. :)

Surprisingly enough, I don't have much to do today! There's a bunch of stuff I *could* do, and probably will, but I have nothing I *have* to do and it feels great. :) I'll probably do a couple of errands, maybe work on the front lawn (since Renee's husband Chris is insane and had a great time mowing the back lawn yesterday), and probably float in the pool if I get hot enough.

I have a few movies to return, and I'll probably do some homework later so I'm not all stressed out about it during the week. I also brought some work home with me so I'll hit that later too.

So there's stuff to do I suppose, but nothing urgent or crazy. What a great day! :)


Saturday, August 12, 2006

time for bed

The day started at 6am and I'm thankful that it's time for bed right now. :) I'm also thankful that I don't have to go to flyball practice tomorrow. Being on my feet most of the day did not help the foot that got the shot the other day (forgot to tell you about that - but Ellin clued me in on why I couldn't sleep the other day - a few shots of cortisone [steroids] will vamp you up a bit). Anyway, today was the BBQ and we had a good time. The kids were (I think) getting tired by the time they left. They played in the yard, swam, ate, blew bubbles, ate, swam, played, colored, and played the whole day. I cooked 400 pounds of food ( 3 types of steak tips, steaks, 3 kinds of chicken, portabellas, kielbasa, and hot dogs), went swimming, floated with Skootchie in the pool for about 30 seconds until she heard a squeaky toy, and sat around talking.

The ladder got attached today with the help of my neighbor (I really do have the best neighbors in the world), I sanded down the edges of the deck, got everything marinated, got some bubbles and a few toys for the kids for the pool. I moved the pile of scrap wood to outside the fence, got the deck somewhat situated (I really need to buy a new umbrella), got all of the laundry done, did my homework, and picked up a bit all before 11am. Then I started cooking and it seemed like it was for hours. :) I jumped in the pool after that and had something to eat. Then it was relaxing and fun after that.

I called Cindy to let her know we weren't having practice around 8pm after Renee & crew and Angelica & crew left for the night. Then I put my feet up and watched a movie - it was a chick flick and of course I cried. So now it's time for bed and I'm pretty darn happy about that. :)

Hopefully I'll sleep in tomorrow but I doubt it. I think I'll treat myself for breakfast in the morning - head to the end of the street with a book and have a leisurely breakfast. Sounds good to me. :)


Friday, August 11, 2006


Got an additional 2 hours of sleep. Whoop-dee-doo.

It's going to be a long ass day.

To do list:
work the job
scoop the poop
cut the lawn
chemical the pool
shop the food
marinate the meat
clean the deck
tidy the place
do the homework (ugh)
sleep the sleep

But first I need to shit, shower, and shave (so to speak).


it's 2:12am

and I have no idea a) why I'm up and b) why I can't get back to sleep. I figured I'd mess around on the computer for a while until I get tired again. I've been up for 45 mins so I'm hoping it's soon.

I started doing some flyball stuff to pass the time, catch up on email, update the spreadsheet, etc. but Office is having none of it. I'm torn between reinstalling on this PC for a couple of days or just saying screw it and waiting until the new PC is up and running. I'm leaning towards the screw it side as I did connect into work and start the repair process (and got most of the way done) until my router decided to go fzzzt and drop all of my connections. I really think I have to replace that with one that is more reliable. Cnet here I come.

We're starting to work on sponsors for our December flyball tournament. Renee, Cindy, & Paula have companies signed up already. Way cool dude. This will likely be one of the biggest flyball tournaments of the region due to the governing body having their annual general meeting in conjunction with our tournament. Oh, I just thought of another sponsor. :) If anyone out there would like to sponsor our team, definitely send me an email (gottalovedogs111atgmaildotcom) and let me know. It's relatively cheap and would help us out tremendously!!

I'm going bigtime with company sponsors - I have calls/emails/packages into Vitamin Water, New Balance, Dog Sport Magazine, & Wilson so far. I'm not sure if it'll work, but I'm willing to try. I really think we'll have mostly local businesses as sponsors though since most companies aren't all that involved sponsor-wise in dog sports. Fingers crossed.

Well, it's almost 3am and I'm sitting here thinking of more sponsors - which I'm guessing doesn't go hand in hand with falling back to sleep - so I'm gonna head off to bed.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

working from home

I'll be working from home today. I have 2 appts. I have to go to and it's easier coming back here in between vs. heading into Bedford. Work has been insane this week and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down all that much between now and October. So yes, I will really be working from home today and not "working from home".

I went to PT after work and did well there. I stopped for a steak caesar wrap on the way home at a place I haven't tried before, it was really good. :) It's a subshop/deli type of thing located inside a convenience store that also has a mini-Dunkin Donuts. Totally bizarre set up but very convenient. I'll be going back there on Friday to pick up some marinated chicken for Saturday's cookout. It looks like it will be the coolest day of the week - great time to have a BBQ/poolparty. :) I'm pretty sure the kids won't care. I'm hoping my Dad can bring me the parts I need to attach the stairs to the new deck tonight or tomorrow night. I really need to do that before Saturday so the kids don't have to walk the rim of the pool to get to them. :)

While eating dinner, I watched the latest "Rescue Me" that Tivo so thoughtfully captured for me. I don't think it's a show for everyone, but boy am I a fan of it. I've always like Dennis Leary and he does a phenomenal job on the show. The had previews for the new World Trade Center movie during the commercials. I'm not so sure I can see that in public. If you stop to think of everything that happened, it's beyond comprehension and extremely overwhelming both logically and emotionally. I can't believe it's been 5 years....

After that I started on homework and actually got through it in a short amount of time. I'm not sure if what I passed in is what the professor is looking for tho' as he doesn't give a lot of detail in his assignments. I suppose it would be too hopeful to think he leaves them vague on purpose so anything that fits the bill is appropriate. ;) I'll certainly find out when I get my grades. I'm pretty sure I'll be working well into the night tonight so there won't be any homework for me today. At some point today I have to figure out how to attach the vacuum to the pool. :)

That's about it for me! If my IM is away, I'm at an appt today. :)


Wednesday, August 9, 2006

yeah right

I wrote: " I have a mini-e-Business proposal due Wed. and I'll start that tonight so I'm not up against the clock again come Wed. night."

hahahahahaha! :) Yeah, that didn't get done. What actually happened? I decided to start transferring everything on my old computer to the new computer so I could get that working. That took the whole night and is still not finished because I can't find the setup disk for my wireless router. Maybe I'll focus on that Sunday. Saturday I'm having a BBQ so that's out.

So I came home to a really clean house yesterday! Absolutely worth $50 and I'll be passing her number out. :) She even did the dishes! What a saint. :) I was even able to see the top of my desk if you can believe that (I couldn't). I can't see it now but that's due to having 2 monitors, CPUs, etc., etc. Once I get everything transferred, this PC is going to my sister to replace her 500 year old monster. She's not going to know what to do when she clicks on something and it goes there automatically. ;)

Around 8pm Millie & I took a walk down to Friendly's to get an ice cream. I got some peanut butter concoction and she got a small vanilla softserve. :) I usually get 2 different reactions when I take her there for ice cream - either everyone loves her and they get a kick out of her eating ice cream, or I've mortally offended them for bringing a dog to the outside ice cream window. I'm usually less than pleased with the 2nd reaction. Thankfully last night was the 1st. :) She's so well behaved that I seriously can't understand the 2nd one. She's on a leash, outside, sitting by my side, not sniffing anyone inappropriately. How could anyone be pissed off at that?

Anyway, so tonight I have to seriously get down and dirty on my homework, maybe start looking for that damn disk and go to PT. The fun never stops. :)


Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Boy do I need to get back into the swing of things for school! I had an assignment due last night that I didn't even look at until 7:30pm. I quickly found out that I should have looked at it a *lot* earlier! Ah well. I did put together my analysis for a fake company and got it finished by 10:15pm. I have a mini-e-Business proposal due Wed. and I'll start that tonight so I'm not up against the clock again come Wed. night.

It's hard to get back in the swing of things after so much time off. I'm glad I had it but I'm thinking it may not be a good thing to take anymore time off between degrees. If I keep up with it and don't stop, everything is a lot easier. But, if I hadn't taken that time off, I certainly would've failed this class due to all of the planned time off and then the flood.

So, this is my last class in order to get my certificate in web design. After that, I'm continuing on to my Assoc. I think I only have 7 classes until that's complete. That puts graduation around next summer or so - depending on whether or not they offer each class I need each quarter.

So I really didn't do all that much yesterday - went to PT, grabbed something to eat, and dived right in to homework. Today looks to be much of the same without the PT.

Although I do have someone coming by today to help me with the housework while my right hand is out of commission. Not that I was ever any good at it to begin with, but I'm much worse one-handed. She should be hear momentarily so it's time for the kids to eat their breakfast and me to get ready for the day. :)



Boy do I need to get back into the swing of things for school! I had an assignment due last night that I didn't even look at until 7:30pm. I quickly found out that I should have looked at it a *lot* earlier! Ah well. I did put together my analysis for a fake company and got it finished by 10:15pm. I have a mini-e-Business proposal due Wed. and I'll start that tonight so I'm not up against the clock again come Wed. night.

It's hard to get back in the swing of things after so much time off. I'm glad I had it but I'm thinking it may not be a good thing to take anymore time off between degrees. If I keep up with it and don't stop, everything is a lot easier. But, if I hadn't taken that time off, I certainly would've failed this class due to all of the planned time off and then the flood.

So, this is my last class in order to get my certificate in web design. After that, I'm continuing on to my Assoc. I think I only have 7 classes until that's complete. That puts graduation around next summer or so - depending on whether or not they offer each class I need each quarter.

So I really didn't do all that much yesterday - went to PT, grabbed something to eat, and dived right in to homework. Today looks to be much of the same without the PT.

Although I do have someone coming by today to help me with the housework while my right hand is out of commission. Not that I was ever any good at it to begin with, but I'm much worse one-handed. She should be hear momentarily so it's time for the kids to eat their breakfast and me to get ready for the day. :)


Monday, August 7, 2006


Well, I managed to get a few things done yesterday...nothing that was on my list though. ;) Dad & I figured how to secure the stairs to the deck but the pool store didn't have the parts in stock. He'll pick them up from work today for me. Hopefully I'll even get them this week! lol

I built the benches that I bought for the firepit. I did get sandpaper for the sander. I also went swimming - a lot. :) Since I had Dad there to help me out, I figured it was a good time to see what the kids would do in the pool. Boy was *that* hilarious! Skootchie immediately, and quite quickly, swims towards the edge to get out. I put her on my shoulder (like how you'd burp a baby) and she was cool with that. She was also very happy with laying on my chest & stomach while I was on a float. I can see us doing a lot more of that - it'll be our special thing. ;)

We tried to entice Freddie into jumping in but he wasn't having any of that. I bought these floating balls to play with him in the pool. I figured he'd jump right in after them. Nope. I'm not sure how much swimming Freddie's actually done. He has a great hackney which he somehow brings to swimming. He splashes a lot and doesn't quite understand that I have him. It was only his first time so I'm sure he'll get used to it. :) He did, however, get stuck between the banisters of the deck after we took him out but left the balls in the pool - big mistake. I'll have to cut down on of the banisters to put up there. I was going to do it yesterday right when it happened, but my b-i-l took my circular saw, which I noticed when I went to get it. :)

Getting Millie into the pool was very interesting. I though for sure she'd just jump in since she's jumped off of decks and everything. Nope. She was slowly gaining courage, and she really wanted to come to me in the pool, but nope. So, I helped her in and she swam for a bit. She also didn't realize I had her. Getting her out of the pool was that much more interesting as she wouldn't stop kicking her legs. I'm hoping once the stairs are in place she'll be able to use them. She did manage to rake the crap out of my legs in her attempt to jump out of the water. :)

Pacie doesn't even like to go in the kiddie pool, so we didn't even bother to attempt to get him in the big pool. Maybe someday.

So after hours of swimming, eating, and birdwatching, Dad & Betsy took off. I grabbed Skootchie and went to float in the pool for a while. Glen, Elissa, & Eek came up to pick up Neutron. Glen looked a the stairs he's going to replace for me and told me what wood to buy. I'll do that in the next couple of weeks.

After everyone was gone, the kids and I cuddled on the couch for a bit before heading to bed. We all slept very soundly. :) I forgot how tired playing in the water can make you. No wonder why parents love it when their kids go swimming!


Sunday, August 6, 2006

7am and a few things done...

The water has been tested, the pool has been shocked, my homework for the day is done, and I put together the automatic vacuum. I was going to leave it in while at flyball, but there are some connections to the return feed I need to figure out first. Looks like I'll me manually vacuuming the pool today. :)

I'd like to return all the extra wood and nails to Home Depot today. I think Gary's coming up with the stone since he didn't make it yesterday. I also think I have to go to Home Depot to pick up the border stones, but we'll see. It would be very nice if he was willing to throw the wood in the back of the truck to take it up there. We'll see - I think it all depends on timing. I have to pick up sand paper to smooth out the curved, cut edges of the deck - I told him I'd do that part so he could take off yesterday.

Dad's coming up at some point today - I'll call him on my way home from flyball to see when. I don't know if my brother is coming up as well, I should ask him but he's not online. Heck, he's probably not even home yet.

But it's time to go run around with the boys. :)


Saturday, August 5, 2006

it's done :)

I wrote earlier:

"Today I get to move all the wood for the firepit (which still doesn't have an official place to live because of the pool), vacuum the pool (not me, the automatic thingy), do the dishes (yes the same ones), clean off the filing cabinet (also known as the kitchen table), sweep & wash all of the floors, pull out all of the weeds near the filter (so I can find it without touching anything that I'm allergic to - which is everything these days), hopefully mow the grass (if my neighbor lets me use his mower since mine is still down and out for the count), submit my homework (once I find out what it is and read the 3 chapters I need to), and float in the pool. :)"

Out of that huge list, I moved the wood for the firepit... yeah, that's it! I was the little helper when it came to the deck and running to Home Depot 5 times for various things. Yep, 5 times. But, I did learn how to fit a 12' piece of 2x6 into the van and still close the doors. ;)

I didn't vacuum the pool because they were sawing out there and I didn't see the point until they were done. I wasn't home long enough to do the dishes, clean off the table, do my homework, or clean the floors because of the billion HD trips. I couldn't pull the weeds near the filter because I was in their way (I did attempt that one). My neighbor's mower wouldn't start so they went to get a spark plug for it, oh... about 7 hours ago and they haven't come back yet. :) So the lawn didn't get cut.

I did swim for a bit while they took a break to eat and to get a few things that fell into the pool while they were working. :) I also managed to blow up one of the floats and after they left, float around for 5 mins.

It's been a busy day and I'm dead on my feet even though I didn't do any of the really hard work. :) But, now I'm going to go relax on the deck (looking at the beautiful new extension) and do my homework. I guess there will be no going out for me tonight - bummer.

But I have a deck extension now! Woohoo!


perfect timing...

So my brother in law sent me to Home Depot this morning to get a couple of small things he forgot to tell me about. I felt like a typical girl trying to find the specific nails he needed for the nail gun he had. So, I asked for help, which I usually don't need, but don't have a problem doing.

As I was driving home, I was behind the truck that had my lumber on it. :) He stopped on the side of the road to look for directions and I told him to follow me - what perfect timing! My b-i-l pulled up about 10 minutes after me. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. :)

So the deck railings are being demolished as I type. Woohoo!! He thinks he'll be able to finish it in one day too so that's just an extra special bonus! I moved all the firepit wood and did most of the weeding down in that area. I have to take a trip soon and pick up that no weed stuff to put under the rocks and around the filter so it doesn't become a jungle. You know under the deck is a place I *never* visit. ;)

I'm sure I'll have updates later!


it's Saturday :)

I'm so glad this week is over! Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I wanted to grab a drink walking in the door. Between work and school - Ugh. Calgon take me away...

Anyway, I did manage to get a truckload of wood ordered to be delivered today. I have to call my b-i-l when it arrives so he can start on the extension. The delivery of the rocks for around the pool are coming either today or Sunday. Joe can't come up this weekend, but he's hoping to come up soon.

Today I get to move all the wood for the firepit (which still doesn't have an official place to live because of the pool), vacuum the pool (not me, the automatic thingy), do the dishes (yes the same ones), clean off the filing cabinet (also known as the kitchen table), sweep & wash all of the floors, pull out all of the weeds near the filter (so I can find it without touching anything that I'm allergic to - which is everything these days), hopefully mow the grass (if my neighbor lets me use his mower since mine is still down and out for the count), submit my homework (once I find out what it is and read the 3 chapters I need to), and float in the pool. :)

Tomorrow I have more homework (again, once I know what it is), flyball practice (I think), Neutron is going home (not sure when yet), a small BBQ (Dad's coming up), the delivery of the rocks (if it doesn't happen today), and the new computer setup (almost done, just gotta transfer stuff and plug it in).

I'm probably forgetting a bunch of things (what else is new), but I'll deal with them as they come.

Oh, and I have another addendum to the Pool Rules:

1) No glass beyond the pool gate
2) No peeing in the pool
3) Want to swim? - bring food and beer
4) Children must be accompanied and watched by an adult other than me
5) Children are not allowed on the deck without some sort of flotation device strapped to their body.

Thanks to Renee for keeping safety in mind, Holly for the beer addendum, and Paula for the child accompanied by an adult part. :)

Now I need coffee so I can get this party started. :)


Friday, August 4, 2006

rules for the pool addendum

2 new additions to the rules...

1) No glass beyond the pool gate
2) No peeing in the pool
3) Want to swim? - bring food and beer
4) Children must be accompanied and watched by an adult other than me

Anymore you can think of? :)



Yesterday was another hellish day at work. It was totally frustrating due to my application blowing up yet again. Everybody was pitching in trying to find out what was going wrong. So it wasn't just my day that was wasted, it was the majority of my groups day as well. After literally working on it all day long (not one other thing got accomplished...), we finally figured it out.

Surprisingly enough, there's absolutely *nothing* wrong with my application. Woohoo! It was a data issue - missing data in an effectively dated, required field. Son of a bitch. :) So, today will be spent meeting with the people that are supposed to enter that data reiterating the importance of it being entered.

On the home front, I brought my water down to the pool place for it to be tested after work. It's nice because they give you this whole sheet on how much of what to add to get it into spec. Cool beans. :) After adding a couple of pounds of chemicals last night, another pound and a half this morning, adding shock and turning on the chlorinator, my levels are right where they are supposed to be.

I was planning on going for a dip when I got home, but it had cooled down by 20+ degrees by the time I got here. That figures. ;) But, I figured it was a good time to get the chemicals in within torturing myself so that's what I did. I have 3 chapters to read for school, so I don't think I'll be using the big new pool after work. This weekend however, I'll be floating away I believe.

I did talk to Joe yesterday and he's going to see if he can come up on Saturday. I think that's when my b-i-l will also be coming up to start the deck so hopefully they won't be in each other's way. Of course, now that I've said that, neither of them will show up! ;)

Time to check school stuff and then head out to work...


Thursday, August 3, 2006

almost done...

For some unholy reason I was up at 3am this morning. So, I decided to turn the water on to get a few more hours of filling time in. I was sure it would be over-filled if I left it on overnight. When I got up this morning, it's about 3" below the middle of the skimmer basket - right where it should be. So, I don't have too much farther to go.

I'll shut the water off before leaving for work and turn it back on when I get home. I'll be able to turn the filter on and then that's when the real work will start - trying to get the chemicals right in the pool without burning everyone's eyes out in the meantime. Should be fun.

But because I was up at 3am, I'm now running late (surprise) and have to jet. I'm hoping I'll be able to take a dip and float around but there might be thunderstorms and the pool isn't grounded yet so I'm not going near it if there are storms around. I'm playing phone tag with Joe but I'm still hoping he'll be able to come up this weekend and ground it. Oh, he has to add an outlet too so I can plug in my light and the pool alarm. :)


Wednesday, August 2, 2006

feelin' better

Ok, so the irony of the situation still hasn't left me but I'm feeling better about it.

I went into the pool to put the mat under the stairs so they wouldn't scratch the liner. I was able to kneel and be neck high in the water. It was actually so refreshing I'm still pretty cooled off by it. :)

After I did the mat, I floated around for a bit, swam for a bit, and played around for a bit. As I said, I'm still pretty cooled off from it so it was really nice. :)

Now I'm going to bed.


Are you f'ing kidding me?!?!!?

I could not be more pissed off by my neighbor's "good intentions" right now if you paid me. Everyone on the street knows I got a pool installed. Everyone on the street knows I'm slowly filling it up with the hose. So what does my well-intentioned neighbor do while she's at my house looking at my Phlox plants?


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I lost 7 hours of filling up the goddamn pool. I'm going into the stupid pool anyway but MY GOD! Where is her freakin' common sense?!!?! SERIOUSLY!!!!


Don't call, I'm beyond freakin' cranky right now.



115 degree heat index today. Wow.

I'm debating throwing Millie into the bedroom with the air conditioning all day. I know she'll be completely and utterly miserable being stuck in a room, but I don't feel comfortable leaving her in the heat of the house. I just hope she doesn't eat my books, or my shoes, or the bedding, or the dresser. Sigh. I'll have to stuff a few kongs with stuff to keep her busy. I think I'll leave work early today as well so I can see how she's doing. Yeah, I didn't think I'd fool you on that one - it's to go swimming as well. ;)

But, the pool is UP! It's filled about 1/2 way now after leaving the hose on overnight. I'll leave the hose on while I'm at work too so it can be close to done when I get home. The first thing I'm doing after letting the dogs out is changing into a swimsuit and jumping in! Holy crap I can't even believe I now own a pool.

I spoke to my brother-in-law last night about extending the deck and he said he'd do it. I have a few ideas on how to do it - I definitely want it gated off from the dogs, so I'll probably ask that the existing banister sections stay where they are and one of them become a gate that I can lock. I really don't need anyone dying while I'm not here.

Which brings me to a thought I had yesterday. I don't want people swimming by themselves without anyone else there for safety reasons. Good idea, but I don't know how to apply it to myself! I would prefer to have someone around as well. It's only 4' 4" but you never know what could happen. So, I have to figure that one out before too long. Maybe people will just start wandering in from the street to swim and then I won't have to break my own rule. ;)

A few other rules, which I'll post once the deck extension is done:

1) No glass beyond the pool gate
2) No peeing in the pool
(I really can't believe I have to write that since most people I know are adults but that's just gross and I don't want it happening)
3) Want to swim? - bring food
(I know all too well how things get started and I can't afford to stock up my freezer for just in case situations)

Anyone have any more suggestions? :)


Tuesday, August 1, 2006

a lot of boxes

I had no idea getting a pool would include having a billion boxes. Ok, not a billion, but way more than I thought! I hadn't really thought of how everything is packaged before I went to pick everything up. There are a billion boxes, but it seems inconceivable that an entire pool is in all of them. Weird.

Anyway, Chris & his parents met me at the pool store with the truck so I could bring everything home. It might've all fit in the minivan if it was empty, but there's a ton of shit in there so that wasn't really possible. They drove the truck straight into the back yard and unloaded everything against the fence so it's not in the way of the workers, but close enough for them to get to it all.

After that I started taking stuff out of the past and future pool area - the fire pit, fire pit tools, dog jumps, wheel barrel, etc., etc. I still need to get the wood out of that area, but I'm hoping there will be a few young strapping guys to help me do that - especially with me all gimpy right now - picking stuff up is not as easy as it used to be.

I started working way earlier than normal this morning since I didn't have to deal with the commute and all. I actually forgot to blog until just now, so I'm taking a little break to fill you in on the time frame. Gary should be dropping off the sand any moment now and Al plus crew should be here within the next 1/2 hr or so. I'm so excited I could scream.

Ok, back to work but I hope to have an update later this afternoon...