Sunday, March 29, 2009


Seriously, what the F*%# is wrong with people?!

I logged in to check email and this news article is on the first page -

And people wonder why I like my dogs better than people most of the time?!?

It just eludes me.


Friday, March 27, 2009

I'd like to Introduce....

Tweak's Tugs!

I'm done! It's done! Good lord am I freakin' tired. :p

If I wasn't so tired right now I'd probably have a feeling of relief, excitement and maybe even a little bit proud. Tomorrow I'll feel that way instead of the profound and all encompassing exhaustion I have now. ;)

I'm relying on all of you - every single one of you - to go take a look, poke around and let me know what you think. I've been looking at it non-stop for weeks and weeks so I can't really tell the difference between one thing and the other. :p There are a few quirky things that are on the list of things to fix, like the zip code coming before the state but I could always use your help to find more.

As if the website being live wasn't enough excitement, there are a few pet supply stores, local to me, that are considering carrying my tugs and one store that has already agreed! Dodge Grain in Salem, NH is the first store to agree to carry my products! Yay! After speaking with the owner earlier this week, I came away with an order for 6 tugs. I went by there today to drop off his order and drop off a pricing sheet and by the time I left I had another order for 14 tugs. I was jumping up and down earlier when I had some energy. ;)

Right now, I just need to get the word out. I have a list of sites I'm going to request a link to but if you can think of any others, send them along. Other than that, tell your friends! If you have a friend that has a dog, please pass the site along to them. If you have a website, add a link to the site. If you have small pet supply stores in your area, send me their name and address so I can visit them.

I know I'm asking a lot, especially if you don't know me personally but I can't put into words just how much I would appreciate any help! Word of mouth is the *best* way to advertise it so really, I just need you to talk about it. :)

I need to go pass out now. I'll blog tomorrow about some other really cool things that have happened or will happen with the site.

Don't forget - ;)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

months of updates...

Ok, not months because I just don't have the memory capacity for that but it's still an update.

I am soooooo close to getting the site live it's not even funny. Expect to see a Woohoo!! post within the next week. I can't even begin to explain what a pain in the ass this process has been but I'll summarize.

I hired a couple of consultants to help me figure out some weird stuff. The first consultant helped identify a corrupt install of the CMS & shopping cart. I thought that was all set and was ready to customize it to how I wanted. Some of the things I wanted I didn't have the programming skills to do myself. I don't write PHP so I hired another consultant to help with that. I got scammed - hard. After a day and a half of getting it the way I wanted, the consultant deleted *everything* off of my server claiming I needed yet *another* re-install.

ARGH!!! Not only did he delete all of the store stuff, he deleted my mail, my databases, my private files - everything. I could barely log in and called my hosting company, literally, in tears. *Thankfully* they had a backup that was just 2 hours old and put everything back where it was. Whew!

Nothing in life is perfect, however, and I ended up needing to re-install the CMS & shopping cart *again* - of course losing ALL of the customizations I had just paid the consultant to do. Fucker.

I seriously considered tossing my hat in and calling it a day with the website at this point. Thankfully my stubbornness turned into a boon and I started from scratch, again, determined to get it up and running come hell or high water - both things I have experience with and have overcome. ;)

No consultants this time, just me. I re-installed everything and got it all up and running, cleanly, not corrupted and customized!

Right now there's a blank page hiding the real deal. As soon as the photographer takes pictures of the remaining examples I gave her yesterday, the site will be live. I'm sure you can imagine the kind of happy dance I'll be doing once that happens!!

I have a list of sites I need to contact to see if they'll link to me, I have a bunch of places to visit to see if they'll sell my product. I have a few other designs in the works that need to be dog tested (any takers?) I have more supplies to order, customizations to make to the notification emails (because they're butt ugly), but all of that can be done after the site goes live.

Can you see what's been taking up my time lately? Hopefully it'll be worth it. :)

I plan on sending emails to every person I know - word of mouth advertising is everything. Even if you don't plan on using them, spread the word!

There will be a big sigh of relief when I can actually do other stuff (besides looking for a job - I've been doing that the whole time too).

Of course I'll launch the site live and will cry my eyes out when I don't get an order that first day. :p

Enough of that - I'll look forward to as much feedback as you care to give - both good and bad - when it goes live so *please* don't be shy and leave comments!

The kids are doing well. Millie gets more and more creaky every day so I've ordered some supplements that will be good for her and the other kids. The puppy is growing big! He's such a sweetheart and is a lot of fun to play with, until his distracted mind notices the wall or something. He'll get it - I hear it takes a little longer with the mixes.

Freddie has gone up in the flyball Miniature Pinscher ratings and is the 3rd Min Pin in the sport, for now. I say for now because monthly tourney season is about to hit and I'm sure the younger dogs will soon whup his ass in points. I take every victory I can get with my 10 yo man.

I had to take a picture of Tweak for her animal actor portfolio and it came out *awesome*! I guess there's a very specific shot they use and I was pretty darn close to it. A dog food company is looking for a pair of Border Collies for a commercial next month and she's one of the dogs being submitted for the job. Fingers crossed she gets it because the household could use the extra money!

Let's see - we're heading to a flyball tourney in PA the 1st weekend in April, Millie, Tweak and I will be returning as the Tricks demo for the Mass School of Law's Animal Rights day in April. I'm working with Tweak on some new moves for freestyle and hope to be able to go for some private training in April as well. I also hope to get her herding again very soon.

The boys (Freddie & Pacie) had another photo shoot with Pet Edge for their catalog this month. Can't wait to see what comes out of that.

I know I've mentioned this service before but I just have to rave about it again - Freecycle! My bread machine died and I was able to pick up another one from someone who doesn't ever use it. Today I'm meeting with some people to grab a crib/toddler mattress that they no longer need. Millie needs the extra support for those creaky bones! I went to one of those baby stores and couldn't believe the mattresses were like $60-$80! A lot for a dog bed. But, we're getting one for free today and, most importantly, keeping it out of a landfill for a while longer.

Since the site stuff has slowed down, I'm spending the weekend getting my house in order - dishes done, floors swept and washed, shit put away, pictures hung, etc. I guess my spring cleaning has started. I *hate* cleaning but like how everything looks when it's done. I'm even aiming to be able to see the kitchen table today!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Millie on SNL..

I was trying to find this video and couldn't. I could've sworn I added it here! I'm probably too tired or too stupid to find it. Anyway, here's Millie on SNL last year.

Millie's 1.5 seconds of fame on Saturday Night Live 9/29/2008

I'm going to bed. Will *try* to write more frequently. :)