Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The last couple of days at work have been killer. I'm glad they're over and sad that they will eventually reappear in the next couple of weeks.

I had a vendor coming in from Canada to give us a demonstration on software we might be interested in purchasing. I got everything set up: getting them into the building, finding and setting up meeting rooms for both days, setting up the meetings that were going to happen in said meeting rooms, directions and hotel information to the vendor, permission to bring foreign nationals on site, lunch for the 5 hour demonstration and calls to multiple technology departments. It took a whole day of me doing nothing but and in the end, the vendor got sick and had to reschedule. Man!!

So I got everything canceled yesterday and will reschedule everything again for next week. Ah well.

I got into the pool after work yesterday! 2nd time this year and it's only the end of July. September better be a hot non-rainy month! A friend came over to swim for a while and hang out. He helped skim the pool while I was vacuuming and then, when the top step cracked, helped me take that off and reattach the stairs. I don't know if they sell that piece separately or not but I'll have to figure something out. We went out for dinner and hung out here after. It was a good, relaxing way to decompress after the last 2 days.

I have a home coming to look at the puppy tomorrow night. I have to get the others listed online after I take their pictures. I got a call about two more that need to be placed but I need to wait until one of the rescues and Neutron go home. I'm hoping I can place Reco soon as Tweak just does not like him and will herd him while baring teeth the entire day. I'm trying to capture the behavior and put a smile cue on it. It's just a little harder to click and treat with 8 dogs bounding up to you for a cookie at the same time.

I read that MA might allow gay non-residents to marry here - the law was appealed and is now in the Governor's hands. One more step in allowing all people to be treated the same way. Good for us. :)

Oh! The photo shoot went really well! Donna got a ton of pictures of Tweak, Freddie, Millie & Pedro doing various things. I can't wait to see the proofs! I'll post the link once they're up.

Tonight I'm going to attempt to clear coat the bookcase. I know, don't faint. It's taken me months to get to it but it's really on the list of things to do today. :) Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll actually be able to get it done.

We'll see you tomorrow - same bat time, same bat channel.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Disc Doggin'

Tweak & I went disc doggin' today. I'm not sure if that's an *actual* term or not, but I'll be using it to describe competing in Distance/Accuracy and/or disc freestyle from now on. It just kinda fits.

We didn't get to compete in freestyle today, unfortunately. We could've, but the only division offered was Super Pro freestyle and that we certainly ain't!!! They only offered 2 divisions for Distance/Accuracy too - Novice and Super Pro - which is kinda sad. I wish they'd offer an in between one as well but they say there aren't enough people for it. I think Tweak and I are past Novice but not yet ready (in the least!!) for Super Pro.

Anyway, we took 1st again in Novice, which is cool as we got the most points we ever got in D/A to date. The big accomplishment of the day was my 40 yard throw! It was the first time I hit 40 yards and Tweak jumped up to catch it making it a 4.5 point throw! Here's a picture of the Eastern Nationals trophy we got:

Pretty snazzy, huh?

Once I got home I brought a water sample to the pool store, again, and got directions for how to make it clear and un-green, again. I wonder how many of the employees that pass out advice actually *have* a pool and have tried all of the things they tell people to do. I'm guessing not many...

Before I started adding chemicals, I went in it to brush the walls and floor. But before I did that, I brought Tweak in to the water with me. I thought a disc would get her diving in to it but no such luck. So I brought her in with me and held her so she could get used to the swimming motion. She managed to put 2 holes in my swimsuit and she was clinging to me for dear life the whole time, but we managed. I let her swim to the stairs so she'd know where they are and let her get out. Then I started teasing her with the disc to come to the stairs, then stand on the top perch, then put her front feet on the top stair, etc., etc. Overall I was happy with the amount of progress we made. She'll be swimming by the end of the summer if I have anything to say about it!

When I was coming back in the house, all of the dogs were standing at the door waiting for me so I took a picture. :) Missing from the photo are Freddie, Kona and Pedro but you get the idea.

Tomorrow morning Millie, Freddie, Tweak and I are heading over to Donna's house to take pictures for a training book she's shooting. I'm probably going to bring the puppy since she needs some puppy shots too. That will be a lot of fun! After that we're heading to flyball practice and then home for me to work on a website. As always, a busy day.


Friday, July 25, 2008

RIP Randy Pausch

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose "last lecture" about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation and a best-selling book, died Friday. He was 47. more...
I didn't have very much to say today anyway, but this trumps whatever garbage I would've given you.

If you haven't seen his lecture, I highly recommend taking 10 minutes and watching the video below.

If, for some unknown reason, the video doesn't play, search YouTube for "Randy Pausch last lecture".

RIP Randy. I wish your family the best.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taking a step back...

...with Tweak in flyball. So sad, but sooo necessary.

So I finally got a chance to go through the pictures that were taken at the tournament... oh. my. god.

Her box was *awful*! Not even close to kidding kind of awful!

I think it's because she doesn't have a lot of experience running full speed with props but who knows. So that's it - she's out!

Not out entirely, she'll do warm up with full props but she won't run without them. This will also allow us to remove the where-is-the-other-dog pondering she's doing *while in the lane* thing.

The last thing I want to do is rush her and it's very clear that she doesn't quite have the muscle memory for her job yet. So, back to training only and we'll take it from there.

What kills me is that her box looks *sweet* at home.... she just doesn't have the 60 feet to gain speed here like she does at a tournament.


In other news, all of the rescues are fitting in quite nicely. I have to work tonight (at home) but I'll try to upload some pictures and get them listed online. I have limited time before they're included in the dog watching while I'm away and I'm really, really hoping that doesn't have to happen!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where to start...

Two flyball weekends in a row make for a tired Dawn, that's for sure! The pups were nice and tired as well, which is always a good thing.

Freddie ran ok on Sunday. I'm not sure what was up with him but for the last race of the day (and the last race with WW) he dropped the ball before the line - twice I think. It could be that he was just really tired due to racing the weekend before, the extremely hot weather and the number of races there was over the weekend. Everyone looks forward to a lot of racing but doing it is another thing completely!

Tweak lost her little mind in the middle of the day Sunday. She crossed over a couple of times and was pulled immediately. Yeah, that's not acceptable at all. She realized that she was racing this weekend as well. She stopped on her way up the lane a couple of times during warm ups to wonder where the dog in the other lane was. I'm glad that she's getting it, she's starting to understand the game.

Her return to me is killer so now I have to work on her go out since it's not nearly as strong. It seems I'm always training, training, training with her! Her best time this weekend was a 4.0something. That's 2 full seconds faster than Freddie. Michelle's Grit ran a 3.7 which takes the pressure off of me to have a sub 3.8 dog. :D I can say that I'm really happy with that!

This coming weekend I have a disc competition in Wrentham. I'm looking forward to it because I've been so immersed in flyball lately that this will change it up a bit. I think they're doing toss & fetch and freestyle at this one so I'll have to try my hardest not to forget my routine yet again. I bought a vaulting vest from Kerrie this past weekend so now I can start training her for back vaults and not worry about being scarred for life. :p Her and I need to practice *sometime* this week!

I have 3 rescues in foster right now - Kona, a 5 yo b/t neutered Min Pin that has some sort of allergy thing going on I think; Pedro, a 2 yo stag red neutered Min Pin that thinks he's king of the world and needs to come down a few notches; and Reco, a 6 month old stag red neutered Min Pin that just wants to play. There's a little bit of training that needs to happen first as at least 2 of them would snap at you without blinking if you tried to pick them up without warning. I'm soooo glad I don't have school right now on top of everything else!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

omg I stink...

I love flyball. :) But boy can it make you stink!

Freddie and Tweak are doing well - I'm happy with each of their performances. Fingers crossed they do it again tomorrow!

For the first time ever, I saw lightning bugs in my yard! I went outside to find Neutron since he wasn't coming in when I called him. He was in the back left corner just standing there. I noticed a glint of light and thought there was a critter in the greenery but the longer I looked the more I saw them. How cool is that? I feel all country like now. :)

Literally, it's time for sleep.


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Friday, July 18, 2008


My last post was titled "Back to Normal...?" and boy did I hit the nail on the head with that one. I have been so busy I barely know whether I'm coming or going. I guess that's as back to normal as I get. :p Wednesday night I picked up my friend's dog so I could watch him while they went to visit family in Kentucky & Ohio. I think I got home around 10:00 or so.

Last night I spent a couple of hours at the MSPCA picking up a few rescues. I was supposed to pick up 2, they actually had 4 and I only came home with 3. A good example of compromising, even if it is with myself!

I definitely have a full house and will probably want to rip my hair out in just a couple of days. It's been a while since I've had a foster tho' so I should be fine for a week or two. So far they seem to be settling in pretty well.

I need to get another crate though, I can't believe that I've run out of crates but I have. I have one super large one in the car and Tweak's travel crate. I'll use both of those for the crating area at the tourney this weekend and will have to load them every night so they have something to travel in. Plus, one of the rescues is in a much smaller than I'd like size. It'll work for a day or two but no longer than that.

The pool is green from my time away and I haven't had time to hit the pool store for chemicals so it will continue to be green until next week. The water temperature is lovely and I'm sure I'll be wishing it wasn't green so I could swim this week/weekend during my down time. (ha! what down time?) I'm hoping I'll be able to get there today but we'll see. Maybe I can hit the store before I head down to CT.

Speaking of which, I'll be in CT and then heading over to Foxboro to help set up for the tourney. I think I'll bring the catalogs with me to CT so I can fold them. I hate driving in CT. :(

I think I'll be able to breathe again next week. That should be fine, right? ;)


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to normal... ?

At least our location is back to normal. We got home Monday night and the kids & I just crashed. I tried going through all of the hundreds of emails I had but was unsuccessful. I did, however, manage to unpack the car.

Yesterday was spent going through the hundreds of work emails I had accumulated. I'm still not 100% sure what's going on but I'm getting there. I have work today, pick up rescues tonight, work tomorrow and will be traveling on Friday. Considering the majority of today will be spent in meetings (I have 6 of them), I highly doubt today will be one of those productive type of days.

The tournament was good! Our Open team took 1st place in it's division so I have another ribbon to hang up (eventually). He's pretty solid that dog o' mine, and a really good boy. :) I think we got between 600 - 700 points for the weekend too - well worth the trip.

Tweak ran a few heats in her first tournament and I didn't even throw up! We were warming her up and Michelle just tossed me in the race so I didn't have time to think about what was actually happening. She did really, really well and I couldn't be happier! I think someone told me there was a time of 4.0 something but I either don't remember or noone got the full time.

I do know that she liked it!! She was jumping up and down, raring to go on Sunday while I was holding her waiting to run. She's a full 2 seconds faster than Freddie. Wow. In a sport where the time is counted to the thousandths of a second, that's a lot!

That does not, in any way, diminish my little man's accomplishments!! He's a very cool dog and will continue to be very cool and somewhat unique in flyball. :)

There's so much more to write but I've run out of time!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

almost there...

We had to take the scenic route because somebody needed to see Niagra Falls.. :/

Through no fault of our own (And I mean Jo'S or my own), we have been delayed by more than an hour. SIGH!


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KItchener here we come!

Joanne and I have all the dogs and are on our way to Canada. Eileen & Linda have all the kids (Wicked big grin) and are behind us in a separate car (Another wicked big grin.)

We should arrive around 6:30pm or so and then it will be time to set up camp.

I love going to flyball tourneys where we camp!

I'll be out of touch until Tuesday so have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Freddie's a killer...

...literally, of little cute bunnies. :(

The other day I let the dogs in and they were all *covered* in blood and stuff. I figured it was a baby bird or twelve that fell out of the nest. Or maybe it was the remains of a field mouse or vole, they usually scamper around. Tonight, however, made me doubt my original thoughts.

It was reallllly quiet outside. Too quiet, actually. Y'see, dogs are like kids - when it's too quiet, they're up to something. So I headed outdoors to see where the new hole to China was. Ha! I wish they were digging a new hole! At least *that* is fixable! Alas, that was not it, not it at all. :(

Millie was on the deck like a good girl, Pacie was busy peeing on everything upright and Freddie & Tweak were against the fence, Freddie with something furry and floppy in his mouth. :( I hope it was at least a quick death for the little guy. Bunnies can die of fright, right? I'd like to think it was instantaneous and not painful. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

I understand that's what dogs do... especially high drive dogs like Freddie and Tweak. Heck, that's the purpose of Freddie's breed! Min Pins are ratters - high prey drive animals that go after and kill smaller animals. That's what they do. I understand it and I'm not angry, I just don't want to find the poor little thing. :(

Thankfully both Freddie & Tweak left the dead, really limp (did I mention dead?), bloody animal alone when I told them to. That was super cool. I scooped the poor little thing up with the pooper scooper. I'd bury it but I know another animal would just dig it up so I left it in an area where it can be food for some other animal. The circle of life and all. Sigh.

I got most of the lawn mowed tonight, after I finished doing all the shopping I needed to for Kitchener. Oh! A weird thing happened when I was leaving the store! There was a car that wasn't parked correctly in the space, it was half in the space, half in the lane just in front of me. When the car didn't move, I went over to see if there was someone in it and there was!

A woman was sleeping or unconscious in the front seat; she was drooling. The windows were open so I said Hello and knocked on the car to get her attention but she didn't wake up. A few people stopped by to see what was going on and someone went to get security while I called the police.

I had a few speculations at this point - she was either sick and needed medical attention or she was drunk or on drugs. I didn't know what else could have someone passed out so solidly. Three of us were standing less than 2 feet away from her talking in louder than normal voices. She didn't wake up until the siren was really close by.

I gave my name and number to the cop when asked, told my little story and went on my merry way. Hopefully it was a good deed and she hadn't done anything that would get her in trouble.

Tomorrow I have to test a production move at 6am. While I'm not looking forward to it, it will give me extra work hours so I won't have to take as much vacation time for my trip to Canada. But that means I'm going to get 6 hours of sleep and that's never a good thing for the people around me!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

two more days...

And then we're off again to Kitchener, Ontario! I was looking at a map of the place it's being held at - there's a go cart section, a water park section and a golf course on this thing!

Not that there's much down time, but there are things to do if we happen to find any during the weekend and there's always Friday! Hopefully the weather will cooperate. :)

So I'm basically catching up on all the things I have to do before taking off. I've gone food shopping, I've picked up the shirts we might wear and I have a bit of laundry to do. I need to douse Millie in skunk-be-gone stuff and bring more with me so she doesn't skunk up the whole trailer. Again. I really need to find the place they're coming in to the yard.

The cats got their shave on this weekend are much happier with less fur. I get a majority of their fur during the first go round, give them some time to get over the trauma of being shaved, then clean them up a bit so they don't look so choppy.

My neighbors are taking care of my hanging plants for me so I won't come back to brown, withered stalks like last year.

I'm bringing my camera to get some shots of camp and the dogs. They won't be nearly as good as Donna's but there's nothing I can really do about that one. :)

Otherwise life is good - blissfully normal (for me) and drama free!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

The best photos *ever*

I know I'm biased because she's my friend. I know it, and I'm ok with that. Regardless, my friend Donna is seriously the best action photographer I know. There may very well be people that are better than her but I haven't seen them.

Go take a look and judge for yourself.

Isn't she just amazing? She blows my mind every single time!

Friday's cookout was really good. I had fun, talked with a lot of the same people I saw last week at Glen & Elissa's, ate good food, had a few beers, laughed, etc., etc. The same stuff anyone does when they're at a cookout with their friends.

Today's cookout was fine. On top of being with my family we got a lot done. My b-i-l replaced the front gate and all of the decking around it. That's been on the to-do list since last spring so it's good that it's finally done.

We put the screen house up too, which will be really nice when I want to sit outside at night and not get eaten alive.

We inadvertently found a hornets nest in a mosquito repellent thing. Since everyone in my family is a huge wimp when it comes to bugs, it was pretty comical to see any of us try and deal with it. My brother was the hero of the day when he brought it up front and sprayed the crap out of it with hornet spray. Out of all the green things I'm trying to do, I'm not sure I can give up bug spray! What would the green way for that? A yellow pages? Not inside a container. I guess I'll have to do a little bit of research on that.

So now I'm exhausted, the dogs are exhaused and it's almost time for bed. :)

Oh, I have a few rescues coming in - I'm trying to work out the timing on it since I'm heading to Canada on Thursday again. I would've loved to have had my brother watch some of the dogs but he's on vacation too. Ah well.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holiday weekend...

I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend. I'm *not*, however, looking forward to all of the cleaning I need to do before said weekend.

I hate cleaning. I mean, hate it with a passion. There are very few times when I don't mind cleaning - enough where I can count them on one hand. I don't mind cleaning the stove top while on the phone - it's something quiet that keeps my hands busy. I don't mind rinsing off the discs after Tweak and I get done dirtying them up. I don't like doing it but I also don't mind changing the sheets on the bed since I get to slide into a nicely made bed with crisp sheets.

That's really about it tho. I hate doing everything else.

I'm heading over to Mario & Cathy's on July 4th for a BBQ. I hope I can remember to charge the camera battery before then. That'll be a rockin' good time I'm sure.

Saturday the family is coming over to celebrate Cal's birthday. Since she doesn't eat very much these days, it's a pretty easy menu - burgers, pasta salad, and fruit. Easy enough! I'm hoping to get the stairs in the pool before then but thats probably not gonna happen. I'm also hoping to get the shade/screen house up too. We'll see.

It would be nice if it would stop raining just enough so I can mow the lawn. That would be pretty cool. I've sprayed the weeds and they look like they're wilting. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to wait until they're totally dead before cutting them down? If you know, feel free to share!

The most exciting news of the year? Dog the Bounty Hunter is back on the air in two weeks. I've missed my brain candy and it certainly isn't going to be tough for me see Leland all the time again too. ;)

I have a Border Collie sitting on my head.

It's somewhat difficult to type with a Border Collie on your head, just in case you're wondering.