Monday, May 10, 2010

I am one of those...

It shocked me today to realize that I have turned into one of *those* people. We all know them, tolerate them to a point and avoid them the rest of the time. Well, I've joined the club - instead of pulling out baby pictures and telling people what great new thing little Johnny did, I do it with the dogs.

I'm not actually sure when I turned into one of those people, maybe my friends can help me pin point it sometime. But, as sure as shit, I am one now. Apparently I can't go anywhere or talk to anyone without bringing up some silly thing one of the dogs did. Or I'll start talking about the dogs, then segue over to flyball, which really gets them to yawning.

Crap! When did this happen? Last I knew I could hold a normal conversation with normal people and get along just fine in the world of normal people. Sadly, it looks like that time has passed for me. Bummer dude.

I guess I'll have to be more aware in the future - talk dog stuff with dog people and non-dog stuff with non-dog people. The problem I can foresee is that I do so much dog stuff that I am kind of limited on non-dog stuff knowledge.