Monday, April 28, 2008


Saturday didn't turn out *exactly* as I thought but it wasn't that bad. I did get some yard work done. I did have a relaxing but productive day. I said no George but he stopped by and picked me up for a quick errand. Plus talked on the phone/texted throughout the day. Whatever.

Saturday night was far more interesting than I would've liked. All 4 dogs got skunked on the last potty break of the night. Poor Millie got it so bad I could actually see the spray glistening on her fur and her left eye was closed it was so irritated. I got all the dogs into the bathroom and closed the door. I didn't have anything to clean them with, I couldn't have them rubbing all over the place, it was just a mess. I ran out and bought a boat load of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda after hitting 3 closed stores and hoping 4 dogs stuck together in a tiny bathroom wouldn't rip each other's throats out.

Everyone got baths and the place still stunk. I gave up after bathing everyone because I think it was around 1am. I tossed them all in their crates and went to bed. In the morning I started cleaning after letting the dogs out quickly and tossing them back in their crates. I washed all the floors - twice - with the magic mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. It doesn't work nearly as well as everyone says... at least on floors anyway.

When I let the dogs out the first time, I went out with them. When I let them out the second time, I went out with them. It was a really good thing I did because Millie did her alarm barking, which brought the rest of the gang at a full gallop, when she saw a skunk lying underneath a grill. I was right behind her and was able to call off the pack for the most part. I say for the most part because Freddie completely blew me off the first time and went in for a little death shake of the skunk. The good part was that I was able to pull him off verbally after that. The even better part is that Freddie didn't get shredded by its vicious little claws or skunked yet again, not that it would've made that much of a difference at that point. He didn't get shredded or skunked because the poor little thing was dead. Ugh!

George was on the phone during all of this. It must have sounded pretty hysterical. At this point, I have 4 smelly dogs, a ridiculously smelly house and now a dead skunk. Great.

Needless to say, I spent the entire rest of the day trying various concoctions that didn't work since my house still smells like a skunk.

There was a short respite when George came over - we got a pizza and watched a movie. I was all over throwing the girl card out on that one and leaving it for him but I couldn't let the dogs out while it was still there so I ended up scooping it into a bag while freaking out in the most girly of ways. George had to change his clothes when he got home - he stunk too.

I got up this morning and got ready for work as normal. I decided to work from home after the girl at Dunkin Donuts told me I stunk. Great! So not only do my house and dogs reek, but now I do as well. I should've guessed that from George having to change his clothes but I didn't. I have no idea how long I will stink. I'm hoping not very.

Susan gave me another concoction to try which is on the docket for tomorrow. I worked from home so I wouldn't offend or contaminate the office. I'll be here for the next couple of days I imagine. I should probably consider showering in that concoction... maybe that will help.

Anyone got any advice for me? About how long will my house smell?


Saturday, April 26, 2008

soooo complicated

Most of the time life is very simple for me. There isn't a lot of drama, things pretty much happen the way I want them to, when I want them to. Not always, which is what prevents me from being a totally spoiled brat, but mostly.

The other night Dina and I went out for drinks. We had a lot of catching up to do and she needed me to help a friend of hers with a website. I know we closed the place, I know I had a *lot* to drink, and I know we played pool. I think we lost, even though I actually did well and had a couple of runs of 3 and 4 balls at a time.

The complications started when George started texting me and Dina took my phone. Needless to say, 1/2 hour later we were at Billy's house having yet more beer with George & friends. In the land of shoulda, woulda, coulda, I shoulda stayed home. I woulda saved myself all sorts of hassle, and I coulda been much happier. Clearly, that didn't happen.

So we were hanging out, a lot of which I don't remember, btw. After some time, I remember being in a bedroom with Billy who was trying to kiss me. I remember him saying George said it was ok. I remember getting really, really pissed off at that and leaving the house. I remember starting to walk home. I remember George catching up to me and I remember saying I wasn't his to share out through a voice stressed with tears.

I remember crying. I remember going back to the house and getting Dina. I remember talking to George again but I don't remember what was said. I remember going home. I remember talking to George on the phone, then I passed out.

That's about enough drama to last me the next 5 years of my life. Seriously. That sucked big time.

George came over last night and we talked some more, kinda came to an understanding on our feelings about it, and went out to dinner. Things are a little different between us now, which might be a good thing. I think I need to take a step back and reflect a bit. I think things are so jumbled and twisted that they're on their way to being completely unrecognizable. I don't like that in the least bit so it's time for me to remove myself from the situation and get it all straight in my head.

Today I'm heading back to basics. I have no plans and it's going to stay that way. I'm going to do some yard work, throw the frisbee for the puppy and do some cleaning. I have some research to do online for the business. I want to play with the shrink tubing since George let me borrow his heat gun. I have to find my debit card, which I think is in a pocket somewhere. I need to hook up with my sister and chat with her. Very simple, not complicated in the least bit, kind of stuff. And no George.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

almost Friday...

Thank god.

I'm going out with Dina tonight. She's driving. I'm drinking.

Life is good.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is it Wednesday already?

Seriously, I have no idea what happened to the week. Here it's already Hump day and I'm just noticing it now. Weird. (Why doesn't that word follow the "i before e except after c" rule?)

Monday George & I went out for dinner and to watch the Bruin's game. It was good to go out with him again, but bad that we had to watch the Bruin's tank the last game.

For those of you keeping track, it's on again. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, so sorry for you. :)

Yesterday I had another session with the amazing Ken Dean. He started the color and got the head and wings done before I cried wimp and stopped him because of the pain. After last night, I'm totally admitting that I lied to you - tattoos fucking hurt! Don't listen to me. Ever. (Whimper)

I think I'm going to wimp out even more and drink or OD on Advil before the next session. Maybe someone will give me some topical ointment that stops all feeling so he can get the rest of it done and I won't feel it until after much later. That would be really, really nice. Does anyone know of anyone like that or know of anything that does that?

Tonight I have lots of web stuff to do. I've done a few things to Nancy's site but I have quite a bit left before she can upload it. I would love to take the dogs for a nice long walk in this gorgeous 83 degree weather but I can't put sunscreen on an open wound and there's no way in hell I'm letting anything lay on top of it or touch it. Yes, it really hurts that much! Maybe I'll throw the frisbee for Tweak from the back door. :p

Tomorrow I'm heading out for drinks with Dina. We haven't gone out in a while and we both have a ton to catch each other up on. It'll be a late night and I'll be very thankful I'm not driving I'm sure. :)

I signed up for my last class yesterday. After that it will be official - I will have a degree. Woop-de-doo. It won't feel any different I'm guessing. But, I still enjoy the learning part of it so it'll be good to continue on *after* the summer.

I've decided to open a business. I have an appointment with my lawyer in a couple of weeks so she can tell me what all the steps are and what I need to do to get it off the ground. It's no big deal - certainly won't allow me to quit my day job, not that I would because then I'd lose all the benefits and that would suck. Once things come together a bit more, I'll post more information.

Oh, and I decided to write a book too. When that will happen? I haven't the foggiest idea. Not for a very long time anyway. But, I have the idea and I think I can do it - it's just a matter of when.

That's about it for now. What? Like that isn't enough?


Sunday, April 20, 2008


I just paid $3.73 for a gallon of gas.

I feel like I just got screwed with my pants on.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless LGVX9900 device.

On the road again...

We got 2nd place. Freddie got his title. Tweak did well.

It was a successful weekend!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

real quick...

Because I'm tired and sun burnt and want to lay in bed and read before passing out into the type of delightful sleep you can only get because you're that good kind of tired.

Freddie got his next title today - FMCh.

Tweak did a few recalls in the lanes today. She was so focused on the tug she didn't care about anyone else at all. I might bounce her off the box tomorrow to see how she does sans tug so she doesn't spit the ball out.

Millie hasn't snarked at a dog all weekend and hasn't bitched about being in the crate either.

Pacie is Pacie.

Ken is going to kill me because I didn't put sunscreen on for the ride down to NY and the new tattoo is kinda tan. I have, however, doused it with so much sunscreen today that it doesn't even recognize the sun now.

We have an unrequited love quartet going on in the room and thankfully neither Cindy nor myself are involved. Mattingly loves Millie who loves Jeter who loves Tweak who hates them all. It's been pretty darn funny.

I tried 2 new beers tonight at dinner. I don't remember the names of them but the blueberry wheat was pretty good - typical for a blueberry and the brown ale I got was phenomenal.

I'm going with the boys, then the girls, for the last potty break of the night.


Friday, April 18, 2008


We safely got to New York - the ride wasn't as bad as Mapquest said it would be.

If this works, I'll blog more tomorrow.

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And I'm off...

to Batavia, NY. Thank doG I have an iPod.

Freddie should get his next title this weekend. He needs 120 points to receive his Flyball Master Champion (FMCh) title. That will make it number 8 for him, and only 2 left for my goal. I was going to say his goal, but he really doesn't give a shit, he just wants to go down the lane for the ball. :)

The rankings have been updated as of the end of March and it's really pretty close right now. He's ranked number 5 - number 4 has 9 points more than him and number 6 has 4 points less than him.

See why it's time to kick it up and get it done fast and big? Exactly.

I've learned a ton of new stuff lately and am excited to actually get the business that much closer to becoming a reality.

My sister and I went out to dinner last night. We both needed to get stuff out of our heads and what better way to do that then with someone of your own blood that you genuinely like? Our waiter said he didn't get along with his sister. We felt bad for him.

I guess it's time to go pack. I always wanted to see if I could post on the road via cellphone. I think I'll try it this weekend.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

How I live life

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind, and those that mind, don't matter.

- Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel)

No matter how hard you try...

...sometimes you just can't win.

I've been back and forth on this thing a few times now and it's driving me batty. It's on, it's off, it's on, it's off, it's on, it's off. Jeez.

I don't even have the worst of it, but that doesn't mean I can't bitch about it.

My part in Take Your Children to Work Day has been canceled due to liability and not enough insurance. One of the clubs I belong to has insurance, but not the right kind. So, the girls and I won't be doing tricks or anything else on that day. Bummer dude. Kids just want to have fun.

Nancy's website blew up and disappeared so Susan's is going on hold until we can get Nancy up and running again.

I spoke to my lawyer yesterday and need to meet with her in the beginning of May to go over a few ideas and how to put them in place.

There's been a change in plans in house sitting this weekend so I have to see if my brother is available. Otherwise all of the kids will be going with me to Batavia for a flyball tournament.

I really need to do something about Pacie. He's not getting what he needs from me or from this house. Now that his health has settled down, I think it might be time to place him. I had planned on it before he got sick but I've been warring with myself on it. I think his happiness is finally starting to overrule my guilt at not being able to give him what he needs. He's a needy boy, a kind of happy go lucky boy who's wants nothing more than to be with you 24/7, being petted and played with. Having 3 other dogs limits that severely - especially when so much time is going into the puppy's training right now.

Man the guilt is palpable sometimes.

Fingers crossed that my work out clears my head a little bit and helps today to be a little better.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I mentioned that one of the corporate photographers took pictures of Tweak last week when I brought her to work with me. Well, here are a few of the pics he sent me.

I brought her with me today as well and he was out there again so there might be more. :)

Yesterday was phase II or the second sitting of my tattoo. Ken finished the line work and then did the shading. I thought that it would be done in 3 sittings but apparently, that is not the case. I've got about 3 or 4 more phases/sittings for the thing before it's finished.

I'm so impatient!

But, he's the artist. I trust him. And I probably couldn't afford to get it done all at once anyway not to mention the amount of pain that would cause. Sigh....

Anyway, here's a picture of it with shading:

It will have color. Lots and lots of color!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Millie was the star...

Holly sent me the link to the picture that was in the paper:

Pretty cool. :)


Sunday, April 13, 2008

busy 3 days...

I'm *finally* getting a chance to sit down and relax. It's been a while since I.... hold on, phone...

Man it's been busy around here. Here's the past couple of days -

Friday was supposed to be phase II of my tattoo. It didn't happen to work out that way, but that's ok. We're now doing phase II tomorrow night. We're working on shading and starting the color I believe.

Hung around with George in the morning. Took the puppy down to the park and threw the frisbee, got spoken to by one of the parents because dogs aren't allowed in public parks even though I actually spoke to someone in city hall just the day before asking if it was ok and was told nobody would bother me as long as I was responsible. Clearly, not the case. After that we walked up to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, tea and bagels.

Went to the tricks demo at the Mass School of Law. I was really concerned by how close the kids got and how a couple of them ran across the place I was working the pups. I was so worried about it that I forgot half the things I wanted to do and didn't really speak about tricks at all. Ah well. I guess a picture of Millie and I were in the Sunday Herald. I haven't seen it yet, my Dad called to tell me.

It was sunny and warm when I left! I think the weather report said rain all day. I'm pretty sure it's the only job you can be completely wrong at time after time and still keep your job. Anyway, the kids hung outside while I did a bit of weeding in the front and a bunch of raking. I think I filled 7 or 8 bags or leaves from the front and side yard. I don't even have trees there but whatever.

After that George & I went to Tim & Sarah's to celebrate Tim's birthday. You would've thought it was mine and I got the best present in the world when they pulled out the last two bottles of Drunken Dreams in existence. They were quite tasty and George had to drive me home. :p

George & I took Tweak down to RI for the NEDDC's Spring Fling competition. I think I'm getting better at figuring out what I need to do to steady my throwing. Corinne showed me another way to grip the frisbee, which I need to practice. Tweak took 2nd place in Novice. She did really, really well. The discs she dropped or lost were totally my fault.

After that, George took off and I did some spring cleaning. I did a boat load of laundry and put away/hung up everything I had washed and folded in the last couple of weeks. Quite the amazing feat if I do say so myself.

I finished up around 8pm, talked on the phone, and watched a couple of West Wing episodes while playing a game on the laptop. Not a bad way to end the night.

Not too shabby a weekend!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Up in the air...

Yesterday was weird and not what I was expecting.

I brought Tweak to work with me so I could throw the frisbee in the nice open area between buildings. It just *screams* for something fun to happen there and I'm more than happy to oblige. :)

I brought her out 4 times to practice. I can't seem to figure out how to get more distance. I'm thinking that comes later since I'm soooo unsuccessful at it now. Anyway, she had an awesome time, I was stress free the whole day and the blood pressure of my co-workers was considerably lower by their own admission due to them smiling while watching her catch frisbees. All in all it was a really good day!

I had a headache start on the way home and I wasn't sure why. I thought maybe I hadn't had enough water to drink but it ended up being because of two reasons - one a girly reason (ugh) and the other because I forgot to take my allergy pill that morning and I spent an inordinate amount of time outside yesterday.

I took my pill when I got home but I think the damage was pretty much done by then. Tweak was exhausted and curled up into the tiniest ball in a corner or the room. I had the headache, among other things, and spent some time on the couch curled up in a ball with a blanket over me.

George didn't have a good night last night at all and asked if he could spend the night. Once I learned that I had to do a little cleaning, which my head and gut severely protested until the 800mg Motrin kicked in. It looks like I'll have some company for a bit, which I am beyond happy to have.

Tonight I'm having dinner with more old friends from the old neighborhood. It should be fun!

I'm debating whether or not I should leave early today since it's so nice. I need to bathe the dogs and do a few things before we go to dinner. But I also have a boatload of stuff to do here....sigh.

Sometimes I hate being responsible....


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

nothing much going on...

We're still working on tricks.

Tweak and I had 2 frisbee sessions yesterday and they're *still* holding up very well. I'm taking her to work with me today so we can practice more.

I got the deck cleaned off yesterday after work.

I'm looking into putting a store on my site for tug toys.

I'm off to work super early.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Since the girls and I have a tricks demo this weekend, we've been practicing tricks quite a lot here in Methuen. Nothing like being prepared.... [insert my eyes rolling here.]

Tweak has a great retrieve and that's seriously going to help at this demo. She just needs to learn the names of things. This morning she learned what a tissue box was. We started working on her wiping her nose the other day. Hopefully I can chain those together and get a cute trick out of it before Saturday.

She now knows how to play dead now, speak on command, roll over, spin, weave through my legs standing still, thread through them as I'm walking, along with the frisbee tricks - jumping on my back, over my leg, flips in the air, etc., etc.

I'm hoping between her and Millie, that will be enough to last 25 minutes. I suppose I should do some talking as well. Hmmm.... maybe I should think about what I should say.

Anyway, that's what we're focusing on this week.

In other news, it looks like spring time is here and I no longer have a place to throw the frisbee for Tweak. :( We've been going to the cluster of baseball fields at the end of my street to practice since I can throw longer than my yard is wide now. We went down yesterday after work to find that all of the fields were being used by kids learning to play softball and baseball. Damn kids.

I'll call my contact at City Hall today and see if there are any other public open areas that I can bring her to where we won't interfere with kids sports. I need more land.

Oh, so I tried the frisbees Kara gave me yesterday and boy do they rock!! Tweak didn't manage to dent one of them while we were playing! Usually she bends the plastic with her teeth and causes this small, sharp piece to stick out which later rips the shit out of her mouth. These didn't do it after one session, which is normal and they're a little stickier than normal too. I'm soooooooo adding them on to my Xmas list. :)

Gym time.


Monday, April 7, 2008


I was a freakin' Popsicle yesterday. Good god damn was it cold!

I'm pretty sure I checked the weather for the weekend and learned that it was going to rain on Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be the nice day - mid 50's and sunny.

What we actually got was a gorgeous day on Saturday and a freakin' really cold, cloudy day on Sunday.


Tweak didn't mind it of course, which is good since she did most of the running. But, the plaid wearing, cheese eating yahoo of a dog owner that decided to wear capri pants and a short sleeve shirt was less than pleased. Yup, that would be me.

Thankfully I had a sleeping bag in the car which came in handy while I was waiting for our turn to come up since I was freezing my ass off. Deb makes fun of me for how stocked my car is and the random shit inside it but if she was there she would've been impressed I'm sure. :p

So, Tweak did pretty well yesterday. I sucked big time - no surprise there. I really need to practice a freakin' ton to get better. You would think going out every single day would help. Clearly, it's not.

Did I mention that I ran my dog into a tree mid-day? Oh yeah, mother of the year award dog style to me for that. I sooo need to practice my throwing....sigh.

Kara gave me a couple of really cool frisbees yesterday that I'm going to try throwing. The grip is better on them - they're a little stickier or something. So I'll order a boatload of them and see how I do.

Today is work, tonight is frisbee throwing and practicing tricks for the demo this weekend. I started working on wipe your nose and a card trick last night with both Tweak and Millie. I need to shore up Millie's Paddy Cake too.

It's on the list...


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Frisbee Fun Day

Tweak and I are off to CT for Frisbee Fun Day or some such grand nonsense. I can't wait to see what we learn! I need to get more frisbees soon, I'm down to 5.

Yesterday I got totally in the mood to do web stuff and that's exactly what I did. I was so absorbed in redesigning that I really didn't even notice the lack of rain, the sun shining, or the gorgeous day that I totally wasted inside. I think I realized it around 5:30pm or so which wouldn't have given me a lot of time for outdoors work if I had started then.

Fickle. Mother Nature can be fickle. That's a pretty good word too....

Maybe I'll have lots and lots of fun things to share when I get back.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Did I mention...

... how great the word feckless is? Seriously, that's a great freakin' word.

My plans to clean up the outside were once again thwarted by Mother Nature today. It's not raining now, but gardening before finishing my first cup of coffee is sooooo not appealing in the least.

Tweak clocked me in the head the other day. I have a bump and a bruise on my forehead to show for it. She's so much fun. :p

Today I'm going to concentrate on the website I'm supposed to redesign for Susan instead. It's been difficult to really work on it with school going on so now that I have a bit of a break, I'm going back to it. If I can do nothing but focus on that today, there's a fair chance I might even have it done today.

Probably not, but hope is a beautiful thing.

I've been thinking lately that I should expand my creative writing. I'm thinking about picking an emotion and writing a short story or poem about it until I hit all major emotions. See if I can invoke them all with writing.

For the first time in my 4 years here I have a Cardinal at the bird feeder. I would love to get a picture but it spooks more easily than the other birds so it'll take a while.

My flowers have started to bloom. Pretty soon I'll be out every morning taking pictures and boring all of you with them. The crocuses are on the way out, the hyacinths are just starting to bloom and the tulip leaves are up. I still need to get back and clear out all of last year's dead leaves.

I'm going to try growing flowers from seeds again. Not like the first couple of years where I drowned and burnt countless seedlings and young plants. In case you don't remember, or aren't aware, I tried doing the 'start the seedlings in the house' thing first. I was ridiculously unsuccessful.

This year I'm just going to put the damn things in the ground and hope the birds don't eat them.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Freddie's new theme song...

Freddie has a new theme song. I'll explain why and what in a bit.

Last night I made the phone call I wasn't really looking forward to. I spoke to my team captain and let her know that I made the decision to switch flyball teams. If everyone agrees, I will stay on Weston until after our tournament and will switch over to NET after that, at the end of July.

It wasn't the easiest decision to make. I love all the people on my team and we have a lot of fun when we're together. Ideally it would've made my life so much easier if the two teams had just merged. Then I could have the best of both worlds - I could be with all the people I want to, meet my goals for me and my dogs, and be as competitive as I want without leaving anyone behind.

But alas, life is very rarely like that.

You've probably read about my obsession with Freddie in the breed specific standings at one point or another. There aren't as many Miniature Pinschers in the sport of flyball as there are of, say, Border Collies. The potential for me to do some really cool things with him are incredibly high.

That is my main reason for making the decision. Right now there aren't any Min Pins who have received the Flyball Grand Champion title for 30,000 points. If Freddie gets it, he'll be the first Min Pin and go down in flyball history as such. That is so appealing to me it's not even funny. If we did accomplish that, he'd also be number 1.

The chances of that happening with my current team aren't good. We don't have set teams in order to share the wealth. I agree with that and think it's the right thing to do in order to be fair. It just isn't conducive to me achieving my goals. I can't ask for there to be set teams, that isn't fair to anyone else, nor would I want to change the dynamics of the team like that. That's not what WW is about and I respect that. It just doesn't fit since my goals have changed.

On top of that, Freddie will be 10 years old this year. He'll compete in flyball until his last breath because that's what does it for him and I won't take it away if I can help it. That just means I don't have the 5 years it's taken to get him as far as he's come. I need to step it up triple time. Now.

The other, lesser reason is for me. I want to increase *my* skills. I want to know how to make crazy scary passes. I want to have really, really good start times. I want to be bang on. I now have a dog that I can do that with to an extreme degree and that's what I want to do. I want to be better.

I will admit that I am a tad bit more competitive than I used to be. Just a tad tho'. :p I'm still not ready for A team. I keep asking for a Z team but I don't think they're gonna give it to me. D team would work. :)

Anyway, so Freddie now has a theme song, Korn's song It's On! I was going to use that for Tweak's freestyle song (if we even get to do freestyle...) but it fits Freddie better right now. Now he's going to walk into a tourney saying Bring it! hahaha

I am sad and excited at the same time. One chapter ending as another is on the brink of beginning in the book of life.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

tattoo pics

Keep in mind that they're from my cell phone and are not the most clear.

This is the front of my arm.

This is my shoulder and the side/back of my arm.

It's really, really big and really, really beautiful.

Some might even say sick.


What a great word....

So I watched the last two episodes of Season 2's West Wing last night. First, I'm pissed they killed off Mrs. Landingham. I sat there with my mouth on the floor and tears falling from my eyes which were stuck wide open because of the shock I was in. Those bastards.

That was in the 2nd to last episode. In the season finale, the president takes issue with the whole thing while in the cathedral after the funeral. I absolutely loved it when he called God a feckless thug.

Feckless. What a great freakin' word. You know that's being added to my vocabulary, right? Oh yeah. That'll be peppered around since there are soooooo many feckless people in the world.

Again, up in the Blue Room and I'm ok with that!

The weather has been great the past couple of days! The only downside is that I think my allergies are starting up and that's making me tired and wondering if I have a cold or something. I sure hope it's allergies because if I'm getting sick again I am going to fucking beat someone.

One of my flyball/frisbee friends sent me an email yesterday to tell me about a frisbee fun day in Manchester, CT on Sunday. I'm totally going to that since I don't have either practice.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Sarah's bday dinner on Monday was a ton of fun and really, really tasty! I'll go there again for sure. I'm trying to talk George into it. After that we went and had a few beers at a bar down the street. I think we may be doing something on Friday but I'm not sure. We've got to think of something else to do now that we'll regret since we already did drunk birthday tattoos. Any suggestions? :D