Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm soooooo stupid...

I do it all the time. You hear me bitching about it all the time. But I honestly don't know how to stop it.

What is it?

I bite off more than I can chew. *Constantly*.

Class started up again for me today. I took the first half of the quarter off because of that insane web project that was due (which isn't finished btw, I'm *still* waiting for content on it!!) Because of that, I'm in 2 classes at the same time - Intro to Business and Presentation Speaking. Normally I only take one class at a time but if I didn't use the money, I would've lost it.

I work full time. I own 4 dogs. I kinda like having a social life from time to time. I need to train Tweak and the rescues that come in the door. One class fits into that perfectly. Two classes?


Plain and simple. I've sent a note to both instructors explaining the situation and asking for a shitload of pity. Doubt it will work but it was worth a try.

I've looked over what's due for this week's class. Can you say screwed boys and girls? Oh yeah. I'm screwed.

!-- begin rant --!

I have 3 chapters due in one book, a group paper due Monday, a quiz Saturday, I need to log into some stock market tool to pick 4 stocks, and I have a critical thinking paper due. That's one class.

In the next class, I have 5 chapters to read in one book, 1 chapter to read in another book, and a scattering of pages to read in yet another book, I have discussion questions I need to answer, a presentation outline due, an audience analysis paper due, and a presentation.

I also have to log in to each class every day and read all the new postings on the discussion board from the other students. Then I have to think of something clever to say in response to those postings and respond.

!-- end rant --!

What I need right now is a nice frosty pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream. Or two. And a beer. Or two.

Did I mention I'll be at a flyball tournament in Maine all weekend? With 6 dogs?

Make that 3 of each.


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