Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's spring in New Jersey...

And I'm beyond freaked out! Now, I'm not sure if we have these things up north or not but I know I've never seen them near my house. There's probably a name for them too, other than Donna referring to them as stink bugs, but holy crap are they fugly!

They look prehistoric, like they were around in the monolithic era - hard shell with ridges along the side - they're kinda shaped like a spade or an arrow tip. According to Donna you can't smush them because they'll stink up the house. Ugh!

There's one that's been flying around my head all morning, causing me to dance around and shriek. I hope her neighbors aren't home. It just fell into a vase in the sink and I feel bad that it's probably going to drown but at the same time, a dead bug is a good bug in my book. Correction, it has drowned. Now I feel bad. Sigh.

Today I need to do some laundry and some shopping. Donna & I are heading out tonight to do the shopping part and I'm schlepping my laundry over to Susan's this morning.

Wait! It's moving again! I'm almost tempted to pluck it out of the water because it hasn't done anything to deserve to die, like touch me or anything. But, that would involve me touching it, which ain't happening. Poor thing.... it's just gonna die.

Anyway, once laundry is done we'll head out to lunch and talk about the new product licensing so we can get that up and running. I'm so excited about this thing, it's not even funny!

A nice, relaxing day hanging out with friends before the craziness of a flyball weekend!



Sarah said...

That is downright scary. I am the SAME way about bugs. Hate them, want them to die, run around screaming like a 6 year old girl, but then feel terrible when they die. it's not even guilt, i just wonder if it's family is going to miss it, whether it had something important to do that day, etc. Anthropomorphism at its finest.

I can't fish for the same reason. I can't deal with it and I feel awful killing them (although no problem eating them - after all, *I* didn't do it.) :-)

Dawn said...

Hahaha! Good to know I'm not the only crazy person out there!

I went fishing as a kid but couldn't take the fish off the hook - I thought I would hurt them. I don't eat lobster or crab either - I can't handle the way they die! (But I also don't like the taste of them...)

Anonymous said...

No bugs!!! I hate them!

Crab and Lobster is ok though...until now...thanks for that, hehe...LOL!