Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dog tired....

What a day! Freddie, Payton & I spent the day at Barktoberfest 2005. Freddie came along for the flyball demo my team did and Payton was there for socialization and training. :) He did soooo well. I had him heeling around the entire place with so many distractions - dogs, people, music, food, kids, wildlife, balls, frisbees... you name it! Auntie Donna was there taking pictures of the event (which should be posted on her website soon) so we even got to take some portraits of the boys. I know she got at least one awesome picture of Freddie coming back over a jump with a ball in his mouth. :) It was a great day!

Now I have to go put all the furniture back in the room....sigh. I better get to it to have any shot in hell of relaxing before the night is over. :)


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