Saturday, September 17, 2005

Here's a tip....

...when they say to get the video if you've never done this before - get it. I tried a faux finish that did not work out *at all*. So, needless to say it's 7:00pm and I'm waiting for the first cover-up coat to dry so I can apply the (hopefully) final coat. I did say 'screw it' with taping everything first and y'know what? I'm *AwesomE* at cutting in. Amazing. Who would've thunk it. However, my pride was short lived as I then hit every baseboard and door frame with the roller. Apparently I have more to learn.

I did have some good news (and a break) when a potential home came by to see Charlie and they loved him! The parents came first to check him out and they're bringing their kids to see him on Monday night. If everything goes well (which I think it will), Charlie will be going to his forever home that night. :)

I got emails about two more dogs that might come into rescue. The first one doesn't like kids at all and the wife is pregnant. The second one has(d) an elderly owner and can't care for him/her anymore. I'm waiting for calls back on both of them.

I also have a house guest for a week - Stuart! Laura & Mike are off to Mexico for a week and he's staying here at Club Dawn. I adopted Stuart out to L&M somewhere around late 90's/early 00's. It's always nice to see dogs that have been adopted again. :)

Going back to the painting project - I doubt I'll be able to put the room back together tonight. Which means, I'll have to do it tomorrow after I get back from Dogtoberfest or whatever the name is. Freddie and I are doing a Flyball demo with the rest of the team tomorrow. :) I was hoping I'd have his Flyball harness back from Lupine by then, but I think I finally sent it out last week (my fault.) He loves his collar, harness & leash from them, but,he's still bummed out that his picture didn't get picked for their catalog and Skootchie's did. He'll get over it . :)

How long does it take paint to dry? Sigh.


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