Saturday, September 24, 2005

Should be a beautiful day!!

I went to bed late last night, between homework, trying to catch up with Tivo and reading, well, there was just too much to do. :) I opened the window last night instead of having the AC on (I like it to be pretty cool when I'm sleeping) and I slept like a baby. The thermostat is reading 67 degrees in the house right now and it's 56 outside. I think it's only supposed to get up to 65 today. A perfect fall weather day, cool & sunny. :)

I have homework due today, which I'll be shortly getting to, and a combined birthday party for my grandmother and cousin. After that I have a potential, adoptive home coming to look at Sadie. Hopefully that will work out and Sadie will have a new home!! I also heard from Charlie's potential home today (their car broke down the last time they were coming to see him.) They're supposed to get their car back today and will hopefully be by tomorrow to have him meet their kids. Our temporary guest, Stuart, will also be going home tomorrow as his parents are returning from their vacation in Mexico late today. I think if everything happens as it should (which it probably won't), then it will be awfully quiet around this place!

Today's the type of day where I wouldn't mind vacuuming up the leaves, but there aren't any on the ground yet. I can see some of them starting to change, but only 2 have fallen. :) I really shouldn't be anxious for that to happen... by the time it comes, I won't want to do it!

I think we've made plans for Topsfield Fair and King Richards Faire. I think we're going to Topsfield on Oct 8th and KRF on Oct 22nd. At least that's the way it stands now. :) I have a flyball tourney Oct 1st & 2nd in Swanzey, NH - that should be really nice!

Ok, I put off doing homework for long enough. :) I hope to have it completed by the time I leave for the party! Wish me luck! :)


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