Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ahhh the week is here...

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking life is getting a bit too much when you start to look forward to work because it'll be quieter. Just a thought.

The cookout was good, one might even say great. Of course, one was so busy trying to talk to everyone and getting stuff for people that one doesn't quite remember just how it was. The 22 oz bottles of homemade Drunken' Dreams beer, of which I had 4, were also partly responsible for the lack of memory towards the end, that and the couple of regular size beers I had before them.

As I've been told a few times, at least I wasn't going to get arrested between the back yard and my bed. I mean, it's still quite possible, but less likely. :p

Sunday was recoup day. I woke up and slowly made my way around the house cleaning stuff up. After a few hours, I had the recycling where it was supposed to be, the extra beer in the fridge, and all the dishes in the sink. Then it was nap time, which I took while floating in the pool. (I used the float that is hard to fall off of.) After nap time I attempted to do some homework. Not surprisingly, I wasn't completely successful and soon gave it up for watching mindless TV. :D

Monday I drove down the Cape and spent the day on the beach with Sarah. After hours in the sun, we walked back to the house and started grilling for Nana and Fran - two of the greatest old ladies I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!

I like old people. Like 'em much better than kids. So sitting around answering the same questions 5 or 6 times in a 15 minute span is actually enjoyable to me. ;)

While listening to some of the advice Nana had, I started thinking about my life. I've done some pretty cool things here and there, met some pretty cool people, had some pretty great experiences. Oh, and I got a great tan while at the beach. ;)

I've decided I should probably share some of that stuff so I'm going to put together a list and eventually get to the stories behind it. Some are short, some longer, and some you probably had to be there for. But, I thought it would be neat to get them down in writing.

But not today. Right now I'm tired and my bed is screaming my name. That and Millie's at the bedroom door whining to get in so she can go to bed. :wave:


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