Wednesday, September 26, 2007

working, working, working...

It's all I've been doing for weeks now. It will be over soon though, so that's good.

I can't believe it's September 26th and I went swimming - a few times actually. It's 91 degrees, which I totally adore as you well know. But, sitting in one place with a stupidly hot laptop on your lap causes one to melt. The pool is graciously refreshing in those situations. :D

Unfortunately, Millie wasn't interested in joining me in the pool. The heat hits her kind of hard and it would've been nice and cooling for her. She did, however, patiently suffer through a cool bath. :p

Because I've had so much to do work wise, the other kids have been chillin' (kinda literally) in the air conditioned bedroom.

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet since I haven't had much time to get in, or cause, any trouble. " class="middle">


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