Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holiday weekend...

I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend. I'm *not*, however, looking forward to all of the cleaning I need to do before said weekend.

I hate cleaning. I mean, hate it with a passion. There are very few times when I don't mind cleaning - enough where I can count them on one hand. I don't mind cleaning the stove top while on the phone - it's something quiet that keeps my hands busy. I don't mind rinsing off the discs after Tweak and I get done dirtying them up. I don't like doing it but I also don't mind changing the sheets on the bed since I get to slide into a nicely made bed with crisp sheets.

That's really about it tho. I hate doing everything else.

I'm heading over to Mario & Cathy's on July 4th for a BBQ. I hope I can remember to charge the camera battery before then. That'll be a rockin' good time I'm sure.

Saturday the family is coming over to celebrate Cal's birthday. Since she doesn't eat very much these days, it's a pretty easy menu - burgers, pasta salad, and fruit. Easy enough! I'm hoping to get the stairs in the pool before then but thats probably not gonna happen. I'm also hoping to get the shade/screen house up too. We'll see.

It would be nice if it would stop raining just enough so I can mow the lawn. That would be pretty cool. I've sprayed the weeds and they look like they're wilting. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to wait until they're totally dead before cutting them down? If you know, feel free to share!

The most exciting news of the year? Dog the Bounty Hunter is back on the air in two weeks. I've missed my brain candy and it certainly isn't going to be tough for me see Leland all the time again too. ;)

I have a Border Collie sitting on my head.

It's somewhat difficult to type with a Border Collie on your head, just in case you're wondering.


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