Saturday, July 26, 2008

Disc Doggin'

Tweak & I went disc doggin' today. I'm not sure if that's an *actual* term or not, but I'll be using it to describe competing in Distance/Accuracy and/or disc freestyle from now on. It just kinda fits.

We didn't get to compete in freestyle today, unfortunately. We could've, but the only division offered was Super Pro freestyle and that we certainly ain't!!! They only offered 2 divisions for Distance/Accuracy too - Novice and Super Pro - which is kinda sad. I wish they'd offer an in between one as well but they say there aren't enough people for it. I think Tweak and I are past Novice but not yet ready (in the least!!) for Super Pro.

Anyway, we took 1st again in Novice, which is cool as we got the most points we ever got in D/A to date. The big accomplishment of the day was my 40 yard throw! It was the first time I hit 40 yards and Tweak jumped up to catch it making it a 4.5 point throw! Here's a picture of the Eastern Nationals trophy we got:

Pretty snazzy, huh?

Once I got home I brought a water sample to the pool store, again, and got directions for how to make it clear and un-green, again. I wonder how many of the employees that pass out advice actually *have* a pool and have tried all of the things they tell people to do. I'm guessing not many...

Before I started adding chemicals, I went in it to brush the walls and floor. But before I did that, I brought Tweak in to the water with me. I thought a disc would get her diving in to it but no such luck. So I brought her in with me and held her so she could get used to the swimming motion. She managed to put 2 holes in my swimsuit and she was clinging to me for dear life the whole time, but we managed. I let her swim to the stairs so she'd know where they are and let her get out. Then I started teasing her with the disc to come to the stairs, then stand on the top perch, then put her front feet on the top stair, etc., etc. Overall I was happy with the amount of progress we made. She'll be swimming by the end of the summer if I have anything to say about it!

When I was coming back in the house, all of the dogs were standing at the door waiting for me so I took a picture. :) Missing from the photo are Freddie, Kona and Pedro but you get the idea.

Tomorrow morning Millie, Freddie, Tweak and I are heading over to Donna's house to take pictures for a training book she's shooting. I'm probably going to bring the puppy since she needs some puppy shots too. That will be a lot of fun! After that we're heading to flyball practice and then home for me to work on a website. As always, a busy day.



Eastcoastdweller said...

Dawn, all dogs go to heaven and You will have a tail-wagging crowd waiting there for You someday.

Dawn said...

eCd, you always say the sweetest things!