Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Freddie's a killer...

...literally, of little cute bunnies. :(

The other day I let the dogs in and they were all *covered* in blood and stuff. I figured it was a baby bird or twelve that fell out of the nest. Or maybe it was the remains of a field mouse or vole, they usually scamper around. Tonight, however, made me doubt my original thoughts.

It was reallllly quiet outside. Too quiet, actually. Y'see, dogs are like kids - when it's too quiet, they're up to something. So I headed outdoors to see where the new hole to China was. Ha! I wish they were digging a new hole! At least *that* is fixable! Alas, that was not it, not it at all. :(

Millie was on the deck like a good girl, Pacie was busy peeing on everything upright and Freddie & Tweak were against the fence, Freddie with something furry and floppy in his mouth. :( I hope it was at least a quick death for the little guy. Bunnies can die of fright, right? I'd like to think it was instantaneous and not painful. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

I understand that's what dogs do... especially high drive dogs like Freddie and Tweak. Heck, that's the purpose of Freddie's breed! Min Pins are ratters - high prey drive animals that go after and kill smaller animals. That's what they do. I understand it and I'm not angry, I just don't want to find the poor little thing. :(

Thankfully both Freddie & Tweak left the dead, really limp (did I mention dead?), bloody animal alone when I told them to. That was super cool. I scooped the poor little thing up with the pooper scooper. I'd bury it but I know another animal would just dig it up so I left it in an area where it can be food for some other animal. The circle of life and all. Sigh.

I got most of the lawn mowed tonight, after I finished doing all the shopping I needed to for Kitchener. Oh! A weird thing happened when I was leaving the store! There was a car that wasn't parked correctly in the space, it was half in the space, half in the lane just in front of me. When the car didn't move, I went over to see if there was someone in it and there was!

A woman was sleeping or unconscious in the front seat; she was drooling. The windows were open so I said Hello and knocked on the car to get her attention but she didn't wake up. A few people stopped by to see what was going on and someone went to get security while I called the police.

I had a few speculations at this point - she was either sick and needed medical attention or she was drunk or on drugs. I didn't know what else could have someone passed out so solidly. Three of us were standing less than 2 feet away from her talking in louder than normal voices. She didn't wake up until the siren was really close by.

I gave my name and number to the cop when asked, told my little story and went on my merry way. Hopefully it was a good deed and she hadn't done anything that would get her in trouble.

Tomorrow I have to test a production move at 6am. While I'm not looking forward to it, it will give me extra work hours so I won't have to take as much vacation time for my trip to Canada. But that means I'm going to get 6 hours of sleep and that's never a good thing for the people around me!


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