Monday, November 24, 2008

draggin' ass...

Man am I tired today. I feel like I could go to sleep, for the night, right now. That's never a good thing at 3pm.

So real quick 'cuz I'm not all chatty right now, Tweak did so much better than I was expecting at her herding lesson on Saturday. I doubt she'll ever be phenomenal at it but she's trainable and if she enjoys it, we'll do it. Sarah can speak to the details using all the right jargon about eyes and whatever else. She got to meet sheep, circle the herd a bit and eat sheep poop. In a dog's world, it doesn't get much better than that I suppose. The rest of the kids were in the car and unable to partake in the sheep poop. Oh well.

I got down to Joisey around 8:30 or so Sat night, ate dinner with Kara, Erich & Miyuki, had a couple of brewskies, walked the pups and went to bed. Thrilling stuff.

Competed on Sunday - didn't expect to walk away with anything to be honest. We came home with a 3rd place in Spot Landing, 3rd place in D/A, 2nd place in Time Trial and an overall 2nd place in Time Trial for the weekend. I thought it was pretty cool that we were faster than all of Saturday's times and took it for overall. We got a pretty medal thing for that one.

Back to work so I can blow this popsicle stand sometime tonight.



Sarah said...

OK, my obligatory comments with the "herding jargon"...

Tweak's first time on sheep was a success! It took her a little bit to turn on to the sheep since she was pretty apprehensive about them and was very focused on Dawn.

Once she noticed the sheep, she was barking at them (still a fear reaction) but started to go around them with some encouragement. By the end of the 15 or so minutes, she was going around the sheep with minimal barking and clearly starting to work (using her eye, tail was down in "working mode").

Just remember - that good down you had when she went in? She'll lose it (on sheep) and then you can look like me running out there screaming my bloody head off "LIE DOWN YOU $%&#$%@!!!! :-)

Oh, and you'll become a pro at walking/running backwards...

Dawn said...

Right...what she said. :)

I'll try reinforcing that down during exciting, fun times so hopefully she won't lose it during herding. She downs in flyball and disc without too much trouble so I'll keep my fingers crossed that she can hold on to it with sheep. Afterall, with flyball she gets to TUG!

Not that I still won't run across the field screaming obscenities. That is my specialty y'know! :p