Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hump day...

The seasons are changing and I am anxious for a change as well. I feel restless deep down but have no idea why or what to do about it. Maybe it's because I was on the go for the entire summer and now that fall is here things are slowing down a bit. That could be it. Regardless I'm itching for change.

So, I'm going in to get my hair done next week. It will be wild and vibrant and different. I'm looking for a new hair style too so if you see any that you'd think would be good for me, send it along! I'm kind of limited since I still want it long but I think it will be considerably shorter after next week. I'm really in the mood for change. I'm hoping chopping it off and coloring it will sate the unexplainable itch - it has in the past....

I'm going away with the pups this weekend and next. This weekend I'll be in CT on Saturday for Tweak's first herding lesson. I think that will be very interesting! She herds the Min Pins around the house but usually barks like an ass when she sees a strange animal. I don't know how much herding instinct she has or if it will override her bark-at-them-and-run thing. I can't wait!! Sarah's meeting me down there too I'll be able to see what her dogs too. Oh! And I'll get to meet Tweak's sire! I totally forgot about that. Cool. :)

After we're done herding, I'm driving down to NJ. I'm staying with Kara & Erich at their place on Saturday night and will head to the Meadowlands Pet Expo in Secaucus, NJ for a disc dog competition on Sunday. Unfortunately I'll have a long ride home but ah well. It'll be fun. :)

Next Wed is hair day and Thurs is Thanksgiving. The new tradition is for me and my dad to cook everything over my sister's house while her husband and my brother fry the turkey. I'm going to try and get as much done as I can beforehand so it's not such a rush at the end. Thursday night and Friday morning I plan on demo'ing the shower so my b-i-l can replace the tile. Every piece of tile in the house is pink or maroon and I'm determined to rid myself of every single on of them. After that, I'll pack up the car with stuff and dogs and head up to Montreal for a flyball tournament. I'm looking forward to it! I think I'm going through withdrawals or something it's been so long!


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Kim B said...

Funny - I'm in EXACTLY the same place - Chopped a lot of hair off yesterday but didn't have time for color so am going back next week - Am contemplating which color will calm this deep restless feeling - Am anxious for change lately, or maybe it's the Xmas holiday approaching, I'm not sure.

Have a great Thanksgiving !! Can't wait to see how the hair turns out.