Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As I attempt to type, I have a Border Collie gently rubbing her face against mine. She's so damn sweet that my heart swells when she comes near me. I love her dearly, but she makes a far better door than a window.

I'm going to the salon tomorrow so I can get my hair done in a funky cool way. I have 5 different shades of red so we'll see what we come up with. Now I just have to figure out how to get it cut. To chop or not to chop, that is the question.

I'm working from home before and after my appointment. Typically I'm ridiculously productive while working from home. There isn't any of that wink, wink, nudge, nudge type of working from home either. I mean, it's the real deal, typically. But, I think tomorrow isn't going to be as productive as I am normally. I have a ton of stuff to do and I'm running out of time. I'm hoping to get some stuff done, like boil some of the veggies and bake an apple pie. I also have to get stuff together for the weekend, which I can do after turkey day.

For turkey day I'll be heading to my sister's house where Iyman & Keith will cook the turkey and Dad & I will make everything else. It's low key and a good time, just my kind of day. I have to remember to bring Scene It so we can play that at some point... as long as my very pregnant sister is still awake that is.

I'm exhausted and going to bed.


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Eastcoastdweller said...

You can't go wrong with any kind of red, in my opinion!