Saturday, November 5, 2005

cleaning sucks...

At least I can see the top of my filing cabinet (aka kitchen table)! You can also see the floor, but I never got to the dishes. oh well :)

Roxie is now here, but she doesn't like me very much. She's very scared, which is normal, but she'll get over it within the next day or two. She's currently hiding in her crate having a little quiet time.

I was supposed to go to Home Depot today and get all the lights for the basement that Joe is going to install tomorrow. I'm hoping he and Ellin won't mind taking a trip before we start as I'd really like his advice on which ones to get. After that, I won't have to be afraid of my basement anymore! Yaaaay!

The weather was beautiful today! I had the back door and front bay windows open for most of the day. It just got chilly though, so they're closed and I'm going to go hang out with the dogs under a blanket. :) Dog heat rocks. :)

I'm off to catch up with Tivo and see what I missed this week. :)


p.s. - I updated my website a bit; added a page for Payton, updated Freddie's titles, etc., etc. Go see and let me know if you like his bio. :)

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