Sunday, November 6, 2005

Great day :)

I leisurely rolled out of bed this morning, made myself some coffee and a bagle, and sat down with the newspaper. Perfect Sunday morning. :)

Still feeling really relaxed, I went to the supermarket for a few things I forgot the other day (STILL forgot kitty litter), and when I got home, started cleaning. (!) The kitchen looks good for a change, as does the living room. The spare room, well, that's another story. :) But that will look better once the insulation is added next Sunday and I can throw some of these boxes up there.

Joe & Ellin arrived around 2:30pm, sans Floyd (poor Millie.) We went to home depot and got everything needed for the additional basement lights. We stopped at the supermarket (again, as I forgot an ingredient for a new steak marinade I was trying), got gas, stopped at Newbury comics, and the beer store. (I'm so thankfully Joe works for beer and food :) )

Joe went right to work and had the 3 additional lights up before the pepperoni bread was ready. He also added a few more outlets while he was at it. :) I got everything else prepared for dinner and we sat down to a tasty meal of steak tips, garlic butter potatoes, baby carrots, and asparagus. I really out did myself today, if I do say so myself. :) Since Joe had seconds, I'm guessing he thought it was yummy too. :)

Then we threw on some tunes and played Michigan Rummy until 9:30pm. We had a great time. :) All in all, it was a great day! Of course, it would've been an awesome day if I didn't have to clean. :)

Roxie went around the table and sat on everyone's laps multiple times, so she's doing better. It took her a few minutes to not be afraid of Joe & Ellin but obviously she got over it. :) I'm still not letting her out in the yard without a leash yet; that will come in time.

So now I'm sleepy and I'm going to head to bed, read for a bit, and then pass out. :)


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