Saturday, November 5, 2005

There was an explosion at the back door today; it was in the form of 4 dogs going bonkers. The cause? A squirrel, innocently sitting on the deck. By the ruckus it caused, you would have thought a meat wagon crashed into my backyard. Freddie is the worst as his prey drive is soooo much higher than all the others. Millie, being the typical hound-mix, loves to tree them and let me know what she's done by this incredibly different bark of hers. Skootchie, the referee of the family, just stood there and told the other dogs to knock it off. Didn't work. Payton really had no clue why everyone was so animated so he barked to go along with everyone else, and then ran circles around Millie, barking, while she did her treeing bit. Thankfully my neighbors are A) dog people, and B) understanding. :)

Today, Roxie is coming to stay for a while until she can find a forever home. Her owners are having their first child and found out that Roxie is *not* good with children. I also have to call on the 8lb escape artist. It's on the list of things to do for today.

What I really have to do is get my @ss in gear. I spent the morning doing homework for the new class - without coffee! So I really need to get a cup of Java and start cleaning the disaster area otherwise known as 'my kitchen.'

I wish I had a cleaning person....sigh.


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