Sunday, November 20, 2005

What a week...

I'm feeling better, but am still not at 100% yet. I haven't been sick like that in years! I'm blaming it all on the flu shot that I got a week before I got sick. I've heard that you can't get the flu with a dead virus shot, but I'm not convinced.

I was supposed to go to training on Tuesday, but had to work instead. I was able to go on Thursday though and help out with agility. There's a beautiful Newfie in class - all black and about 130 lbs. She has a great personality and is really good natured around people, but not so much with other dogs.

I will have a full house today when yet another unwanted dog is dropped off for rescue. Charlie came back and Roxie is still here. I got an email from a shelter asking if I had room for one more. And the people who are dropping off a dog today want to drop off his daughter that another member of the family owns as well. I find myself having less and less faith in human nature seeing as much as I do. Rescue is a good thing, it saves dogs lives and gives them another chance. But it also gives people an out for their responsibilities. More and more people have more than one dog... they just want to give up the "bad" one - the one that they just expect to "behave" without any training, instruction, care, attention, or love. I can't stand it at times. I had a woman arguing with me on the phone about why her dog was digging holes to escape her fenced in yard. The dog isn't crated at any point, has full run of the house, with a doggie door to go outside during the day while they're not home. They haven't trained him, they don't exercise them other than letting them out into the yard, never play with him or throw a ball, and they wonder why he's bored and digging to get out, but argue with me when I tell them the reasons?? My compassion for animals has grown while my respect and love of humans has diminished.

I had a Flyball team meeting on Friday night to work out some drama currently happening in the flyball community. Many teams in our region want to boycott another team's tournaments because of how poorly run they are. They don't have people for the table or any judging positions and each tourney gets progressively worse. They charge a lot of money to race with nothing to show for it but working even more to keep the tourney running smoothly and on-time. So a private email went out about a boycott to most, if not all, of the team captains. I personally don't like sneaky shit like that. If there's a problem, try to deal with it first by talking to them. Apparently a person that knows this particular team's captain says it wouldn't be worth talking to them - they wouldn't listen and nothing would change. Which is fine, but at least let them know why people aren't signing up! How can anything be fixed if it isn't talked about? At least then people would be able to say that they tried. Gods I hate drama. This sneaky stuff is bullshit. I thought I left all of this crap in high school. I thought adults were supposed to know better. Another reason to dislike the human race.

Saturday was a much nicer day, thankfully. :) I was contemplating the structure of my day when my cousin called to see what I was doing. Since I hadn't started anything, I decided to go out and run errands with her. I had no plans on buying a single thing, but apparently that wasn't the way it was supposed to go. :) Needless to say, I bought a bunch of stuff as it was a very good shopping day, and I got 22 people knocked off my Xmas list!! Yay! I think I'm almost done - less than 10 people left I believe. I'll have to update my spreadsheet at work and then I'll know for sure.

After that, I did homework for a couple of hours, puttered around the house a bit, and got ready for 'Girls Gone Mild' poker night at Mary's. It was a bunch of fun of course. We ate a bit and played Michigan Rummy the whole night. That certainly brought my spirits up a bit. :)

Today I have that dog coming, and I'm supposed to pick up a gift for my Dad tonight. I have a ton of laundry to do, a bunch of cleaning (I hate cleaning!!!!) , and I was hoping to get everything packed up into the attic now that there is insulation up there. I have to take pictures of all the dogs and write up their bios to put them online. I also have a few proofs to add to Donna's site, I almost forgot about that.

Next week is Thanksgiving and for the first time, we're having it at my sister's house. We're also frying the turkey for the first time. Needless to say, it should be very interesting. :) I have a few side dishes to make that day, but I can do that in the morning. My cousin is having her annual Cocktail party the night before, which will of course be a really fun time. :) I will NOT, however, get sucked into playing that stupid Friends game like I did last year. It was just bad and I have to wonder about the people that know *that* much about a TV show. Who ever knew that a game about Friends could be so cut throat? ;)

I also have my reunion next week - ugh. I do not want to go and am seriously thinking of blowing it off. We just had one 3 years ago! Not all that much that has changed in the past 3 years that I feel the need to discuss with people I knew 15 years ago. But, I'm on the committee and I guess it wouldn't be fair to the other members if I didn't show up. So I'll go, alone, again. I'm sure it will be fun....

Time to get the day started :)


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