Thursday, November 3, 2005

Quick update

A quickie after scarfing a PB&J sandwich and before grabbing a glass of milk and heading off to training. Home Depot still has something in the moving packets, but it isn't coupons anymore. They now give you this card to fill out and they'll send you the coupon in 4-5 weeks. Phooey.

However, I did find out that they're having some insulation promotion - if one purchases at least $250.00 worth of insulation, one will get a $75.00 Home Depot Gift Card in the mail.


That's better than a 10% coupon!

Agility went well, every dog seemed to grasp targeting pretty easily so we were able to give them some time on the equipment. There's a beautiful Newfie in class - so friendly and sweet! I love *huge* dogs. :)

'k, *now* it's time for bed!


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