Thursday, November 3, 2005

no fire last night :(

Someone (me) had forgotten that there were some fixes moving into production last night and that someone (me again) had to work. Thankfully there were no issues and it only took 85 mins. So, no fire for me. Phooey. My next house *will* have a fireplace!

The birds have been missing for 2 days now so I'm assuming Bubo is back. I haven't heard him though, but that's all I can think of.

I got, and completed, my first week's assignments for the new class. It's going to be torture to participate in this one....

Steve (my friend Jessica's husband) is coming over on the 13th to install insulation in the attic. I have to remember to pick up baffles (I think that's what they're called.) He does that house building/repairing stuff for a living so I'm much more comfortable with him up there than me. :) It just takes one mis-step and there goes your ceiling.... that's something I would do. :)

But I am going to ask him if he would be interested in making my half wall into a book case. Another one of those some day ideas. :)

Tonight I have to teach agility at dog school. Thankfully there's only one class so I'll be home by 8:30 or so. I don't know why, but I've been very tired this week. I know some of it was from all the yard work, but I'm puzzled by the other half.

Tomorrow Holly, Rob, & I are taking a ride up to American K9 to do some extra flyball training with Payton & Sammi. There are a few things that Freddie does that I want to make sure don't happen with Payton - double striding on the return, no box turn to speak of at all. I'm not worried about the double striding part, that's really inconsequential. It's the lack of a box turn that has me worried. Not having a good swimmer's turn on the box means that Freddie is taking the impact of him hitting the box in his shoulders; and he hits that box *hard*!

Saturday is cleaning day - and Home Depot day. Speaking of which, I need to take a ride to the Post Office today and see if they have any of those 10% off your entire purchase coupons for HD.
Every little bit helps when you're spending hundreds at one time. :)

'k, that's it for now. :)


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