Tuesday, October 25, 2005

...and more rain

Well, I never did get that rip roarin' fire in the firepit - it started raining before I was done with homework. :( Bummer dude!

But, my friend did call me to let me know SHE was sitting in front of a nice fire. Wasn't that nice of her? :) She knows how jealous I get with that too.

Today was another raw, cold, wet day. The ground is still too saturated from the 10 days of rain we had so my sump pumps (both of them!) have been working overtime. It wasn't raining all that bad where my work is, but I guess here at home it was pretty steady and heavy. I'm just thankful they're both working. :)

I did have a bit of a scare this morning with water in the basement however. I went downstairs to check both pumps and I noticed water on the floor in a small area. Thankfully, it was just the hose to the dehumidifier leaking as it popped out a bit. I fixed that and then checked the pump pits, which were full of water. Apparently it had rained all night.

I found out yesterday that I got a perfect score on the last paper I turned in. Yippee!! (ya gotta take 'em where you can get 'em!) I also found out that I'm supposed to turn in a draft for my final paper (for this class) on Friday. I guess I better get cracking on it! I do have 4 out of 6 required references and the outline done, I just have to put the words on the paper. I know what I'll be doing alllll night tomorrow. :)

Freddie and I have a one day Flyball tournament at All Dogs Gym in Manchester, NH this weekend. Come on by and say Hi if you're in the area! We like having spectators. :) My friend Donna will be the photographer for the event. She's really so good at capturing the dogs. The heats are so fast that I have no idea how she does it. I have to save up some cake so I can purchase allll the awesome pictures she took of Freddie and Payton at the demonstration we did. There were some great shots of my boys! go see (Freddie is the first bunch of chocolate Min Pin pics, Payton is the last bunch)

Ok, I'm off to sleep - I get so tired in this cold weather!


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