Sunday, October 2, 2005


How interesting! This is the first time we've had a flyball tourney at Monadnock. We're in the barn - and I mean a barn. Like watch where you walk because there are horse turds bigger then your dog kind of barn. You get used to the smell of horses after a bit and it's nice and open so it's not too bad.

Unfortunately, the EJS system (the lighting tree - like you see in drag racing) didn't have all of the appropriate cords, so we're doing manual times. It's a good thing in that there are less false starts being recorded, so things are moving along quite nicely! We were done with our racing by 3:30pm - unheard of on a 2 day tourney.

Freddie needs 6 more points for his 6th title - Flyball Masters (FM). Another dog on the team, Steffi, needs 17 more points for her FM title. We should easily be able to accomplish both of those goals today.

And, the ride there and back wasn't actually all that bad. Which is what I'm off to go do now!


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