Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Yesterday I had an appt. with my new doctor. She was very nice and not as conventional as other doctors I've had in the past. She has a good mix of conventional and new-age (mind, body, spirit.) I think I'll keep her. :) After that, I puttered around the house, did some homework (it feels like I'm always doing homework), and then went over to Sue's house for dinner. Aunty Kathy made roast beef with a ton of veggies and this homemade gravy that kicks ass. She told me how she makes it but I doubt I'll ever be able to duplicate it. Yuuummmmy. :)

Today I went back to work (I usually take the Monday after a 2-day tourney off) and was actually fairly productive. Not as many interruptions as normal, which was nice. :) Not that this makes sense to anyone else, but I have a bunch of DRs in the works and need to get them all into our production environment by the end of the month. For most it's not a problem; for others it will be a big issue. :)

I did a bit more homework after I got home from work and then headed out to training. I took Payton with me so he could get some more obedience work in. He did very well and I'm very happy with the progress he's made. I do, however, need to seriously work on how he takes food. Right now a few fingers are swollen because he's a bit rough. We'll be working on that tomorrow. We'll also be working on him allowing me to open his mouth like I'm going to give him a pill. I refuse to fight with him if he ever needs to be on medication.

Millie's is pacing between the bedroom door and the computer, stopping to give me kisses each time. I'm pretty sure she's telling me that it's time for bed. :) Payton was lying down next to me calmly until Skootchie came up to sniff him. Then he started to get fresh and she had to put the smack-down on him. He'll learn. :)


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