Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Deer on the highway...

I've seen sooo many deer on the highway this summer. Probably because I was looking for them but still. I saw a doe and her teenager (I think) on the side peeking out of the trees on the ride home. That was pretty cool. :)

Tweak met a full size horse yesterday. We took small, cautious steps in to meet the horse and handler. Of course she started barking at it when we were like 40 feet away. But, a little heeling, a little attention work and before she knew it we were right in front of this beautiful creature! I thought Tweak was gonna have a kitten when the horse bent down to sniff her little head. We were just sitting there and Shazam! horse head! She reacted pretty well tho' - she waited until after the horse was done sniffing to pull me off my feet like a freakin' cartoon to get away from it. They say dogs don't have facial expressions. After that meet & greet, I'm going to respectfully disagree. Good lord was her expression funny!

So I'm already on the name game. With Tweak it was easy, the first one I came up with was the first one I kept. I'd like to come up with a few choices with the new one. I have 3 1/2 months but being obsessive about my dogs, I like to be prepared. :)

So far I have a couple:

Rocket Relay's Wickedly Misunderstood - call name Elphaba (Elf, Elphie)
Rocket Relay's What the Hell was I Thinking - call name Limit
Rocket Relay's Someone's Jealous - call name Envy

I'll keep thinking...

Saturday I'm heading up to Vermont to take a disc seminar given by Ron & Apryl. I think I'll get a *lot* out of that! The ride will blow chunks but there's nothing I can do about that. If I can walk out of there not crashing my dog on vaults, I'll be one happy camper. Safety first!

Sunday we're doing a flyball demo at PetRock. I can't believe how quickly time flies! I will be Tweakless afterwards, which is going to freakin' kill me. I'll probably bawl like a newborn the entire ride home. 3 weeks without my puppy. Man that is going to suck ass! With 3 dogs in the house, I'm going to be so lonely!!!



Anonymous said...

I like Limit that way it can be for a boy or girl.....

Dawn said...

What about Wicked - that could be either as well, right? :)