Monday, September 8, 2008

long, but good, day

Tweak and I had fun at the Disc Dogathon. Tweak because she likes anything to do with discs, me because I like anything to do with my dog. :p

Sarah & Cheryl were there (see! you made the 2nd paragraph!) and between the three of us, the sarcasm was never ending which translated into a lot of laughing. Apparently you shouldn't ask Sarah questions first thing in the morning - she's less of a morning person than I and will, in fact, bite your head off. I didn't actually see it in action unfortunately. Maybe next time.

And, don't even think about talking to a member of the opposite sex (a nice looking one, I might add) without expecting her to loudly mention to the entire area that it's not a good thing to use your dog to meet men. I didn't necessarily agree since it was working. :p I should've got his number.

We all came away with a number of ribbons and medals from the day. Tweak got 3rd in Women's Distance/Accuracy, 2nd in team Fly Disc (which I really, really like!) and 1st in the non-existent Women's Novice class. I say non-existent because it was just Novice, Women's & Men's divisions but they had extra ribbons or something so they split up Women's into Women's Novice and Women's Pro.

My arm hurts today. I haven't thrown the disc like that for a while. I'm thinking about going to the seminar that Angelo's putting on with Apryl & Ron. Are any of you going? Not like I need another thing to do but I have to learn how to make her land properly from a vault. She landed poorly on two vaults and I'm not thrilled with that. I dunno, we'll see.



Sarah said...

Actually, the comment I *wanted* to make was filtered out, since I've learned to do that. The aforementioned "member of the opposite sex" was saying he needed a score sheet to fill out and didn't have one. I came VERY close to saying that Dawn would be happy to rip her shirt open and have him write on her chest, but I kindly refrained... Next time she won't be so lucky :-)

Dawn said...


*That* scenario wasn't the one I was talking about but *BELIEVE* me when I say I'm very thankful you refrained at that point in time!

I was talking about the cutie vendor you oh so eloquently embarrassed me in front of. :)

Then there was the farm boy...