Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's that day again...

Americans are somewhat foolish in that we don't learn from our own history. Again and again we repeat past mistakes thinking we'll get a different outcome this time. I believe that's one of the ways they judge insanity but I could be wrong.

It's not nice of me to say we're foolish on a day of remembrance. But it's still true. I could go into countless examples but really, do I need to put a spotlight on the big pink elephant in the room? I think you're smarter than that.

We are complacent. We forget easily. And if it doesn't directly affect us, we disregard it.

The country came together in a way I haven't seen before or since, when the tragedies at the World Trade Centers, Pentagon & a field in Pennsylvania happened. We had moments of extreme ugliness at the same time, attacking people with different customs out on the open streets. It's amazing to me that humans are capable of such compassion and in an instant can turn to utter brutality.

I won't attend a memorial for today, although I'm sure work will have a moment of silence. I won't gather with people and talk about where I was or what happened near me to make myself a part of it. It affected me, sure. But not like the people that were there and I'm not going to pump myself up to others to make it seem like that.

People want to be accepted; they want to be part of a group, liked and respected. They want to know they're not alone in this world; that other people have the same feelings and thoughts as they do. It's just sad that it usually has to take something severe to get people to reach out.

I feel like I've been rambling without a clear direction. So, today, just remember what happened. Remember and respect your neighbors. Don't ever forget because the second we do, we're bound to repeat it.

Or you can be all hippy like and love thy neighbor, run around wearing tie-died shirts and peace symbols with a bandanna around your head. Stage a love in like John & Yoko. Now that sounds like fun!


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