Monday, September 22, 2008

I have a problem...

I'm addicted to my dogs.

I'm going through a homesickness kind of thing, but it really has nothing to do with where I am, just that I don't have any of my dogs with me. I'm going through some serious withdrawal here. I ran across a street today to pet some guys dog, who I'm sure thought I was freakin' crazy seeing the ferocity that I started talking and petting to said dog. Thankfully the dog was people friendly and didn't bite my head off for almost hugging the poor thing.

San Francisco is very city - at least where I am. I saw some grass and almost fell to the ground to smell it. Considering I'm allergic to it, that wouldn't have worked. It's busy - always busy - and noisy. Lots of sounds - the trilling of the hotel guys trying to get a cab for customers, the sounds of buses (do they seriously run all night?), the chatter of hundreds of people walking up and down the street, the sound of car brakes squeaking as they come to a stop - it seems like it never ends. It doesn't bother me too much, it's just weird.

But the worst part is missing my dogs. As Susan would say, I need to dig deep and bra up, which I'll do, but gods do I miss them. Only 4 more days and I can see at least some of them. I keep watching Millie's clip on SNL so I can see her. I never knew such a thing as dogsickness existed but I'm living proof!

I'm meeting up with Laura (a friend that moved down here a few years ago) and her boyfriend on Wednesday - that'll be nice.

The conference is interesting. I've actually learned a few things, which is kind of unexpected. They had some gathering tonight but I've really had enough geek for a day and couldn't bear the thought of going to it. I will go to the big concert thing they have planned later this week but that's probably about it.

Not surprisingly, I met up with one of my developers today in a session. We have a lot of classes in common and I'm sure I'll see him plenty this week. As long as I don't have to talk to his boss, I'll be a happy camper since he's a huge ass.

It's only 8pm (CA time) and I'm ready for bed - there's something seriously wrong with that...


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Eastcoastdweller said...

Oh, poor Dawn!

It is no sin and no shame to love a fellow creature so, whether a dog or a dolphin.

My Sweetie and I recently diverted a little Chihuahua off a busy highway. It barked at us and ran away into a neighborhood, hopefully to his home. We searched for him for quite a while.

So we were a little late getting to where we were going.