Monday, December 19, 2005

Is Christmas a good time to buy a car?

So I'm looking all over the place now - trying to decide what year and model to get. Thankfully the financing was settled today and all I have to do is pick one out. I think I'm going to head down to see Chuck (a friend of a friend), who works at a Honda Dealership. I'm pretty sure I've settled on the Odyssey, as the Toyota's are even more expensive. Some salesman today tried talking me into leasing a car. I just don't know enough about it to even consider it, coupled with the fact that Christmas is 6 days away and I have limited time to buy a car. I've done a bunch of research but that doesn't make me an expert in any sense of the word.

Sue and I had a great time baking cookies yesterday - all 10 hours of it! But, they were a big success today so it was well worth it. Next time we'll just have to do the decorating the next day as we were both so tired by the end that the iced ones didn't look as nice as they could have. ;)

I've been talking more to that guy and I'm not sure it's going to go anywhere. He's a little too needy and is rabidly jealous of anyone's good fortune. I guess those are petty things to not like about someone but I'm generally a happy, upbeat person so I really don't want to be with anyone that will bring me down. Like always, we'll see what happens.

The dogs are happy to have me home after a crazy busy weekend. I plan on cuddling with them on the couch for the remainder of the night. :) Tomorrow night is our last week of training until the 5th of Jan (I think.) It'll be good to have training and school off for a while. :)

I think I'm all prepared for the holiday: Presents - check. Wrapping - check. Knowing when to go where - check. It should be a great weekend :)


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