Saturday, December 3, 2005

Wow I'm up late!

Sue, Chris, Aunty K, & I went to the Festival of Trees tonight. It's alway so impressive, but this year's batch was even more so. Unfortunately, because we procrastinated in going until the last night, the place was *packed*! So, we only stayed for 20 mins or so because of how crazy it was. Next year we're going to go much earlier. :)

After that, we dropped Aunty K off and headed over to Chunky's in Pelham to see the new Harry Potter movie! I think it was really good, definitely worth seeing, but I noticed that they left a ton of stuff out and strayed from the book more this time than in any other movie. I had to explain a lot to my cousin & her husband on why things happened as they did and the meaning behind some other stuff.

I have two potential homes interested in Roxie and Ceasar. I'm hoping I can make plans over the weekend with both of them so they can meet their potential adoptive dogs. :)

Tomorrow I have homework to do, some shopping, and a ton of cleaning. I want to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory again - just to see the expressions that Johnny Depp pulls off - he's brilliant! Oh, and he wasn't in Pirates of the Caribbean? MY!, did he look nice in that one!

Off to bed. I can't believe how late it is! Maybe I'll dream of Johnny Depp. ;)


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