Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's all coming together....

There's more to buying a car than just walking into a dealership and giving them thousands of dollars. Especially when you're also dealing with the Insurance Co. for the wrecked car and there's a major holiday a scant week (now 3 days) away. Timing is everything, or so I'm realizing. Financing is set so I don't have to worry about that right now, but I do need the check from the wreck (ha!) before I can pay taxes, registration, extended warranty, etc., etc.

But I think it's finally coming together. I get the check tomorrow, that's done. The title is literally in the mail and we're just waiting for it to arrive at the dealership (it should've been there last week.) So, as long as it comes in today or tomorrow, I can pick up the car Saturday morning. If not, well, then I'll be walking to work after Monday. :) I think it's only like 30 miles or whatever... piece of cake!

Normally I'd be able to switch the plates and call it a day for a bit, but I only have one of the plates left. The other was disintegrated in the accident and it's against the law to not have 2 red plates. The things you learn.....

So here's to hoping with my fingers crossed that the title comes in tomorrow before 1pm and the bank is still physically there so I can pick up the new car on Saturday. :)


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