Friday, December 9, 2005

Winter Wonderland....

Today we got over a foot of snow. While that may sound nice (especially to my insane, snow-loving friend in Australia...), it wasn't as nice driving in it. I figured I would go into work today and leave early if I had to. Well, I had to. Unfortunately my timing was waaaaay off as my 30 min. commute took 1 hour 45 minutes. I don't think I got above 25mph on the highways. Thankfully my wonderful neighbor with the huge snowblower came to dig me out. The pile that the plow left at the end of the driveway was literally 4ft tall.

My sympathies went out to an acquaintance that drives for a living. How miserable he must have been today! Hopefully he didn't have any trouble and is safe.

Not surprisingly, only 2 of my dogs went out to play in the yard, as you can see. What you can't really see is that Freddie is in full jump mode right then. He needs Millie to break a path for him as it's taller than he is. :) He looks like a deer when he does that. :)

This weekend is pretty busy as I have two people coming over tomorrow to look at Charlie & Roxie. I also have a Xmas party to go to on Sat. night. Then I have flyball practice Sunday AM (ugh), and also plan on heading into Boston to the dog show. They have such unique gifts there so I might splurge and get myself a little somethin'-somethin'. Gerilyn, Karen, & Donna are all showing in Agility as well and I want to see them run if possible. I think there's something else I have to do but I can't remember what it is.

But, right now I have to go relax with the pups!!


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