Thursday, December 29, 2005

I had a ton of fun the past couple of days!

On Christmas Eve, we delivered a treadmill to my Dad's house (his big present) and then headed over to my Aunt's for our annual Xmas Eve party. It's a tradition for our extended family to get together, eat, talk, and exchange presents on Xmas Eve. Not all of our cousins make it anymore, but there still are a few of us that refuse to give it up. :)

Christmas morning, I headed over to Sue & Chris's house to open presents with them. There were some..... interesting..... gifts given out that I won't mention here. ;) Sue would just die. But we had a good time having Aunty K with us this year. I got this awesome purple leather purse - me to tee. After that, I came home and let the kids open their gifts. I do have pictures but they're still on the camera - I'll post them shortly. I made coffee and watched a few episodes of Kung Fu before heading over to Dad's house.

I brought Millie with me to Dad's. Betsy got a cold cut platter (we're not into the Xmas dinner thing), and we opened gifts. Cal got an iPod Bose docking station, Keith got a trip to see Nick, I got help with my car & some cool gift certificates. We had a great time hanging out, listening to Xmas music. Oh! Keith got me a ticket to see Billy Joel when he comes to Boston in April! I never knew he was a fan and he caught me totally off guard with that one. All in all, it was a great afternoon. :)

After that, I went home and let the dogs out before heading over to my cousin Tina's for a night filled with loud, obnoxious card games. I did very well with Pokeno - I think I made 10 bucks but then lost my winnings in Texas Hold-em. It's much easier to watch it on TV and know what to do. :) Next time I'll have to bring Keith as my partner since he knows what he's doing. :) I think I got home around 1:30 or 2:00 am - very late for me indeed!

On Monday I headed down to Glen & Elissa's to hang out and exchange gifts with them. Zeke *loved* my gifts of a drum and a toy drill that works. :) I'm not so sure that Glen & Elissa did as the drum is now high up on a shelf. ;) Later, Colleen, Chuck, and Nathan stopped by to hand out. We had a great time catching up. Colleen is now engaged and is planning for the wedding (up here) in September. Can't wait for that party!

I was supposed to pick up my new car on Tuesday, but they found a problem while it was being certified and had to order a part for it. The part came in and Chuck picked me up Wed. morning to go and get it. I have my new car! Yay! And, everything works! lol I think it'll take a while getting used to, but I'm so happy to be mobile again (one day without a car is enough thank you), and I'm totally loving the Honda.

I do have to bring it back down to Weymouth to get one of the storage covers fixed and to get a sticker. We'll do lunch while I'm waiting. :) All in all, I'm very happy. :)

I have no idea what I'm doing on New Years Eve. I'm generally not a huge NYE party person, but I think I might head out this time. ;) We'll see what happens!!


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