Friday, January 20, 2006


Yep, I need gutters. It's been on the list of things to do since I bought the house, but you have to prioritize when you don't have billions, millions or thousands in the bank to deal with these things. :) I really do have a "To do" list for the house that I made right after my home inspection. There are 42 items on it and 21 of them are crossed off. Of course some of them are easy, silly things like "paint bedroom" and "rip up living room rug", but it's good to have a list of things that I can go back to when I feel like a slacker. :)

Actually, as I'm thinking about it, there's a few things I need to add to the list. Damn. The list went up to 53 put I was able to take off another 5. They say you're never done working on a house and I believe "they"!

But back to gutters. I have a company coming over for a quote tomorrow morning. I saw a booth they had at the world of wheels. I guess they're more expensive than normal gutters as they have some "patented leaf guard system", whatever the hell that is. So now I'm seriously thinking of getting gutters and figuring out where else to get a quote from. I can figure out how much they'll cost if I do them myself. I think Sears might install gutters as well. And I'm sure there's probably some local company - Gutters 'R Us - or something.

Anyone know what gutters are going for these days? Or any reliable companys that install gutters in my area? :)


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