Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blog, blog, blog

Nothing really important to say, just dumping a few things out into the black hole called the internet.

I did something to my knee over the weekend at the tournament. It's not hurt bad, it's just a little swollen and tender. I'm hoping it gets better for this weekend's tourney.

I'll definitely need to be in top form since we'll be racing all of the top teams in the region. Freddie won't care, but I'll be a bit stressed. I don't think we'll be taking home the blue ribbon this weekend. :) Ah well.

My home phone is all messed up right now. I was on the phone when the battery died and now I can't get a dial tone. I'm hoping it clears up soon, but as I'm a tiny bit cranky today, it's probably a good thing that noone can get through.

Work was insane today, which means it wasn't productive at all. I had meetings from 10am to 3pm and then got a barrage of bizarre emails all complaining about one thing or another. If the calendar didn't say Tuesday, I'd swear it was Monday.

Kathy, a co-worker from McLean, came up to spend some time and have a few meetings with the rest of us for a few days. We went out to dinner after work to catch up and have a beer. It was fun.

Right now I'm sitting on the couch with all the dogs and 1 cat piled up around me. Monster Jam is on and I'm switching between blogging (as thoughts come) and homework. I think I'm going to dump the computer all together and concentrate on Jim Koehler's run in the Avenger (I so love Monster Trucking!) I do plan on taking a trip down to CT to see a show this year. Wanna come? :)


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