Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh my gosh...

...when did I become a "Ma'am"?

I stopped at the supermarket for a few things today. I was looking for the cans of whole tomatos - like you'd use for sauce, etc. I went into the pasta aisle, nope. Then I went to the veggie aisle and I didn't see any. I asked the guy that was stocking shelves where they were and he moved his cart to show me they were behind it. He then asked "Can I help you with anything else, Ma'am?"

Ma'am?!?! He should've punched me in the gut - would've caught me less of guard. I feel like I'm a miss! Not a Ma'am! Is it ridiculous for me to start worrying about the miss/ma'am thing?? (Yes, I know it is, but it's my blog and I can vent about anything I want to :) )

I'm too young to be a Ma'am! I don't want to be a Ma'am! Aren't you supposed to have wrinkles before you're called a Ma'am? How about gray hair? (Not that you could see mine anyway...) Ok, at least wrinkles first!



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