Friday, January 6, 2006

small updates...

So my hair came out wicked and I'm very happy with it. :) I had a poll going at work and with friends on what colors should be added. I've done a lot with my hair, different mixtures of colors, light on the top, dark underneath, etc., etc. I wanted to do something I hadn't done before. Right before my hairdresser got me, I was set on a red base with thin black strips on top and black tips in the back. She talked me out of that one quickly as the only way to get black out is to bleach the hell out of it - read, fry your hair. So, we decided on the same design but with blonde highlights. Depending on how it's parted, it's either completely blonde on top, or it has stripes (sounds weird I know), and the back has 3-4 inches of blonde going from the tips, up. Not as funky as I was planning, but I'm still thrilled with it. (There's a pic on my MySpace acct.)

Today my car is getting the rest of the stuff done to it - sticker, storage compartment cover, and alignment. I met Chuck's boss at Naked Fish this morning to switch cars. Chuck will bring my car up to my house after he's done with work. Then I have to head over to All Dogs to reserve our team space, and we have plans to go to Tokyo's for dinner. I love Teppanyaki!

Tomorrow we have a one-day tournament at All Dogs Gym in Manchester. It should be a fun, stress-free time. :) We have a 2-day tourney at the end of this month and another one-day tourney the weekend after. I remember 3 years ago there were 2 tourneys a year! It's nice that there are so many now that we can pick and choose which ones we want to attend.

Sunday, a bunch of us are heading to the World of Wheels in Boston. Should be fun!!

Ok, really busy day at work so that's all for now. :)


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