Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Kiss

There are many different types of kisses/kissing. The kind you give to your family, a different type for friends (for those of us that kiss our friends hello & goodbye), the kind you give to someone you're interested in, the type you give when lust is in control, another type for animals (ok, that might just be me ), etc., etc.

Personally, I am particularly fond of kissing - and I mean in the type that you give to people you're interested in (and above) - otherwise known as making out, swapping spit, or what-have-you. I enjoy kissing. I can kiss for hours and not get bored. I can have music on in the background or it could be dead silent, I don't need a specific ambiance in order to kiss.

Then, there's the "sneak attack" kiss. The kiss that you weren't expecting. The one that came out of nowhere. The unplanned, spontaneous one. That particular kiss is my favorite of all time. I really hadn't put too much thought into which type I liked better, but I got a sneak attack kiss the other day and that got me thinking - obviously.

The kiss itself was really very, very nice. Very smooth, not awkward at all, seamless even. We had the same style, same timing, same pressure, same everything. Coupled with the fact that it was a sneak attack kiss, well, that just made me melt. :) Thinking about it now, days later, my stomach still does a little flip - it was that good. It was such a nice surprise, I took out my journal, which hasn't been used since 2003, and wrote it all down - all the gory, treasured details that I want to remember.

Never again will a kiss from this person be as good as the first one. Don't misunderstand, they will be welcomed and they will be pleasurable. We will thoroughly enjoy it and continue to want more. But they won't ever have the same element of surprise, the same complete shock with no sense of expectation behind it.

That's something worth remembering. That's something worth writing about.


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