Tuesday, January 3, 2006

2 down, one to go...

I can't believe the holidays are already gone. Time moves way too quickly these days....

So two holidays are done, Xmas & New Years, so there's just one more - my birthday. Thankfully it doesn't require nearly as much time, planning or money! This year I think we're doing a trip to Bison County for dinner. More details as they come up.

I didn't end up going out on NYE, I stayed in, watched a movie and rang the new year in in a spiritual way instead. It was very nice - lots of good energy. :)

But, since the holidays are over, I'm all screwed up when it comes to days and time! I will never complain about a day off, but it's hard getting into the swing of things again. :)

I have a hair appt. tomorrow - THANKFULLY! I'm in the mood to do something a little different - kinda funky - but I can't think of anything that I haven't already done. I'm considering all red with thin black streaks and black tips. We'll see if I lose my funk before tomorrow night.

Ok, off to training!


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