Friday, August 31, 2007

Freddie and my horoscope...

I forgot to mention yesterday that Freddie is in the latest PetEdge catalog. :D

A picture of him modeling a mixed color camouflage t-shirt is on page 171, if you have it. Two pictures before his, his flyball teammate Steffi is modeling the regular camouflage shirt. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. :)

His picture also appears in the 2008 Avonside Miniature Pinscher calendar. He, Janey, and Ebony are the centerfold for the calendar. June will be an awesome month to have open. :]

Adam and I went to the restaurant store yesterday. It is such an amazing place! I never even knew such things existed. It's like BJ's but for restaurants. So, the price per pound is the best you'll ever see, but you also have to buy 50+ pounds to get that price. While I didn't buy 50 pounds of anything, I did get a lot of food for really good money. All of it is marinating away in the fridge.

I also found a Christmas gift for someone close to me in there. I think that person is going to be quite happy. :D

Things left to do:
BJ's trip
Butcher trip
finish cleaning the pool
Poop patrol
set up the EZ up

BJ's, the butcher, homework, and some of the cleaning will get done tonight. The yard, the pool, and setting up will get done tomorrow morning. The BBQ isn't until 2pm so I have a few hours. :P

This was my horoscope this morning:

Think carefully about what you're really responsible for -- at work, in interpersonal relationships -- and take care not to overextend yourself now. After all, you deserve some energy left over for fun, too!

Ya think? :p


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