Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Black Tuesday...

I'd actually never heard that term before today. My cousin knows all of those weird name things. :) The good part is, I won't have to sit through any of those *stupid* V-Day commercials anymore. Sheesh. It would be much more fun if the networks decided to charge SuperBowl money for ads before V-Day. Then at least they'd be much more creative and hopefully much less corny. One can wish. :)

Is it wrong to want to head to bed at 7:45pm if you're bone tired? I'm thinking not. But I will force myself to stay awake a little longer so I'm not up at 3:30am staring at the ceiling fan going round 'n round. I've been going solid since I got home, trying to continue getting this place ready for Saturday night. Needless to say, there's still a lot to do!

My brother is supposed to stay here Thursday night while I'm away to take care of the dogs for me. His car broke down though, and he found out Monday that it's a serious problem that just isn't worth fixing. So, he's now carless and lives about 1/2 hour away. I wasn't sure how he was going to get up here, or who else I could have stay with the kids. But, we got it all settled today - I'm renting a car for him so he can still watch them. It's really the only way since they'd certainly go insane if I boarded them and it would cost me a billion dollars. :)

And in the spirit of Black Tuesday, I learned the signs for "single", "engaged", and "married" in my American Sign Language class today. Then we had to stand up and sign to the rest of the class what we were..... I'm sure you can probably guess my reaction to that one. All in all though, the class is fun! I forgot my book at home today and I was actually able to sign, albeit a little choppily (is that a word?), what had happened when the teach asked. I have forgotten so much but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. :) It'll be good to be able to keep in practice since the class is at work and the teacher is a MITRE employee as well. :) I do enjoy signing!

But, I survived the day and I was even able to not be too insanely jealous as I saw the roses arrive hundreds of times today. That's the bad part to having a window office in the front of the building!

Ugh! Only 15 mins. have gone by! Well, nothing left to do but go pass out in the recliner. ;)


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