Sunday, February 26, 2006

Don't drink the water...

I don't know what the hell is going on but I wish it would just *stop*! I found out today that yet another flyball teammate is pregnant. While that's awesome for her, enough is enough!! There are only 3 of us left that aren't pregnant or haven't just had a baby out of the whole freakin' team!

From now on, no pregnant people are allowed to sit in my chairs. They have to bring their own drinks and can't touch any of mine. Oh, and no more shoulder rubbing. Better yet, just don't breathe on me either. :)

I'm happy for all of my friends - really, I am. But enough is enough! That's 5 prego's on *one* team at one time. And their all due starting in April and going through August. *That's* why there are only 4 of us heading to NET's tourney in VT this year - they're all pregnant! The team is being decimated by procreation! Now if that isn't ironic, I have no idea what is. :)

Congratulations Susan - I'm really, truly happy for you. :)


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