Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hump day

Thankfully there are only 2 more days to go in this work week! I'm not sure why, but I just haven't wanted to go to work *at all* this week. Normally, I really enjoy my job. There's something different every day, I get to do what I love, I get to analyze stuff, and problem solve - basic analytical type of job. This week has just bit the big one tho'. :)

I got my taxes done yesterday so that's one less thing I have to worry about. Uncle Sam wasn't as good to me as I was hoping he'd be, but ah well - at least I don't have to pay!

I have so much reading to do between work and school it's ridiculous. I also have to go to a stupid Pampered Chef (?) party tomorrow night, where I'll be bored to tears, but will feel bad for my cousin so I'll end up buying stuff I don't want or need. Anybody want to go in my place? Please? Maybe I can bring my books with me and daze (killing isn't nice) 2 birds with one stone. :)


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