Tuesday, February 7, 2006

It's Tuesday....

...and feels like Monday. :)

The concert was *phenomenal* Saturday night. Billy Joel hasn't lost a thing. His voice was incredible, his energy was non-stop, and his stage presence was captivating. He started out with some old classics from the 70's and moved along to a bunch of hits. In the middle of the show, he broke out into an ACDC cover of Highway to Hell. It was GREAT! He took a 10 minute break and came back to Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and a few other songs. He took another short break, and finished off the concert with Piano Man, which my brother and I expected. It was truly an incredible show. :D

Sunday I was *exhausted*. I didn't sleep well Friday night, then got up early for the flyball tourney, ran around all day, got to hang around for 1/2 hour, and then went to the show. I think I was in bed around 1:30am - wicked long day. Needless to say, I felt and looked like a rug. I went out for breakfast around 10:30am and hung around the house until Greta's parents came to pick her up. After that, I went to my Aunt's house to pick up a recliner she didn't have room for anymore. I hung out there for a while, visited with my grandparents, and just chatted until 4'ish or so. Then I went home and did homework until Donna showed up. Pacie gave her a love bite while giving her kisses. Then we went over to Mary's for her annual Torey Memorial Superbowl party. We sat around, ate, and watched the superbowl until Donna & I left at the beginning of the 4th quarter. We were just too tired and we both get up early for work. Why don't they have it on a Saturday so people can party appropriately?! ;)

I thought the FedEx commercial was the best, the Pepsi commercials sucked. I'm not sure I should even go into the half-time show, it was that bad. I'm a fan of the Stones, have been since I was a really young girl, but that was terribly disappointing. I've heard of every excuse from the accoustics of the place, to the sound system, to the network editing their lyrics. You can call it whatever you want - it just sucked.

I found out that they have Monster Jam shows in Hartford, CT. There's a show coming up the weekend of the 18th. Unfortunately I'll be away on a business trip that Thursday and Friday, and then have a bunch of people coming over on Saturday for a surprise Baby Shower for one of my friends. Glen was talking about potentially going to Las Vegas for the World Finals - which would be *really* cool! Hopefully we can make it happen.

I have a bit of homework to finish up before hitting the hay early tonight. I think I might be fighting something off as I've been extremely tired since Saturday and I should've bounced back by now. Maybe I'm just getting old. :)


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